Live a spiritual life, do meaningful work and make a great living in 2023

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Welcome to Awakened Academy®, the Original International Spiritual Life Coach Certification and Sacred Online Business Academy for Empathic, Spiritual Souls

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Welcome home, we’re happy you’re here. Awakened Academy is your place to become part of a new generation of spiritually-based coaches and entrepreneurs here to make a real difference, uplifting the consciousness and wellbeing of our world, while making a great living and enjoying your precious life and time.

Live A Spiritual Life, Do Meaningful Work And Make A Great Living

  • Discover how you can become a certified spiritual life coach, best-selling author and awakened leader

  • Understand your own unique soul purpose – the essential missing link to your freedom

  • Learn how you can live your awakened life and do meaningful, prosperous work in the world that makes a real difference