Awakened Academy® Reviews

Love & Gratitude

“Since joining Awakened Academy, I have left my corporate job, lost 30 lbs, written a book, started coaching, bought my dream house (a farm with a salt water swimming pool) in a secluded beautiful scenery, attracted a loving new relationship, and so much more!”

Since I have joined Awakened Academy, I have felt nothing but support, knowledge, kindness, understanding, gratitude and love from Michael and Arielle, as well as from my fellow brothers and sisters on this journey of self discovery. 

With the guidance provided in the materials, (which by the way, is brilliant), I dove deep into myself and found my values, my purpose, my vision, a happy success system and started my hero’s journey.

The practical aspects of this journey so far cannot be properly translated into words – but for those seeking results, what I can tell you is that within the last two years, and with the ongoing assistance of the learnings provided by this course, I have written a new story for my life and consciously made the following changes:

1 – I have relocated to my hometown (Évora) with my kids, after 12 years of living in China.

2 – I bought my dream house (a farm with a salt water swimming pool) 10 minutes away from my parents in a secluded beautiful scenery.

3 – I bought my dream car – a Range Rover Evoque with the exact characteristics I have envisioned.

4 – I left my job as a corporate lawyer in one of the biggest law firms in Macau, to become a life and business coach.

5 – I found the time to connect with my body and my soul.

6 – I shed 13 kg of fat from my body.

7 – I wrote a book called the Experiencer (not yet published).

8 – I started to learn gardening to take care of the trees, plants and weeds of my farm.

9 – I found a very supportive and loving relationship after about 1.5 years of doing Michael and Arielle’s course called Calling in Your Beloved.

10 – I have time for what matters most: my kids, my relationships, learning, nature, exercise and spirituality.

11 – I am setting up a coaching practice that I am sure will be successful. 

I feel so excited for the opportunity to look back on the last two and a half years of my life and the changes I was able to bring to life. There were moments along the journey that I felt I wasn’t making progress, but to now look back at when this journey started, I have now realized that some of those changes really needed time to implement and that the depressed person I once was, has gone!

If you are serious and willing to change your life, this course will bring you what you need!

This is the most important journey of our lives – finding ourselves and being able to help others find the best version of themselves is the most beautiful dream we can achieve.

Good luck on your journey! Lots of love and many blessings!

Rita Andorinho,
Évora, Portugal

“Today, I experience joy by fulfilling my mission and doing meaningful work. I am a spiritual mentor who helps beautiful souls to find their way back home, to their hearts. I published four online courses, several guided meditations that have been played almost 400 thousand times, and feel confident to launch my Youtube channel.”

I am now the owner of my time. I have a great return not only financially but most importantly mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Michael and Arielle brilliantly teach us how to become more resourceful in order to gain spiritual knowledge and practice it wisely. They help us to become humble, teachable and to use our unconditional love as our biggest instrument of work.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to express my deepest love for the Awakened Academy. Arielle & Michael became angels in my life. Their love, compassionate listening, and wisdom are admirable. I will be forever grateful for them as they helped me heal my past and to build the future that I truly desired. More than anything they helped me see the abundant power within myself.

What changed since I uncovered my mission as a spiritual leader…

I use the word “uncovered” because the mission was always there since I was born. I had to remove things that no longer served me to feel it fully, such as self-doubt and the fear of failing. After many years of coming back home not only exhausted but uninspired and depressed, I said enough! I decided to work hard and take responsibility for my life, leaving the old me behind.

Change is a difficult road but a worthy journey. This change didn’t come overnight, I assure you. A lot of studying, discipline, meditation, and constant curiosity about my thoughts and feelings were needed (and will always be). The support from the Awakened Academy was essential to keep me deepening my spiritual practices and to move forward towards my highest version. I have never studied with so much pleasure!

I feel a sense of constant lightness now. I thought that only the monks of Tibet could feel this or people who have been on a spiritual journey for a long time. It’s magical!

Every day is a new opportunity to study and serve with love. Every day is an opportunity to grow and evolve. Every day I express my gratitude for how far I have come instead of thinking how far I still have to go.

Lyne Johnson
Certified Spiritual Life Coach
London, UK


Words cannot describe the shifts I’ve experienced and the results I’ve seen in my clients after I completed my Spiritual Life Coaching Certification with Michael and Arielle…Not only are my clients healing at exponential rates through solving their own issues, I too am healing and achieving vibrations in my life, in my body, and my soul I never dreamed possible!

Up until the completion of my certification, the majority of my practice involved the combination of manual techniques; namely Craniosacral Therapy including Somatoemotional Release, Spinal Alignment, and Visceral Mobilization. These techniques release pain and dysfunction on all levels…physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. Furthermore, Human Design, Nutrition, and Distance Healing were woven into the manual techniques.  

I am shocked (in a GREAT way) and amazed daily to experience the speed at which my clients heal now that I’ve added Michael & Arielle’s teachings to my practice and to my life. The simplicity of asking questions such as, “What do you mean?” and “What would happen if you did that?” brings endless clarity. This clarity illuminates the SOURCE of dysfunction on physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental levels, thus, allowing the client to access their subconscious. The result is complete empowerment. The client is able to solve their own problems! What gift is greater than “Physician Heal Thyself!”?

As this work blossoms for me and in me, I’m learning the power of virtual sessions. When the work is taken from the table, from the physical body, from the vehicle to the virtual setting, the result is healing through empowerment. I’m no longer DOING the work, I am facilitating and guiding. I become the conduit, channeling the divine information the client needs to access their answers and then, move forward making their shifts based on the information they have received. These people are no longer responding to the advice from the expert, they are receiving, understanding, and then implementing the information they accessed from their very souls. Not only are my clients healing at exponential rates through solving their own issues, I too am healing and achieving vibrations in my life, in my body, and my soul I never dreamed possible! What a blessing! There are no words…only the daily experiences.

I would like to share a few nuggets…

1. If this Spiritual Life Coaching Certification calls to you, to help others, you must first apply it to yourself and live the shifts you expect from others.

2. Expect, the impossible. Michael & Arielle’s teachings will help you achieve the life of your dreams and beyond.  However, you must learn and apply. You must check-in and change.

3. The secret to helping yourself and helping others is to connect to the Divine, to God, to nature, to your superhero. This connection increases your frequency.  It increases your cellular vibration.  Life becomes and stays effortless, blissful, and authentic!

Michael & Arielle, thank you so much for your work and teachings.  It’s completely mind-blowing to me to conceptualize the number of hearts and souls you touch and affect so far beyond your individual auras. Thank you again and many blessings from the bottom of my heart!

Christy Sanger MSPT, MOMT, CST, CNC
Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Listening to the Awakened Academy audios felt truly as if I just woke up from a deep sleep… The course is far beyond my expectations. There’s so much value and love put into it… Michael and Arielle truly poured their hearts and souls into this course.

It is my honor and pleasure to be connecting with all the beautiful souls within the Academy. I’ve received such a warm welcome & lots of support. I am thrilled to start this new journey of my life. I can feel the warm connection in my heart that we share and it is a true blessing.

A couple of months ago, I finally became clear about what this beautiful being called God truly means to me, and I had this magical and extraordinary relationship with it. Everything felt so perfectly aligned like never before. Then, I don’t even know when or how exactly it happened, but I “lost” this connection without even noticing, and I couldn’t get back to where I was. Listening to one of the Awakened Academy audios now felt truly as if I just woke up from a deep sleep. I almost didn’t know how I got to where I am now from where I was when we were connected last time. It truly felt like I was sleeping the whole time. Now that I finally woke up, this beautiful Being is here again and has been here all along. Again, I realized that sometimes we have to go on detours in order to find ourselves again in a much greater and more beautiful light. Thank you so much for switching the light on and letting me see that I’ve been (at) Home all along.

The course is far beyond my expectations. There’s so much value and love put into it, and I’m still in the early stages of moving through it. Michael and Arielle truly poured their hearts and souls into this course and they hold nothing back. It is so profoundly inspiring and I feel so humbled, privileged, and blessed to have them as my guides and teachers. It’s truly beyond words. Thank you, Michael & Arielle, for creating this sacred and safe space for unconditional love, authenticity, and sacred wisdom. I’ve been looking for you for years. When my soul was finally ready, you literally appeared in my life as a pure blessing and gift. Immediately, I knew that I finally found Home and the family I’ve been so praying for for so long. I feel such a deep connection and alignment with you and it is my greatest pleasure and honor to have YOU as my guides on my journey. 🙏

I know myself how skeptical I was for years and suffered because of that, because I never had the courage to do this. All I can say now is that it was so worth it to go through my trials alone and wait for so long for you because I know that it couldn’t and wouldn’t work out with anyone else. I’ve never felt more in the right time and the right place as I feel now. This is where I belong.

May all the blessings of the Universe find you and bless your path



Veronika Kováčová

Rybník, Slovakia

“In November of 2016, I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. I remember hearing the news in the doctor’s office, dropping to the floor crying, I was devastated.”

However, I have learned through this process that no matter how dark a situation may seem, there is light in every negative situation. When you move past the ‘why’ and go deeper, you can give thanks for every difficult situation, no matter what you may be going through. It is really important to leave yourself open to all that arises because you never know who, or what will guide you and help you. 

In June of 2018 is when I found Awakened Academy. I would receive emails from Arielle asking how I was feeling through this process. I remember saying to myself, “what great timing it is to be receiving these emails from Arielle.” She would say such wonderful words like, ”you are a special soul,” and that they were “holding me in love and seeing me healed.” Change began to happen unintentionally; working through the Academy course has helped me change without trying to – it’s just happening. 

Going through cancer; being on the floor, got me to where I am today. Through this program, I have let go of bad habits, and set boundaries… I am different now. Moving into trust, and letting go of fear has increased my faith. This trust and faith has helped me say no to traditional therapy while focusing on eating healthy, and continuing with the course, through it all.  

I am no longer living in the future, I am living in the NOW – like each day is my last. No matter how dark you may see your situation there is always an optimistic side to it, change the way you see things, and your life changes. I am forever grateful to my Higher Power, my life, my friends, my health, and Awakened Academy.  

My wish is that every soul can go through Awakened Academy, for themselves and their own growth. It’s so worth it! Whatever they are, a teacher or an astronaut, everyone needs this to get unstuck, everyone needs the Academy!

Lily Diaz
Arizona, USA


“The Spiritual Life Coaching Course and Awakened Academy has been a profound breakthrough in my life.”

Everything that I have dreamed of regarding making a difference in the world, has actually finally made deeper sense – more so than the many years of psychotherapy that I experienced and even the several previous courses that I took on neuroscience, brain fitness, and NLP.

All of that previous knowledge brought me a sense of self-development, however, the missing ingredient, which was recognizing my own inner light within, was the key to fully understanding my purpose and mission in life.

I now understand deeply who I am, and why the Father (the Divine) has given me the freedom to pass through many experiences in life, in order to be able to do His work for others, using me as an instrument for healing and self-realization.

Johann Strerath
Pennsylvania, USA

“Awakened Academy has been the perfect combination of blending Divine answers with everyday human issues that we all face.”

My name is Dina and I wanted to share with you about my experience with Arielle and Michael and Awakened Academy.

Just over a year ago, I prayed intensely that I would be guided to my spiritual family. I have been around many spiritual groups during the last 25 years but nothing felt quite right for me. Most seemed ungrounded and lacked real answers for real people or they lacked warm loving energy. I needed a blending of heaven and earth. Three days after my heartfelt prayer, I was shopping for books on Amazon and came across Arielle and Michael’s books. Immediately, I recognized that they were my family. I just knew beyond a shadow of a doubt. With my heart bursting with gratitude, I did research and found that they owned Awakened Academy. Within 24 hours, I joined Awakened Academy and it has been straight upwards for me since that day. I can’t believe that it has only been a year because it feels like I have known them forever. I am thankful beyond words.

In my experience, Awakened Academy has been the perfect combination of blending Divine answers with everyday human issues that we all face. I am being trained to coach others by seeing the complete person that they are with an emphasis on using the strongest energy on the planet – heart energy. I am continuously amazed at how honest and humble Arielle and Michael are. They are fully present when I speak to them. I feel really heard. They really care about ME. What a wonderful feeling! I learn so much from their words, but I am also learning from how they speak to others. They are so respectful and loving. At the same time, they are encyclopedias of knowledge. They have done deep spiritual work and intense academic learning to be master coaches.

I have always wanted to learn more about how to help others so I have looked for coaching programs in the past. I have never signed up for one because I have always asked myself a very important question first. Do I want to be like the person teaching me? In my opinion, many coaching programs focus too much on behavior or too much on the Spirit. There was always something missing because it didn’t seem balanced. With Awakened Academy, I can honestly say “Yes, I want to be like my coaches” and I am being trained in a way that represents the approach that feels complete to me. I am being shown how to guide myself and others with Divine power that is fully grounded on this planet. I can help heal the pain and problems that we experience as humans with real answers. Yes!

Words cannot express how thankful I am. With Awakened Academy, I have found my home……at last.

Dina Andrews

p.s. Enjoy your call if you have scheduled one. It will be amazing.

Dina Andrews
Energy Healing Practitioner and Forthcoming Author
Sacramento, CA

“Michael and Arielle are divine souls surrendered to the highest good of all beings which makes Awakened Academy a safe place to explore one’s true and highest calling. I would describe this as the “last stop” on the path to self-actualization.”

Many blessings to you. I wanted to take this opportunity to send you a letter about my experience in Awakened Academy Spiritual Life Coach Certification and Sacred Business Course.

The path of spiritual reawakening is the most profound “magical experience” a seeking soul can ever experience. For the past 20 years, I have been evolving and going deeper and deeper into a realm of consciousness that unearths everything that is not authentic to us and propels us into our powerful energy field.

In February 2017, one of my most miraculous moments occurred as I stumbled across Awakened Academy, without consciously seeking for it. Ever since then, every moment has been greatly enlightening. I am filled with zeal and enthusiasm to unveil my greatest vision as I go through the process of upgrading every area of my life.

Michael and Arielle are divine souls surrendered to the highest good of all beings which makes Awakened Academy a safe place to explore one’s true and highest calling. I would describe this as the “last stop” on the path to self-actualization.

This dynamic duo has the ability to fast-track one’s progress through techniques most of the world is unaware of. Michael has a way of sharing deep information with clarity and simplicity whilst Arielle’s angelic energy is a gift of a lift to humanity.

I am so blessed to be part of this “vehicle” of world transformation they have created and my hope is that you too are able to experience tremendous growth on all levels of life with Awakened Academy. The whole team along with the very special family of souls is a constant source of elevating energy that keeps you supported and sustained on a journey of serving the self and the world.

With lots of love and blessings from the heart,


p.s. If you feel drawn to this blessed Academy and want to do work that is meaningful, I highly recommend you schedule a call.

You can read more about the Academy and schedule your call from their Brochure here.

Spiritual Life Coach and Raja Yoga Meditation Teacher
Lusaka, Zambia

“If you have found Awakened Academy (maybe with a few doubts in the back of your mind) just know that it found you!”

Joining Awakened Academy was hands-down one of the best choices I have ever made. This course, Michael & Arielle, the group, and everything involved have truly been magical & life-changing.

I remember feeling so stuck in my life, knowing there was ‘more’ out there for me and the world—beyond a traditional job, and life. I couldn’t figure it out, at least with the rational mind. However, this feeling kept knocking on my door, until I stumbled upon Awakened Academy. That’s when it hit me that Spiritual Life Coaching, writing, and ultimately having my own business was my higher-calling, my purpose; a piece in my dharmic puzzle.

Equally, if not more so, attached to this calling was a great sense of resistance I had (and have) to growing forward. My brain, and listless mind continues to feed ideas & reasons of why this shouldn’t or couldn’t happen—why I’m not qualified, or ready, or maybe even deserving to do this work!

All that can be a little contradictory when the other part, the Higher Self knows that I meant to do this great work, and to show up for the world. But, we have to choose to persist anyway—in spite of fears, doubts, worries, and the ego-mind.

Since joining, my life has had immense growth, added meaning & direction, and connection (with souls on similar paths). I couldn’t feel more grateful and held to be in this space!

A few of the things that have shown up on my journey are:

  • Letting go of an 8-year toxic relationship, and fully coming home to loving myself
  • Losing 100 pounds, and increased overall health & wellness physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually
  • Manifested credit card debt gone, and the most money in savings to-date
  • A sense of soul-level freedom, with no more depression (after 10+ years living in that state)
  • Starting my own website (the hopeful future launching site & home of my business, creative endeavors, blog, etc.)
  • Started a business Instagram, as a place to express & share creative endeavors, quotes, inspiration, and connect with other beautiful souls (@thegypsyjune)
  • Completion of the Level 1: Spiritual Coaching Certificate (and diving into the next levels now)
  • A vision, a purpose, and clearer sense of my Dharma
  • An overall increased sense of fulfillment, and expansion in my life

Even as I share some of those growth points/achievements…it amazes me and surprises me. They’ve all come by being supported in this incredible atmosphere, following my intuition, and doing them all anyway, even though I was plagued with fear, doubts, worries, and major resistance along the way.

I am so grateful to be a part of Awakened Academy, and I am grateful that it exists in the first place. I so look forward to continuing my journey here, expanding, and continuing to connect with other lovely souls along the way!

Cait Stanley
Certified Spiritual Coach
Austin, MN

“I create a safe space wherever I dwell by

enjoying my life now and celebrating success, big or small.”

I have a much better innerstanding of my walk with the Divine, and will never run out of “AH-HA” moments on this forever walk. My most precious “AH-HA” moment was learning about just being willing. To be willing is the key to moving past the unknown and into the realm of the known. I still hear the words often, “Just be willing”.

What I love most is the energy of patience, understanding, and kindness that flows from our darling leaders into the souls who need it most. The first few hours of My Sacred Beginnings was so intense that I had to allow myself to debrief all the incredible downloads of how to remove the “old hack” and replace them with loving, more merciful “new hacks.” I let my soul shine by allowing willingness to be my key to love unconditionally. I have healthy relationships with those who want the same with me, and I have set some extremely difficult, yet necessary, boundaries with others. I did not think this was possible. I create a safe space wherever I dwell by enjoying my life now and celebrating success, whether it be big or small, or not even mine at all. I have adopted the belief that every success deserves the chance to be celebrated in its truth.

Even sharing this story is the ultimate recognition of Love from the one place that has provided so much unconditional Love, understanding, and teachings. Awakened Academy is the one place where I find refuge, solace, and guidance, and the one place I call My Heart’s Home. When my mother passed and we sold our childhood home, I lost both my precious place and person that year and seemed no one (including myself) could understand the importance of losing that sacred place until now.

You see, that loss is so very significant to the necessary gain of my journey with the beautifully, loving Awakened Academy family. I had to lose that place of beginning so that I may end up placed in the bosom of my eternal Agape. I fully understand now that no matter where I go I will always be able to go back home to visit my family and never lose my Home at Awakened Academy which has led me to true Agape.

Shemel Hennington
Texas, USA

“The Academy has synchronicities in providing exactly what I need at the exact moments that I need them. It’s definitely been a Divine experience.”

Well … Basically … I fell in Love.

I found My Tribe.

I feel immense Love in Return.

I’m supported effortlessly.

It exceeded my expectations.

Awakened Academy… A soft place to Land and Grow.

The course content keeps Blowing My Mind!

I wouldn’t dare rush through it, it’s so profound and such nourishment to my personal spiritual growth.

The Academy has synchronicity‘s in providing exactly what I need at the exact moments that I need them. It’s definitely been a Divine experience.

The Awakened Academy will crack you open and show you your true self in all its glory.

I’m ecstatic to continue to churn and share every morsel they share.

Micheal & Arielle give a perspective that without question transforms the collective consciousness of the planet.

I’m forever grateful that this coursework crossed my path. 

Asyry Brown
Founder of Her Namaste Life
Temecula, California

“Awakened Academy has helped me see me for who I am really am, deepen my experience of life, the Creator, and those in my orbit. I have been able to hone my focus for my business and therefore create a stronger service to others.”

My name is Wendy and I am currently enrolled in Awakened Academy. I wanted to let you know how the Academy has benefited me since my enrollment. At first, I was a little skeptical, however, I DID feel immediately bonded to Arielle and Michael and really felt in my spirit that they are the REAL deal. They took quite a bit of time talking to me and just getting to know me and vise versa on the phone and via email. I had sooo many questions (in fact I still think I am the #1 question asker lol). I took my time to make my decision, but I knew that if I really wanted to break down the obstacles and barriers I felt were blocking me from moving forward, I was going to have to invest both time and money and die to a few things. I was prepared to do that and I am here to tell you I have not had ONE ounce of regret! The coursework is exquisite, and the relationships are so special and unique. I really feel like I have found my niche and my tribe. I have also made huge strides in my business and am on a whole new level. Awakened Academy has helped me see me for who I am really am, deepen my experience of life, the Creator, and those in my orbit. I have been able to hone my focus for my business and therefore create a stronger service to others. I feel like I still have a lot to learn, but I know that I would have never made it this far, and to this level of understanding and success had I not taken that first leap and enrolled in the Academy. It’s also so nice to know that I don’t have to “go it alone”. It’s not for everyone, but I am convinced that those of us that want to make a difference and live in freedom, feel the tug and seek out ways to do so. For me, Michael and Arielle were literally thrown in my path and this program has been an answer to many prayers. I am looking forward to the future, financially, spiritually and physically in ways I didn’t even know existed a few short months ago. I also know that I have lifelong kindred spirits for friends and family and that means so very much to me. I hope that I have been able to help in some way, I realize that this has to be your decision, and if it is the right time for you, then the benefits will be innumerable! Many blessings to you. Hope to see you soon… Love,

Wendy Fargo
Founder of Crooked House Herbals
Hot Springs National, Arkansas

“My life has improved in so many ways since taking this course. I have more clarity about who I am and what I’m meant to do.”

I now work in concert with God and my angels, ancestors and guides to help me in my life which has made my life so much richer. I tend to rely on my spirit senses to guide me which has opened up my world so much and allowed me to slow down and be more in flow with the course my life is taking. I have recognized that I’ve been in a codependent relationship with my mother my whole life and I’m now setting healthier boundaries and healing from that trauma. I’m putting myself first and I’m beginning to share this work with others that is having a positive impact on their lives. I now go with the flow much more and I’m truly enjoying the journey. I’m also beginning to earn more money by doing less, I’m making healthier food choices and bringing my body into balance by eating healthier and exercising. I’m really becoming me and not an unhappy version of someone else. I’m living life on my terms and feeling more empowered.

Kenitra Beauford
California, USA

I had to learn to trust myself unconditionally in the way that even if it seemed illogical, I would still follow my intuition.

Trusting Oneself and Following Your Heart.

I’ve always had a hard time trusting my instinct and intuition when it comes to making a decision. I studied science and mostly used logic to tackle the problems I was confronted with. Even though I navigated through the world better with my emotions and my heart, I was constantly divided between my head and my intuition which will sometimes tell me otherwise.

Because of that, I could spend hours lost in my head, meticulously planning every detail of my next move only to finally decide that I would not go for it, because deep down I knew that it was not meant for me.

Because of that, I could spend hours lost in my head, meticulously planning every detail of my next move only to finally decide that I would not go for it because deep down I knew that it was not meant for me.

I was a huge planner, I would plan every 30 minutes of my day. I would push myself harder to achieve a goal. And this greatly contributed to my success, to where I am now. Over these years, I have internalized the notion that time is precious and that I should always invest it in being active.

It’s been a year now since I decided to become a spiritual life coach and of course I transferred this habit of being active and productive to this new project. I would feel bad and stressed if I felt that I am not progressing enough. Progressing and achieving goals has started to give me a sense of security, that I was doing something useful. Without knowing it, I was always comparing myself to others. I would feel like an underachiever and I would compensate for that painful feeling by achieving goals.

But as I grew spiritually, I became more conscious of these insecurities and wounds. The reason I decided to invest my energy in spiritual coaching was to help people on their spiritual path as well. I decided to do so because I love coaching people, I love imparting ideas, helping people to reflect, to change their life for the better. These are also the reasons why I became a teacher as well.

But, then I realized that I was trying to accomplish my goals, not for the reasons above but to compensate for a lack of ‘not good enough’ inside. So every time I would listen to the courses or work on any project, I would do it stressfully. I could not understand why I would feel like that. So I asked the Universe and the answer I would get is ‘wait, take your time, do not rush’ and ‘you’re not ready yet’. 

Even though these answers were clear, I would continue to force myself to complete tasks and complete projects until one day, that feeling became unbearable. Eventually, I decided to take a break. I knew something inside was telling me that I had things to learn, to experience before I could continue with my projects but it was so difficult for me to pause.

When I did take a break, I started to naturally confront these wounds and insecurities that were preventing me from progressing with serenity and love. I had to sit down, contemplate and meditate and I had to let go of things that were no more serving me right now. I had to let go of the need to control every aspect of my day. I had to learn and let go of that forceful energy with which I was doing things. I had to learn to go more with the flow, with my heart. To be more in tune with my intuition and natural inspiration. I had to really feel connected to what I was doing, to really feel the purpose and not to compensate. I had to learn to trust myself unconditionally in the way that even if it seemed illogical, I would still follow my intuition.

The hardest part was when I felt like I should be doing nothing and even now, it is very hard for me to stay still and do nothing. But in doing nothing, I became more in touch with my inner being, I would focus more on the present moment and I would allow myself just to be. For me at first, it seemed so unproductive but then beautiful ideas and feelings arose while I was doing nothing. While doing nothing, inspiration came to me. The desire to create out of love emerged and doing so was effortless.

Our society tends to overemphasize the importance of mental abilities, disregarding other abilities that could help us find our way in life. Sometimes, it seems to us what we feel deep inside is in contradiction with reason and we ignore it. It is important to trust ourselves, on all matters of life. To slow down, to really listen, and take our time. Healing, developing more self love and freedom takes time, care, and attention. We sometimes tend to forget that the most important goal is our own growth and our primary duties are towards ourselves. Sometimes we just need to take a deep breath, let go and surrender our being to the Universe to be guided exactly where we should be.

(Always take what resonates in your heart and leave the rest if not)

Grace Sinnapen
Mauritius, Port Louis

Kacy Singh

Spiritual Life Coach

Beth Shahar
Artist and Teacher
Tel Aviv, Israel

Veeke Verstraete
Spiritual Life Coach and Meditation Teacher
Antwerp, Belgium

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“I am so much lighter within myself and happier as I have now deepened my commitment to my spiritual practices; such as meditation and affirming my intentions daily.”

In a short space of time, I can see and feel positive changes already. I have completely renewed my intentions so that they are aligned with what I would like to achieve in my life. I am committed to self-care where I nourish my body through healthy foods and sleep, and I give myself permission to rest if needed. I enjoy celebrating my achievements and celebrating my life daily through activities that are soul-nourishing.

Jade UK/London

“I am feeling incredible. My experience changes some aspect of my life every day and this is literally a magical journey.”

I’m embracing it all, resistance, upper limits, the hero’s journey, teaching as part of learning, better eating habits, more sleep, and the best part; finding more time with my children. It’s just fantastic. Thank you both, again, for sharing your wisdom and life with all of us. Blessings!

Tina USA/Georgia

“My journey through AA has been slow, and that has been intentional.”

Each module has presented items and ideas that challenged my thinking and allowed me to explore a whole new aspect of my life. Of all the lessons, the two that surface frequently were: ‘Speak your truth’ and ‘Sanctuary’.

I’ve found such peace in ‘speak your truth’, where I take the challenging path and have the hard conversation… instead of just biting my tongue and becoming angry, as I was taught. And sanctuary has really pushed me to finally live in my home, instead of just keeping my stuff here.

I now feel like I have a place in this world, and it’s a wonderful feeling.

Heath Crumbacker West Virginia/USA

“You have no idea how big of a difference you have made in my life and in the life of my company.”

“I’ve been living in natural magic since the day I synchronistically stumbled across your brilliant work. You have pushed me to grow to my full potential as I work to make a profound difference in the world. I can never find the words to thank you for the brilliance you have created.

The meditations Michael created for my company are utter perfection and I am getting goosebumps thinking about how they are going to transform so many lives. I am just so amazed and impressed by your brilliance. It is so incredible and inspiring and I am forever grateful. Transcendence Theatre would not be a reality without you.”

Amy Miller, California, USA

Founder and Artistic Director of Transcendence Theatre Company

“If I hadn’t been guided to this work, led by Grace, I’m not sure I would be alive today to share my story with you. – A Story from Darkness To Light”

Before I began this journey I was in a very dark place in my life. I was using drugs to fill a void that I had created by avoiding the cause and effect of life choices over the years. I felt this built a wall from the real world to only seeing the darkness within myself. This way of living brought me to a breaking point that caused me to believe the only way out was taking my own life. Blessed by Divine Grace, I survived and soon after I somehow found Awakened Academy and the Spiritual Recharge (Raja Yoga) Course.

Using the new skills I gained from their free course in Spiritual Recharge, I was able to raise my level of joy and peace in a short time.

Then, feeling a lot better, I started Awakened Academy Spiritual Life Coach Certification, which has brought me to a level of happiness I never knew I could reach. Awakened Academy and Raja Yoga saved my life. Past attempts have not ever brought me so much joy, or lasted this long. Even when I have struggles now, it’s very short lived. I now feel I’m a blessed soul to have the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing life changing process that is Awakened Academy. I’m truly grateful.

I want you to know, friend, who is reading this – don’t lose hope – you were led here for a reason.

Even if you are in the lowest of low places, like I was, life is worth living and you have a higher purpose here. You belong here.

As you study Michael and Arielle’s work, you’ll realize, like I did, that you are a soul.

This realization and the continued transformation I am going through with Awakened Academy leaves me speechless with gratitude and awe. I never knew this much joy was possible for me. I never knew I could feel so much love. Now, I will be stepping into helping others awaken and live their highest life, too.

Shawn Helgeson Wisconsin, USA

“I couldn’t bare to think of my life without Awakened Academy input, influence, wisdom and love. “

They provide the building blocks to freedom;

Freedom from drudgery, freedom from our limiting beliefs, freedom from the lies that we have agreed to.
Awakened Academy has changed my life so dramatically but in a quiet, loving, consistent and constant manner. Deeply kind and practical there is nowhere else you need to go – it is all here – all bases are covered and the root and most important base is covered consistently.

AMAZING IS truly the word. Their service is exceptionally high and the best company you could wish to keep.  Awakened Academy helps you uncover the best in you so you can stand up and make a difference in a way that brings you the sweetest joy.
Life can be fulfilling and beautiful  – Awakened Academy leads by example.

I am forever grateful for Awakened Academy being in my life.

Thank you

Cindy Aikman

“What a relief to hear such strong Voices that remember for me, when I have forgotten myself.”

“If I had to encapsulate the gifts that Arielle and Michael have given me into 2 words, I would choose nourishment and inspiration.

Physical Nourishment , in that Arielle gently and intuitively led me by the hand as I tentatively sought to realign with my true appetites and impulses for movement.

Emotional Nourishment, in their guidance to care more deeply for myself and be willing to BE with the emotional energies that are bound to arise when we are living more authentically.

Spiritual Nourishment, in the way that their consistent message speaks to who we really are, not to the ideas about ourselves borne out of our confusion. What a relief to hear such strong Voices that remember for me, when I have forgotten myself.

Not to mention Arielle´s amazing meditations and sounding with the singing bowls! Those will take you Home!

And as for the Inspiration, both Arielle and Michael have long been making their own trek, and so they speak from experience. Michael has such a way of calling us to the challenge of true and deep transformation, hard work indeed, yet apparently it can be done while laughing! He certainly does plenty of that! They are incredibly prolific, creative and generous in their offerings for all of us, as well as goofy or lazy or just plain human, when the moment calls for that also. Good to know that this path is accessible to everyone. Yet sometimes it takes the inspiring Voice of leaders to help us keep moving along.”

Joy Blythe, Austin, TX

High School Spanish/Special Education Teacher

“You are a living angel in my heart.”

“I have done two of your guided meditations, 7 color rays and release past burdens by surrendering. They really have had a profound affect on me. I have done countless female or male guided meditations from the very famous to the more subtle ones…..I have never been so resonant to others….as yours. Just want to let you know. Thank you so much the beautiful living Angel Arielle. Blessings from Hong Kong, I love you.”

Nikki Niknak Sin, Hong Kong, China

Programmer at Ethical Trading

“I found a path to myself, my inner light that glows so brightly that there is no stopping me now!”

“Your programs and guidance have been powerful beyond belief. The meditations and wisdom shared with such heart and soul shine with the higher vibration that I go back to again and again. Thank you so much! “

Shelley Hanna, Alberta, Canada

Psychologist & Artist

You are positively changing the world, through one energy being at a time!

Thank you Michael and Arielle,  I feel so much gratitude for the gifts you’ve given me. The meditations have proven powerful, and combined with the course itself, it’s all helped me maintain focus on loving myself, even in a challenging time. Thank you for this tremendous gift.  I love you both.

Kathy Sherwood, British Columbia, Canada

Interior Designer & Heart-Centered Child Care

“I’m inspired and on track again!”

“Thank you again for the time we spent on the phone. The 2 biggest issues in my life — my mission and my love– were overwhelming me, and now it’s just all ok! I’m inspired and on track again! You are the real deal my friend, and it shows that you are living your dharma. You are really really good at what you do. Thank you.”

Jennifer Henry, California, USA


“I have been using Michael and Arielle’s meditations on a daily basis for several years now and have found them to be life changing.”

“My participation in several of the courses have also contributed to my development. Not only am I more relaxed, but because my awareness has increased, so have some of the practical aspects of my life. The playful and happy attitude this young couple displays, also resonates well with me, as my approach to the world is similar. Some of their teachings have also been of great use to my son who has taken on an academic challenge. I am thankful, and highly recommend the courses.”

Beatrice Trezevant, Colorado Springs, USA


“Gifted with boundless grace and infectious enthusiasm and joy”

Michael and Arielle share powerful insights and crystal-clear techniques for gaining new depths of self-knowledge, clarity on one’s innermost landscape of hopes and visions and the courage to take practical daily actions to tackle seemingly insurmountable challenges where necessary to ultimately pursue what they fittingly call: the path of the heart. Namely an authentic and purpose-filled life on track with the highest good for all, in harmony with the ways of compassion and true to personal values rather than inherited and solidified roles, patterns and beliefs. Truly here are super practical everyday tools, food for thought and food for the soul to put the spark back in your life. Instructions: leave no content undigested, dip into time and again like a favorite book of spells. Truly here be magic. The new normal. Truly I am grateful to Michael and Arielle. Aloha and may the wonders continue!

Lee Schaefer, Germany

“This is a MUST-DO program for anyone”

“Joining the Awakened Academy program was one of the best decisions I have made. Michael and Arielle are both loving, supportive, knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. They have helped me gain my confidence to move forward towards my dreams even when everyone else thinks I’m crazy. This is a MUST-DO program for anyone who is looking to gain inspiration to live an awakened life, take a journey within and connect with your higher self, and show up and make a difference in the world.”

Rachel Joy Olsen, Alberta Canada

Entrepreneur & Holistic Health Coach

“Your programs and guidance have been powerful beyond belief.”

“I found a path to myself, my inner light that glows so brightly that there is no stopping me now! The meditations and wisdom shared with such heart and soul shine with the higher vibration that I go back to again and again. Thank you so much!

Shelley Hanna, Alberta, Canada

Psychologist and Artist

“Your courses enabled me to discover my purpose and learn how to be of service to others.”

“Blessings to you, Michael and Arielle. My heart is full of gratitude for you and your work! Thank you for the priceless gift of your beautiful meditations, videos, courses, and books! Thank you most of all being such beacons of love and light and for sharing your wisdom and gifts with the world!”

Bonnie Wegel, Alabama, USA

RN, LMT, Certified Health Coach

“Their energy is so genuine and their audio meditations have cradled me in light and peace many a night as I was lulled into restful sleeps after several years of struggling with insomnia.”

“I can’t express how grateful I am and how fortunate I feel for having fortuitously stumbled upon Michael and Arielle’s work. They have helped me learn to say “no”, take “me time” and to embrace my introversion. Their openness in sharing past pains with a wide-open heart has enabled me to confront & embrace my pains.

After an amazing phone consultation, I was miraculously able to release a debilitating physical condition called brachial radial pruritis that had been plaguing me for some time. Together as Michael and Arielle guided me in releasing my fears …. My condition disappeared! As they say, “as within, so without”!”

MaryBeth Kenis, Texas, USA

Mother, wife, seeker, yogi, entrepreneur, President, International Business Solutions, Inc

“I truly have so much gratitude in my heart for you, you are amazing!!”

I want to thank you Michael for the motivation and let you know that I just had a client sign up to work with me for 3 months for $1500!!! Yay!!! I’m very grateful to you and God I know the momentum will continue!!

Much Love & Many, Many Blessings my friend ;-)).

Christina Sullivan, South Carolina, USA

Entrepreneur & Coach

“Your program blew my mind. Within days I was on my path.”

“You have given freely of yourself, your knowledge and your time. Every single e-­mail I receive these days, including from personal friends, is someone trying to sell something – a product, a service – not one ‘real’ person asking, “how are you? what do you need?” I love it that I see YOU offering what spirit has given you to serve and help others… your genuine care makes my soul happy! It is like a soothing balm that you actually care about others… really care! Thank you!”

Lauralai Eliza, Washington, USA

Business Coach

“You make me feel authentically supported in my life journey to fulfill my life purpose and my dreams.”

“Michael and Arielle you are the real deal!!! You are Leaders. You inspire. You empower. You are kind, generous souls.These characteristics are just a small sample of the many you demonstrate and the page is too short to list them all.The deep knowledge and wisdom that you are sharing with such love and patience is truly a gift for me and to the world.It’s an honor learning from you and seeing how my world is changing as I implement your teachings.Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  for being there for me, showing me the light and reminding me of who I am.You are my Stars!!I love you!”

Elvira Mana, Pennsylvania, USA


“I feel so refreshed and ready for whatever comes my way now, after all, this is just the drop in the bucket!”

“Wow, these meditations are so powerful!  Thank you for making them available and so affordable!  My son and I were doing your Freedom Meditation this morning and experienced drifting off into a nothingness that was so pleasant we’ve agreed to continue it all week long.  I want to express my gratitude and awe at such a wonderful meditation!”

Tawnya Raab, Michigan, US

“If I am ever feeling disconnected and lose inspiration, I just have to listen to the voice of either Arielle or Michael and I feel immediately reconnected and back on track!!!  Much love and gratitude.”

Anna Rogers

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your videos, particularly the one on how to eliminate cannabis from your life… It has helped me tremendously, only three days clean from it, but I am already feeling a noticeable change and am ready for the next shift and chapter in the evolution of my being.”

Jenny Courtney

“I really feel like the Money Magic Meaning meditations and lessons are making a difference! “

I feel fantastic! I want to do them all over again so I have a very clear understanding.  Thank you!

Kevin Voisey, LA US

“So uplifting, inspiring and such beautiful presence.”

“I just want to thank you from my inner heart for inviting me on to this course. I am so infinitely grateful.
You both are so wonderful.  Thank you for your gifts to all. I am so excited to move forward with grace and ease enjoying the journey. Thank you, thank you thank you…. Much love, light and gratitude.”

Kristal Novi, Kauai, USA

Massage Therapist

“Since starting at Awakened Academy, and focusing on divine giving and receiving, I have received so many blessings! Here is the latest:”

“I have 14 days left in my 21 days of giving and receiving – and already something that I put on my vision board for the year has come to pass! I put on my vision board that I will own an old Craftsman in 2021. Then the miracle happened….”

“I had looked at a dream home in November when my QuickBooks (for my business) was a mess. It was showing a loss, even though that was incorrect. It was going to take me a ton of work to fix. However, I did call the broker to check in to say I loved the house. We had a nice chat, and he told me that it was still available – I just needed to get things fixed in time!

The first sale financing had failed and then a second offer came through straight away. Darn it – I wasn’t going to get it. No biggee. Then… just when I was nearly done healing my books, I got a text from the listing broker, which said ‘You won’t believe this, but the buyer financing failed again – so do you want this house??’.

I had to rush the final input and send an updated profit & loss to my mortgage broker, which he rushed through. I then added $10,000 to the listing and said, ‘this is all I can do – will it work?’. And they accepted it!!!! The broker said, ‘this house was meant for you. You are the one who is supposed to have it.’

Can you believe that?!? Who says that?!? This kind of stuff is what the CIA calls “weird science and frickin’ magic! I manifested my house!!!!”

Benni Sack, Seattle, WA

“Thank you for the support and invaluable wisdom which I received on every call.”

I would like to share with the Awakened Academy community, a story about the recent reconciliation with my younger sister. She has gone through very dark moments with her teenage daughter and caused friction between the families, to the point that we completely cut off communication. I joined the Awakened Academy quite a while after this, and I was not in a good place, emotionally. During some of our sacred mentoring calls, I became familiar with karmic accounts and how to deal with them. Thanks to Michael and Arielle, I learned how to deal with my sister’s karmic account. My feelings of resentment shifted to pure love, blessings and good wishes. Almost every time she comes into my mind, I send her good wishes and lots of love. Her relationship with her daughter has improved and she has also forgiven herself and also, me. Thank you for the support and invaluable wisdom which I received on every call.

Best wishes to all and for anyone dealing with karmic accounts – stay faithful, patient and loving.

The bond of family goes way beyond hate. Love always wins.

Vanessa Hernandez, Ontario, Canada

“Your courage and kindness, your smile and open hearts made my world a better place.”

Thank you for being a conduit to peace freedom and happiness to enlightenment and reunification of the true nature that bind us. Thank you for the awareness of the breath the meditations the prayers and the tools you offer to the world.

Thank you for teaching us how to claim our birthright.

This is all I ever needed to hear and it confirmed my true inherit beliefs. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Jean-Yves Durisch, Waldkirch, Switzerland

“Thank you for showing me that there is a path for me”

“Michael and Arielle, your work is NOT like the other stuff – the other stuff  which was full of empty promises and false truths; stuff I used for a day and gave up forever. Your gifts are entirely relevant, unique, real and profound. It is what my soul always knew, but could never finds words or ways of expression for.”

Roelien Steenkamp, Simon's Town, South Africa

Founder of Nani Skin Care

“I am now proud of my gifts and strong enough to really make a difference.”

“As soon as I began your program on Dharma, my wealth increased; new opportunities, propositions and projects came into my life. It is all really coming together and I am looking forward to everyday like a ‘miracle magic day’… and oh how happy I am!”

Taja Devi, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Performing Artist & Vocalist

“I feel more relaxed & peaceful. It is impressive how much they love to give back & how blessed they make you feel.”

“Michael & Arielle appeared in my life at the perfect moment. Their thoughts, ideas & energy have improved my life. The meditations & mantras have helped to calm my mind &  bring me to a place of ease & grace. Aloha & mahalo.”
Matt LaGanza, Sydney, Austrailia

Landscaper, Drummer

“I can hardly describe in words how well I am. You are changing the world in the best ways ever and inspiring others to as well!!!”

“Thank you so much Michael and Arielle! I have been implementing what I’ve learned from the magic money meaning program and I am experiencing more change for the best in my life than ever before! I feel like I have breakthroughs every day now. I am so inspired from your teachings. Thank you thank you thank you for everything! I love you both so much!!! Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Kaleb Kosanke, Idaho, USA


“By serendipity my life guided me to them through grace and ease during which was to be an astonishing growing phase.”

“Arielle and Michael are outstanding human beings in the world we share here on earth. They are sincere souls destined by integrity to grow the true light within us all. With their arrival I began to know the ever greatness of awareness and am beside myself with appreciation for the kindred spirit which exists with in and between us. With much presence, patience, and love Arielle and Michael stand as pillars of truth wisdom, and compassion. Thank you so much for your devotion and awakening the devotion in me.”

Nicolle Jones, Kilauea, USA


“My experience of being in contact with Michael & Arielle is only blessings, truth and awareness.”

I’m thankful that so many people today follow their truth and stand up for a living planet. Thank you Arielle & Michael for spreading the beauty.

Only by reading the words you send out, transformation occurs. Its also transformative knowing there are people like you who have this care and loving approach to life.

Kerstin Åkesson, Stockholm, Sweden

Dance/Movement Art Instructor

“Propelling Me Forward & Discovering My Life Purpose”

“You were a potent catalyst in propelling me forward and discovering my life purpose. It was easy to be myself without any fears of being misunderstood. I so appreciated your luminous, guiding light.”

Pargash Giorgo, Queensland, Australia

Entrepreneur & Author

“Thanks for getting out of the way and letting the light shine through so we can all remember who we really are.”

“Thank you so much for all the service you bring to the physical word.  I am so beyond grateful for your videos/audios I had to let you know.  Thank God divine experiences led me to your audios! Sending you and your beloved ones so much love and blessings. You deserve the best of it all!”

Dodee Schmitt, California, USA


“It really is very beautiful and powerful.”

“I’ve been using the 7 rays Chakra meditation and I have found it very powerful!
I noticed on the first listen that I felt surrounded by a bubble of light and safety, I was able to completely relax and allow the meditation to work – I fell into a deep refreshing sleep. On waking I felt increased joy and happiness, and I think some wonderful chakra balancing occurred. Since then I have listened several times and for me each time I have felt a real connection with each colour ray and felt very relaxed and much less tense.
Thank you again for creating it!”

Michelle Brind, United Kingdom

Student of Natural Healing

“Throughout the training I’ve experienced continuous shifts in awareness.  I have the feeling of being in the perfect place at the perfect time.  It has changed my entire state of being.”

“I’m completely grateful for Michael and Arielle.  Before I joined the School of Dharma program, I really didn’t know who I was or understand what my true calling was.  I had no idea what I wanted to do with myself, I had no big goals.  My ability to laugh deeply and enjoy the wonders of life had been buried.  All of that has changed.  Michael’s ability to share his infinite knowledge always arrives at the perfect time and Arielle’s sweetness and compassion add such tenderness to the program.  During my personal struggles there was always wisdom, love and support available to me. “

Barb Bailey, Canada

Author, Teacher and Mentor

The Money, Magic, Meaning course is a powerful, exciting and fun process of getting clear about how to spend our precious time in the best way to serve life & be happy.

It helps you become charged by knowing your own values and visions, and by releasing the things that don’t serve you.  You come to know what wants to be expressed through our character and our soul, and why it is worth it to be in this worldly experience!  Another important point of clarity is to learn we don’t have to figure it out just by ourselves. We can ask our divine companion to support us and receive divine guidance (which is very relieving…).

The following personal session with Arielle was a very harmonious, warm-hearted and funny experience where I worked out a strategy for the near future to support me and keep me from falling into the same old routines. Thank you!

Jurgen Muller


Thank you