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Raise Your Hand

While growing up I remember feeling this sense of confusion about life, the world, and the people around me. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried, I never fit in. I didn’t understand what “being myself” meant, and I hardly did it because every time I did – I was ostracized. Bullied beyond belief. Rejected by those that didn’t understand their own pain. As I continued to grow older, I dimmed my light and tuned out my truth in an attempt to fit in with the sheep.

Choosing a path of normalcy when you know you’re born to shine is painful. We all have a gift we’re born with –      in fact, we are light. Knowing what I know about quantum physics and the way that our universe works, turns out we’re not even as physical as we thought we were. We’re beings of light and if you were to look at the sub-atomic level of our cells, there is so much space between our atoms. It’s only an illusion that we look to be in this three-dimensional form. In fact, as I continued down my path of trying to hide my light, I discovered that I couldn’t. The space just wouldn’t allow for it.

A tree cannot simply stop being a tree.

A dog cannot simply stop being a dog, and pretend to be a turtle.

And a beautiful human being such as you and I cannot pretend we are not light. We cannot pretend that we’re here on earth by accident. And most importantly, we cannot pretend we’re less than divine.

You see, we all have a gift within us. And fitting in isn’t it. In fact, fitting in doesn’t even make sense – what are we fitting into? We’re all unique after all, so how can we fit into a category that cannot even contain us?

A vivid memory of being in high school comes to mind. I was 16 years old, sitting in grade 11 chemistry class. Now, I am a stellar student, always have been. I take notes, implement what i learn, and study hard. So, that’s exactly what I was doing and I was succeeding massively. Except nobody else knew it. I hid my success.

My teacher asked a really hard question to which I knew the answer. Instead of raising my hand, I kept it down. I bit my tongue. I pretended I didn’t know just like the rest of the class. I remember thinking to myself, “Oh somebody else should get the credit for knowing the answer”. In that moment, I dimmed my light. I pretended to be something and someone I wasn’t. In an attempt to fit in and be normal, I left myself hanging.

And I sold myself short.

I look back now and ask myself why I would do such a thing. And I see that while the 16-year-old wanted to be cool and fit in, the inner child – the 5-year-old Kacy – was scared she’d be bullied. Scared that she would be called “teacher’s pet” and be known as the “know it all”. And above all else, the lower self, the ego was scared of death.

In a world like today where there are so many mandates and things we “must” do – how do we continue to let our light shine, speak our truth, and revel in the perfection of who we truly are and what we’re truly meant to create?

How do we raise our hands, when we know the answer? And speak up when we know what’s true?

Well, as I’ve learned on my journey, it starts with one simple step. One moment at a time, one experience at a time, one choice at a time. In each moment, we show up for what truly matters to us and be as authentic as possible – no matter the consequences.

In today’s world, there is no way that fitting in is going to get us anywhere. It’s time to truly step into our power and do what we know is right for us. It’s the action that will build the momentum, that will eventually lead to a life full of so much light that we can’t deny who we are and what we are any longer.

And more importantly, if that 16-year-old had a community that raised her up and supported her intelligence, I know that life would have been different. When we can put ourselves into spaces where we feel held, loved, nourished, and heard – we can truly experience life to the fullest because we can authentically flex the muscles of being ourselves.

For example, being in this community of Awakened Leaders at Awakened Academy has given me the courage to shine my light just a little brighter day by day. To raise my hand to the truth of who I am, and know that the love and light within my spirit will lead the way to my sovereignty.

So, I speak to that 16-year-old within all of us who may have been afraid – you got this.

You’ll get bullied either way because you’re different, but are you going to let them control how you live your life? Or are you going to use the momentum and life force and brilliance that God gave you to truly hone in on the moment of truth and take that leap of faith you know is your destiny.

You were born for this. You were born to be legendary.


Raise your hand to God.

Raise your hand to truth.

Raise your hand to the miraculous.

And let your light shine, because the answer has always been within you – and nothing and nobody can ever take that away.

Kacy Singh


Overcoming Perfectionism

Have you ever suffered from perfectionism and attempting to control every aspect of your life? 

I have. 

I openly admit to it now. You could say I was humbled recently. 

I used to be that person who had to do everything herself because I couldn’t rely on others. I was distrustful. I needed complete control, because I had the mindset that only I could do it the way I wanted it done. This causes overwhelming pain.

I was doing everything myself with no help from others. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve learned resilience, strength, & independence, and I’m grateful for those traits! But I was also unhappy, highly distressed, and I would immediately give up anything I attempted if I did not get the results I expected. And believe me, I had high expectations that were nearly impossible to meet. So naturally, I experienced burnout, depression, guilt, and shame. This takes a toll on your body and self-confidence. I was not able to create a balance in my life, which is something we all need to have a sufficient, joyous life. 

Suddenly, it all came into awareness for me. I was creating a guided Shadow Work Journal for women who are looking to start their self-healing journey. Toward the end of creating this journal, I experienced resistance. At the time, I thought it was just procrastination. Turns out, it was because I was striving for perfection and my fear of failure set in. 

But it was something I knew I had to overcome… And I did! I finished it, thanks to Michael’s advice, & Awakened Academy learning content on perfectionism, 80/20 success, and the Golden Life book!

When I finished, I sent it for professional editing. Then, I had an offer to finalize everything & publish on Amazon! Amazing, right?! I thought so, until I saw the price.

I was immediately hesitant. I’ve always struggled with money blocks & a “lack” mindset – believing I never had enough. I felt guilt whenever I purchased something for myself. Now, I understand this energetically creates resistance to the flow of abundance (giving & receiving).

My hesitation allowed my ego to jump in & start shouting, “You can’t afford this! You’re being selfish! What if it’s not successful and you waste your precious money? You’re not talented enough. Nobody will buy this. You’re not qualified to be a published author. This is too risky!”

I pondered all this negative self-talk, and for a split second, I was going to decline and scrap the whole book. Thankfully, my higher Self stepped in. Compassion radiating from her voice, this nurturing, confident, calm, unconditionally loving presence for all those around her, including the ego. It’s absolutely beautiful. 

In her wondrous voice, she said, “Who’s to say you are not an author? Who’s to say you are not qualified, talented, and creative? You have a service to provide and it would be a shame if you did not follow through. These women need your compassion and wisdom. Money is a flow of give and receive. Kyli, if you give this publisher her fee, you will receive in return. Even if you “fail,” you will receive learning, growth, and an opportunity to try again. What is the worst that can happen? You are resilient, strong, brilliant, creative, empathetic, compassionate, and the world deserves to hear your voice!” 

Her heartfelt words resonated so deeply within my heart, and I felt a wave of bravery come over me. I immediately accepted the offer & sent payment. Right then, I felt a shift – a transformative, energetic shift within me. 

My money block, my lack mindset, my negative self-talk and lack of confidence in myself… it all released in that instant. I gave up my need to control, and put my trust in someone else… I put my trust in the universe.

Money is materialistic. It will come back to me somehow, someway, even if I do fail. I am resilient. I’ve been through far worse than a creative failure. I will just have to pick up my ego off the floor, learn from my mistakes, and start over again. 

I developed a growth mindset that day, slaying that dragon who has been with me since I was a child. I let in compassion, self-confidence, strength, growth, and unconditional love. I released my negative self-talk. 

Now, I look forward to what’s to come, “good” or “bad.” I’ve discovered excitement, gratitude, and a newly found confidence in my voice. I am a new me!

Let’s be honest, what is the worst that can happen to any of us that we haven’t already overcome and grown through? Absolutely nothing, as long as we maintain a growth mindset. This is the key! The key to success, abundance, & a life full of fulfillment and happiness!

Kyli Hope Vandemark


Facing Your Fears

I’ve had an incredible fear of heights for as long as I can remember. It has held me back from multiple experiences just out of fear. Two summers ago, my brother jokingly said “Nick, we should go Skydiving!” 

I could barely go on a carnival ride – why would I go Skydiving?

That night, I couldn’t help but wonder “What if I do this? Will I overcome this fear? Then, will I be able to experience things I never thought possible?” Morning came, and I told my brother, “Let’s do it!” He thought I was joking at first, but then we booked our first skydiving session!

The day of the skydive, everything got real. I was beyond scared, nauseous, and everything in between. But I told myself I would do this, no matter what. When we arrived, I could see people with parachutes falling from the sky. My brother was ecstatic, and I was about to pass out. But I pushed through with the training, and then the moment of truth was upon us.

As we got on the plane, the first thing I noticed was a warning that said, “Parachutes may fail!” Of course, my heart skipped a beat and I started to doubt everything. But there was no turning back. At 10,000 feet in the air, they opened the doors, we jumped… and it was the best experience I have ever had in my life.

No matter what your fear is, you can overcome it. We can overcome anything, even if it terrifies us. I went from barely being able to look over a bridge, to jumping out of a plane! Now, your steps toward overcoming your fear do not have to be that drastic! But I encourage you to take small steps toward overcoming whatever scares you! Not only did this experience reduce my fear of heights, but I experienced something I never thought possible, and opened doors to many other new experiences. So what small steps can you take toward overcoming whatever may be holding you back?

Nick Levesque


Mirror, Mirror

On the Wall

This is a love story about a little girl’s transformation and her long journey back home.  

                                          *trigger warning*

“You are so f***ing ugly, you worthless piece of sh**, you are lower than a piece of gum stuck on the bottom of someone’s shoe. You are nothing, and you will never amount to anything in life.”

At eight years old, I knew these statements to be true, I knew because I heard them shouted at me, over and over from my daddy’s mouth. 

This was the beginning of a life filled with internal self-loathing, negative self-talk, and a deep sense of ‘never quite good enough.’ Every mirror I passed, filled me with utter disgust.  I was programmed only to see my ugliness, darkness, worthlessness, and my many flaws. All I could hear was my inebriated dad’s words echoing inside my head…”You are nothing!”

I made sure that no one suspected that I housed such inner turmoil, or that I lived in my own private hell. I wore many masks and I wore them well. I was voted ’’Most Popular” in my senior class, I went to college, raised children, worked full time, taught children’s church and kept a spotless home. I said and did all the right things, all while maintaining my perfect image.  I portrayed absolute confidence. I had accomplished my goal; I proved that my daddy was wrong about me.

Despite my polished exterior, tragedy became a recurring theme.  At the age of 31, I divorced with two young children.  At 41, my dad died, my mom the following year and my sister the next. Then the unimaginable happened: I lost my only daughter.  By now my only relief was through death.  My life continued to spiral for decades, with no “light at the end of my tunnel.’’

The darkness was home. I no longer desired for escape. I wore a different mask now, one that portrayed a false persona of magnificent strength. But I wasn’t strong, I was calcified. On the inside I was dead. I cared about nothing and, as my daddy said, “I was nothing.”  

The ending of my 26 year marriage triggered something unexplainable. I experienced an ‘Awakening.’ It felt like I was hit by a lightning bolt, and cracked wide open from the inside out. It was like I was being shattered into a million pieces, and a new “Terri” was emerging. 

In an instant, I knew that the life I was living was not who or what I really was. This was terrifying… and enlightening. It felt as though I had lived my entire life in a deep coma, a never-ending-nightmare. I felt  like the “Phoenix Rising.”  This transformation shook me to my very core. I did not completely understand what happened, but I knew it was life-altering. 

I suddenly knew that almost everything I was programmed to believe, was an absolute ‘untruth’…an illusion!  I immediately began the journey of ‘unlearning’ all that I had been programmed to believe. I was filled with an amazing ‘knowing’ that I had a beautiful life purpose. A new and exciting soul-journey was evolving.. Most of all, I was able to see the “light at the end of my tunnel,” and it was shining brilliantly!

The following exercise is just one of many on my journey back home. It’s called, ‘Mirror Work,’ or what I refer to as “Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall.”

As awkward as it was, I would sit in front of a mirror,  judgment and negative self-talk prohibited. I would gaze into the eyes of this lovely creature—this beautiful, once broken, death-welcoming, neurotic, overly self-conscious, self-criticizing, yet beloved soul.  I could feel myself melting and becoming one with a magnetically powerful energetic force of unconditional love. I would listen repeatedly to “You Are So Beautiful,” by Joe Cocker and “I Want to Know What Love Is,” by Foreigner. But instead of visualizing a man singing to me, I sang it to myself, from myself. I sang passionately to this beautiful fragile inner child.  I loved this ‘unloveable’ little girl. I told her all the wonderful things that parents should tell their child. I no longer desperately craved or yearned for an “atta” girl,” or someone else to validate me, or even the need for approval from others to make me feel worthy. I could do that for myself. I was finally enough. I fell in love with the girl in the mirror. 

Now, when I pass by a mirror, I smile and I say, “You are so beautiful to me.”

Terri Lynn Marshall

United States

Growing Like Bamboo

Recently, I’ve been trying to live in a more “inspired” way… taking action not out of pressure or obligation, but because I really want to.

With lots on my to-do list, I was overwhelmed, but it felt forced, so I simply allowed myself not to do anything.

By pausing & not taking action out of obligation, I gently processed and integrated changes that had been happening on an energetic level. I experienced magical synchronicities with clear messages to trust my intuition for which actions to take & when to take them.

Experiencing “right place, right time,” I realised it’s safe to relax, let go, and trust the process of life….to take inspired action as opposed to forced action that does not resonate with the higher frequency of the Divine. Although counterintuitive, to move forward, I needed to…STOP! I needed to stand still.

If you’ve ever seen bamboo, you know that it has thick, incremental ridges all the way up. These ridges are why it is able to grow so tall and strong. After each period of growth, it stops to create thick ridges to support the next stage of growth, and seemingly nothing is happening to the naked eye.

So when you feel that nothing is happening in your life, consider instead, is it a powerful incubatory period preparing you for some incredible growth & breakthroughs?

As a result of surrendering to the process, listening to my inner wisdom, and resisting taking the uninspired action we often feel compelled to take (because otherwise “nothing is happening”), I now have five wonderful new coaching clients.

Manifesting these clients felt easy, working within Divine Time, trusting and taking action from a place of authentic inspiration, where it would’ve been difficult not to take action.

If you feel you’re not moving forward, consider that perhaps the time is not right & the growth is simply not visible yet. Success is first experienced on an energetic level, before it can truly be experienced on a physical level.

Marimba Arihi

United Kingdom

Sitting with Fear… Literally

Lately I have been overwhelmed by fears, releasing & letting go of a lot of things & behaviours that weren’t serving me anymore. All of these little fears eventually merged into one huge one. 

I felt and saw this fear as big, threatening, grey, clouds… the ones that predict a terrifying storm. 

They were hovering over me and my mind, taking up so much space. I was nauseated & suffocating. 

I was certain I was doing everything right to acknowledge my fear, but in vain. Then, thanks to guidance from the coaches at Awakened Academy, I practiced giving the fear a form, a shape, a color, so that I could identify it better and observe it properly. The fear became a shadowy, black figure. I was encouraged to welcome the shadowy, black figure as best as I could into my experience, to have a dialogue with it. Suddenly, we were sitting together at a table on the beach, enjoying the sea.  

Calmness started washing over me, like I was greeting a friend who I haven’t seen in a long time. I just sat with my friend and felt their presence. The sky cleared, and it was as if it was reflecting the colour of the sea.  

It is really helpful to identify the emotion that is controlling us, acknowledge it, and then use our senses to explore it with curiosity, have a discussion with it – maybe at a seaside cafe in your mind! And in doing so, we can shrink the power that it has over us. 

Ask it whatever it wants or needs, feel what it exudes and sit with it, for some time, until you feel better and calmer. 

The Voice Inside My Head

We all have a “voice” inside our heads… One that holds us back when we are making choices or improving our life. Making positive change is about realizing the patterns that keep going on and on and on in our mind. For example: most people see money as evil, instead of an energetic vibration to align with. 

I had such a terrible, tiring, and negative mindset about money – I had to change something about it. The voice deep inside my head tried to tell me that rich people were evil and arrogant, and that money was only available to those who were fortunate, lucky, and worked tirelessly. 

One day, I came across information about healing my relationship with money, and I started realising which patterns were blocking me from attracting abundance – the negative thoughts of money & affluent people that kept roaming in my mind, and that’s when it hit me…

Abundance is our birthright! It is the key is to embody the freedom that money allows us. 

That voice in my head often had control over me. It had become so loud and heavy – it was extremely overbearing and overwhelming. But now I’m learning to change the voice and even laugh with it, realizing how simple it is to stop the voice from having such power over me… knowing in my heart that what it is telling me is untrue.

Moving Through Darkness

Spring time has been hard, to say the least, I thought I was never going to come out of the gloom I was going through. 

I felt hopeless. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I couldn’t even take action toward my dreams because I was in a constant state of despair. I wanted to detach from human life; it was weighing on me way too much. I am sure now that I was purging and releasing something, maybe related to my ego identity, since I’ve been working on my confidence and self-esteem. 

Long story short, change happened. Summer has begun on a more positive note. I finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s honestly surprising how I shifted so swiftly, and I had to take time to integrate this new part of me that was finally emerging from the depth of my soul. 

But looking back, it’s like my soul was preparing itself for this. The times when I couldn’t see a way out… yet now, I don’t mind that I had to wait and go through that darkness  to reach this point in my life. The important part was to feel ALL of the emotions that were coming to the surface. 

We shouldn’t fear darkness, it is there for a reason… for us to grow and learn, to let go and release so that we can vibrate at a higher frequency and embody the eternal essence that we are.

Giulia Sarro


Diving into

a Growth Mindset

Sitting on the bottom of a 20 foot diving pool, I was practicing mask clearing techniques in scuba diving class. As it came time to flood my mask and clear the water out, I felt afraid, and when I went to clear the water out, I inhaled through my nose. I began to choke on the water in my mask. Panic! My fight or flight instincts kicked in. “Oh my god, I can’t breathe!” In a tornado of chaos, flailing, and extreme fear, I quickly ascended to the surface to get some air. My instructor came to help me, and we took deep breaths together. I calmed down. He asked me what happened, and I explained to him that I couldn’t breathe. He reminded me that no matter what fear emerges underwater, my regulator is right there full of air to breathe. In my frenzied panic, I forgot to breathe through the regulator in my mouth! 

When we are stuck in a fixed mindset, we often experience patterns of anxiety or stress that shield us from the tools and opportunities accessible to us. We are unable to see the bigger picture, living on a treadmill of panic and perceived failure. Whilst in a fixed mindset, we breathe in water through our nose and can’t see there’s another way to breathe. We sense fear and automatically proclaim “this isn’t for me.” However, when we adopt a growth mindset, we expand our field of vision. We see a closed door as a portal to an open one – a better one. In a growth mindset, we stop, think, and remember to breathe through the regulator. 

After a few more tries, I am now able to do the mask clearing technique successfully. I remind myself to stop, breathe, and take the next best course of action. Whenever I sense bubbling anxiety, I release my fear and desire to control by acknowledging the air flowing through my regulator. I am learning to adapt to a growth mindset. I am learning to overcome fear through expanding my field of vision and seeking out the lessons in what I once perceived as failure.

Releasing Resistance

to Resistance

Many of us know of the concept of “resistance,” but not many of us know that it is multi-layered… we can even resist our resistance!

Within the past couple of weeks, I took a leap of faith and began my own heart-centered coaching business. This leap put my ego on high alert, as it craves perfection, safety, and truly embraces the idea that “seeing is believing.”

Although every part of my soul has been urging me to go on this path of healing, awakening, & entrepreneurship, my ego began to speak up at the sound of crickets after launching my first offer.

Negative thoughts began to fill my mind. “I told you so.” “You aren’t ready.” “You aren’t worthy.” “ You aren’t capable.” “See, no one wants to work with you!”

I soon fed into these thoughts, feeling unsure and doubting my highest-self. I began thinking, “If this is so aligned, why isn’t it succeeding?”

With fear of being on the wrong path at the wrong time, I felt a huge urge to push the ego resistance away. I began resisting the resistance!

It was like calling a room clean after shoving a huge pile of dirty laundry under the bed, and wondering why it still doesn’t smell clean! I wondered why I still felt a huge block from receiving abundance, clients, and success on my life path and business after bypassing my ego’s judgments. 

Resisting resistance clearly wasn’t helping, so I was encouraged to get curious. What would happen if I surrendered to the resistance versus resisting it even more?

I spent time observing my resistance, and soon came to realize that it was a sign of success, not failure. My ego has been acting up, not because I am a “failure,” but because I am choosing to follow my Divine path versus a linear path that the ego has been very (falsely) conditioned to trust.

Through going into the resistance with curiosity, I realized that the resistance does not mean something is wrong. Rather, it means something is simply new and different from anything I have ever done. This is a wonderful thing!

In surrendering to my resistance, rather than resisting my resistance, I am making peace with the ego & blocks that present themselves along my journey to Awakening. I am trusting more in my Highest Self, the Divine, and the path that I am on.

Being a Good Beginner

Being a beginner & releasing perfectionism is hard. If you have recently started something new or have taken a leap of faith, I am cheering you on – I am right there with you. You are courageous! Being a beginner at anything is challenging. It is a mirror and reflection of where you must grow to thrive in a new environment. It pushes you to believe and build confidence in yourself, to develop and lean on your support system, and to grow deep trust in the Divine… that everything is unfolding in your favor. 

Beginning something new challenges you to release your tight grip on every outcome – to be curious and to make light of your mistakes and failures. Being a beginner is truly a beautiful journey that builds us up, even when we feel we are breaking down. 

Here’s to embracing the imperfections of being a beginner, taking leaps of faith, surrendering the details to the Divine, and celebrating yourself for the little victories and “failures” that show you the best path.

Karlie Kuehn

United States

Creating a Life

Worth Living

…Not Just Meditating


The last year has felt like my freedom to travel was taken away, but I received some great news yesterday. It is now possible to travel to Spain without a vaccine 😀 Suddenly, an incredible feeling of doors opening. I can go & even live again in Spain.

I want to create a life worth living, not just meditate.

So my digital nomad call to adventure has been reignited. I’ve the great opportunity to plan where exactly I want to live, which could now be anywhere in the world!

Opportunities to work remotely are coming to me, as I’m imagining myself living in abundance as a spiritual life coach, living a life by design.

Meditation is a wonderful spiritual practice. It’s given me so much more peace of mind, focus, better sleep, improved self-esteem, & less negative thoughts and more positive thoughts, to name a few.

I’ve come to a point that I want to experience fun & enjoyment as well. Why not learn to kite surf or drive around the Riviera in a Porsche, with the top down?

If I don’t take these experiences too seriously – if it’s just for play, then it’s all perfect. The moment I become attached to any way of life, of working too hard or always wanting “fun” on the other side, then problems can come.

A balance between meditation, serving others, and having fun is greatly needed.

What beliefs are you holding onto that are keeping you stuck in unwanted present life experiences?

Daniel Lesser

United Kingdom

Looking for Me

I decided to go on this Spiritual journey to find my true self… or was it the journey that found me?! 

Inside, I felt a need grow. Things needed to change – I was afraid of life, I was a pure victim, blaming others for my own life circumstances. 

I felt stuck, powerless, like nothing would ever change.

Who am I? Who am I? The question festered in my mind. 

Finally, I opened myself up, and allowed myself to change, grow, improve. Shifts happened through me, effortlessly. Surrendering blame, fear, victimhood… all things that no longer served me. 

I’m changed, I’m loved, embraced in the true warmth of the glow of the Divine.

I’m released from the prison I placed around & within me. 

The prison walls crumbled, and I walked out into the light. A glowing pure soul of light, walking toward light in a tunnel of light surrounding me… all the light held me close, I felt strong, powerful, full  of great strength & tremendous freedom. 

I am free. I found me, a loving pure light that’s me.

I am me, the inner me, the true me, the deepest  me… I am really ME!!

The Power of Growth

I sat with the question this week, “What is my intention?” The week started  off pretty normal… until a friend contacted me with a business opportunity. I felt instantly uncomfortable… fear around me, I felt deeply emotional, and at the same time utterly joyful & excited. I suddenly was aware of the answer to the question, “What is my intention?” 

I want growth & expansion. I want to be pulled out of my comfort zone. 

This felt so scary & glorious at the same time. I decided not to resist or try to change it, but just go with it. Sometimes feeling out of myself, wanting to cry, feeling exhausted & uncomfortable, and wanting to laugh with joy all the while… I continued allowing the awareness to flow.

I then felt a very strong Presence of deep love… love so unconditional & beautifully warm. I was being taken care of & protected. I was told all is well & for my highest good.

I am loved.

By allowing the discomfort of growth, I received Divine love, pushing me into growth for my highest good, just as I had asked for. The power was immense, and I was shown my true greatness.

When growth comes, it can be deeply uncomfortable, painful, emotional… sit with it. Don’t run away or try to change it, because that’s where the growth is – deep within the pain. Go within with simple awareness. You’ll be amazed at what happens to you.

You will be taken care of, you will not fall, you will triumph on your Hero’s Journey, and there will be nothing else like it.

Letting Go

I cannot control everything in my life.

I recently learned that I can let go, release my emotional baggage to be carried over to the Divine, who will take my burdens from me, lighten my load, so there is no need to do everything. 

If I continue to try and control people & circumstances in my life, then I’m giving in to fear. I will never have true freedom, and will be trapped in those feelings of control & fear. But it’s not my role in life to control everything. Divine Power is always with me. It is my friend, it wishes to take care of me and take my troubles away, so I can live in peace, harmony, & trust.

We all share this belief that we have to control everything in life… we have to keep everything & everyone safe, make sure everything is going well, be there to make sure nothing changes… but in doing this, we forget who we are – we don’t trust our journey. Attempting to control whether things feel good & safe makes things feel not good & unsafe.

I work with adults with disabilities… and I recently had this feeling that if I wasn’t at the workplace, then the beautiful souls I care for wouldn’t be taken care of as well as they could (by me). I expected others to be like me, to care & love like me, and I did not allow them to be who they are, without judgment from me.

When I left, to move onto being a Spiritual Life coach, I was afraid. I care about the beautiful souls I work with. I didn’t trust leaving them to other people, who I didn’t believe would care for them as well as I do. I allowed this fear to take over me, thinking I should stay just so I could control what was happening. 

Until I was offered a session that works with the subconscious mind to explore your true beliefs – to release limiting ones and replace them with empowering ones. Before this, I wasn’t even aware that I was subconsciously holding onto these beliefs & fears. I was helped to release them, and feel more empowered. 

Now, I understand that to move forward – to be free & have a true future – I can only work and change myself. I have no control over anything in my life. I do not need to control everything in my life, because I am very well taken care of by the true Divine.

I’m truly free to be who I was always meant to be.

Susan Brown

United Kingdom

Mindset of Growth

Before I started the program, I felt stuck without knowing exactly why. I felt unable to progress in my projects, especially the construction of my business website. I could not seem to make a clear decision, and I was unsure which direction I wanted to go. It was very hard not having an exact “knowing” of how things would go or turn out if I didn’t have all the answers. Then I learned about a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset.

I was in a fixed mindset, and not recognizing my small wins… my daily progress that I made on the website or business, or in general. I knew something needed to change. I knew I would not reach success on the level that I wanted and hoped, if I stayed in a fixed mindset. In fact, I don’t know that I would have been able to get the business up and running at all with a fixed mindset, because I kept letting my challenges and obstacles defeat me before I ever even started.

Joining this program has taught me that every day, every moment, every “thing” has a level of success and progressive wins. It is all about the ability to recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate the small wins. By celebrating the progressive steps I take each day, the energy stays positive and progressive. Even things that seem to not be a win have a lesson within them, if I just look for it, acknowledge it, and learn from it going forward.

Now, I feel empowered to take a more active role in my future and manifest successes by giving the needed amount of energy to the here and now. I no longer feel that my success is determined strictly by the decisions of others or by luck. I recognize that the energy I put into my projects always needs to be mindful, intentional, and positive. This energy must be a conscious energy, especially when faced with challenges or obstacles. I feel more accomplished and in control, because I know, recognize, acknowledge, and accept that everything, even challenges, serve a purpose for my future. I choose to see challenges for the lessons that are within the challenges, rather than seeing them as a roadblock to success. This is the growth mindset.

I have since started my business and am currently providing Spiritual Life Coaching for a client. I’ve been able to share with her and guide her through to a growth mindset, and she has made significant shifts. She is no longer in a general state of “fixedness.” She has seen positive changes in her income, daily lifestyle, health, mental wellbeing, and she is taking steps toward manifesting her dream business as well.

Shifting from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset has created notable and measurable results, for both of us. I feel that I am currently experiencing great success as a Spiritual Life Coach, and I know I would not have been able to achieve this if I had not committed to this program, and began changing my own fixed mindset.

Artie Sabando

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Something More… This Is It

I have sat with myself so many times these last 5 ½ years, trying to sort out where I perfectly fit. I have had such a strong energy & deep passion for wanting to teach and help others. I knew that I loved working with children and really enjoyed being able to understand their world. I also truly enjoyed helping others become the best version of themselves. I knew I needed to bring in money and wanted to truly enjoy my job. I initially began teaching as a substitute teacher in our local elementary schools, working with children and helping them learn new things. Even though I loved being a substitute teacher, I often felt and knew that there was something more.  

During those years of teaching, I also began a journey to further explore mindfulness, meditation, and a peaceful way of life. I visited enlightenment centers, spiritual libraries, Zen gardens, hippie shops, and I often sought spiritual information online as well. One day, I came across a meditation that Arielle created. Of course, I signed on to the mailing list to receive future emails, encouragement, etc. I looked forward to each and every email, as they spoke to my soul – they gave me so much love and peace. I was beginning to understand life and spirituality on a deeper level, and I kept asking myself, “Is teaching what I really want to do? Is there something more? Maybe I could be a Spiritual teacher or mentor or coach…”

I did really enjoy this time in my life, teaching and working with my students. I went over and over it with myself, whether I should be working with Spirit. I gently discussed this with my husband, and came back to teaching. 

Then came the ultimate shift in my life. The COVID-19 pandemic hit, and I was furloughed from my substitute teaching job. I was devastated and disappointed. Looking back, however, I know I had a fixed mindset, thinking “This is me. This is part of my identity.” 

I gently shifted my energy & mental gears, and began spending more time at the spiritual centers, Zen gardens, and hippie shops. I was learning and understanding how to live in peace. I spent my time diving deep into the words of Arielle’s and Michael’s emails. They spoke to my heart, and with each one I grew more and more toward wanting to be a part of this beautiful spiritual group. 

Then, I began really connecting with the invitation to become a Spiritual Life Coach.  I invested time reading and learning as much as I could about becoming a Spiritual Life Coach.  I noticed that I felt, “This is it… this is my fit.” 

I was so passionate about how this spoke to my heart. I was filled with so many thoughts, concerns, and questions. How in the world would I afford it, with my husband being the only source of our income? Would I be able to send out love and really help people through my spoken word? Could I really pursue this? What kind of support would I have after completing all the learning and becoming certified? 

I took all these thoughts, and with prayer and meditation, I approached my husband. He was so supportive and understanding. “You need to do this,” he said.  We would make it work financially. My best friend said, “This was meant for you, what do you have to lose?” 

With much nervousness and eagerness, I had my Sacred Alignment Call with Awakened Academy. The man I spoke with was an embodiment of peace and encouragement, and I knew with all my heart how much I wanted to be a Spiritual Life Coach and truly make a positive difference in the world and in people’s lives. I knew that Awakened Academy would support me, encourage me, and teach me. I loved the feeling. I was full of positive thoughts and an open heart. 

He welcomed me into the Academy. I nearly burst into joyful tears. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, and for my soul. 

As I’ve moved through the course material, I have been so grateful, and filled with harmony, love, peace, light, and a deeper understanding.  I was living what I was learning, and helping others.  

On two separate occasions, I was asked to write and share my story. I sat with this, prayed about it, meditated on it, and wrote it up. Full of hope & joy, I shifted into a growth mindset in that moment, wondering how many would see my story.

It wasn’t long before I received an invitation to participate in a new coaching opportunity: Hero’s Journey Success Story Coaching. I was so grateful and full of sheer joy to receive this invitation. I knew that the coaching would take me to a deeper level of understanding, help me get in touch with my deepest feelings and abilities to share my stories. My heart was so touched, knowing that my stories may help and encourage others.  

I sat with my first “assignment” – “What Inspires Me?” – for days… praying, meditating, thinking. I went back and forth, not wanting to write something so deep that it triggered intense feelings for someone reading it. Days passed, and still nothing… 

Then one morning, I awoke to a “low vibration day.” My creativity was just not there. I knew I needed to get inspired… and I thrive in water. So, I was encouraged to use this to my advantage… and got in the shower. Water always gives me so much connection to Spirit and peace. I turned on some music, and there it was… the inspiration came in so quickly. The ideas came in so fast, I had to get out of the shower! I was ready to write! Determined and eager, I sat down at my desk, and the words burst out of me onto the pages. I couldn’t write fast enough.  I was filled with so much joy, reverence, and beautiful memories of the last moments with my grandfather. I understood that I needed to write this story, with this depth of understanding and in this particular mindset, for years. I grew more grateful with each word I wrote. I understood my “perfect fit,” and I knew, in that moment, how much I had grown into flow and ease in this life.

Nicole Gillette

United States

What is your Purpose?

Have you ever wondered how to feel a deeper understanding & connection with life and with yourself?

I wondered about this for a long time, sometimes feeling lost & not knowing what I should be doing, but also feeling that there was a deeper, more meaningful reason that I must be living for.

At that time, I had been on my spiritual path & healing journey for around five years, learning to be more dedicated to that side of life & to trust the guidance I was given.

One day, an answer dropped in during a short course about self-awareness & self-love… I was prompted to explore what I always did in my life, what people knew me for, & what lit me up inside. What would I never want to not be doing? 

The answer to the question and the message was loud & clear ~ I began researching spiritual life coaching, feeling a strong calling to follow the trail of sunshine & begin studying. 

I found the highly-recommended Awakened Academy, and here I am. 

During my time with Awakened Academy, I’ve had profound shifts & realisations of my self-imposed limits and ways to further expand and live a meaningful, soulful way of life. I know now that sharing my journey with the world is a pivotal part of the journey as a whole.

My life has changed – I have changed. It feels more aligned & exciting than ever to be able to share the magic of these teachings in this tribe & beyond.

To be able to help others be their most beautiful, empowered, truthful selves is what lights me up to no end, and I’m running with it!! Yipeeee!

I’m finally ready to more fully embrace & share my love of these amazing, soulful, powerful, life-changing teachings!!

Huge love to you all!! Let’s keep shooting for the stars ️ & follow our hearts, always!!



Grounding in my Truth

It’s a very powerful time to learn, grow, and integrate life’s experiences & teachings on a deeper level.

A fortnight ago, my family – “Wolfpack” – and I embarked on a journey to be based in a remote location. I left the safe haven of home & the beautiful tribe of soulful characters & like minds in our community. During the transition from country town to life in a remote area, I’ve experienced energetic shifts & greater awareness of the need to drop into deeper levels of discipline in my spiritual & wellbeing practices.

I’ve had a good few days of shaky, unknown ground, and needing to find my own groove in a different environment & with a different tribe of people. It was unnerving initially, but once I found my feet, I resumed my usual daily flow of meditation, yoga, & journaling.

Everything shifted. I could feel the sunshine coming back in.

t’s like a test of what I have actually invested & learned so far. I will now choose my practices, my soul path & all of who I am, no matter who or what surrounds me. As I returned to center in myself, I could feel a sense of empowerment & stability from my daily practices. I realized, “This is who I am now. All that I’ve been working on within myself. It’s not just a small part of me… it’s the whole me.”

Without that deeper aspect of living & being, I don’t feel whole anymore.

I stand here today, on the other side of unease & upheaval, firmly rooted in my truth. I am committed to my souls’ never ending journey of unfoldment. I am not afraid of showing my truth, and I feel a lightness and a deep peace in my heart.

I wonder what this tribe’s truth is… How do you share your real magic with the World without apology?

How could you live in more alignment with your own soul? How can you keep expanding & evolving as the beautiful, real you?

Tamara Krissansen


I Am Consciousness

Having an Experience

Putting down on physical paper, my thoughts, was difficult.

 I tried to delay writing the story. Writing down brings up yucky feelings.

 I do not want to feel sad. I do not want to feel anger. I am tired of crying.

 I hate the feeling of being uncomfortable.

 You know, maybe this is a lesson in going beyond.

 Maybe there is no “uncomfortable.” Maybe there is no “comfortable.”

 The mind prefers to create separation.

What if comfortable & uncomfortable are the same experience?

I, the soul, am having the experience.

Isn’t it funny? The mind needs to make sense of everything.

I think, instead of finding clarity, further confusion is created through questioning.

I am consciousness having an experience.

I am consciousness having an experience.

I am consciousness having an experience.

Not The End…

Nalita Sharma


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