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We love our students and want to celebrate their big and small successes.
Here is a small selection of their success stories.

Raise Your Hand

“It’s time to truly step into our power

and do what we know is right for us.”

While growing up I remember feeling this sense of confusion about life, the world, and the people around me. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried, I never fit in. I didn’t understand what “being myself” meant, and I hardly did it because every time I did – I was ostracized. Bullied beyond belief. Rejected by those that didn’t understand their own pain. As I continued to grow older, I dimmed my light and tuned out my truth in an attempt to fit in with the sheep.

Choosing a path of normalcy when you know you’re born to shine is painful. We all have a gift we’re born with –      in fact, we are light. Knowing what I know about quantum physics and the way that our universe works, turns out we’re not even as physical as we thought we were. We’re beings of light and if you were to look at the sub-atomic level of our cells, there is so much space between our atoms. It’s only an illusion that we look to be in this three-dimensional form. In fact, as I continued down my path of trying to hide my light, I discovered that I couldn’t. The space just wouldn’t allow for it.

A tree cannot simply stop being a tree.

A dog cannot simply stop being a dog, and pretend to be a turtle.

And a beautiful human being such as you and I cannot pretend we are not light. We cannot pretend that we’re here on earth by accident. And most importantly, we cannot pretend we’re less than divine.

You see, we all have a gift within us. And fitting in isn’t it. In fact, fitting in doesn’t even make sense – what are we fitting into? We’re all unique after all, so how can we fit into a category that cannot even contain us?

A vivid memory of being in high school comes to mind. I was 16 years old, sitting in grade 11 chemistry class. Now, I am a stellar student, always have been. I take notes, implement what i learn, and study hard. So, that’s exactly what I was doing and I was succeeding massively. Except nobody else knew it. I hid my success.

My teacher asked a really hard question to which I knew the answer. Instead of raising my hand, I kept it down. I bit my tongue. I pretended I didn’t know just like the rest of the class. I remember thinking to myself, “Oh somebody else should get the credit for knowing the answer”. In that moment, I dimmed my light. I pretended to be something and someone I wasn’t. In an attempt to fit in and be normal, I left myself hanging.

And I sold myself short.

I look back now and ask myself why I would do such a thing. And I see that while the 16-year-old wanted to be cool and fit in, the inner child – the 5-year-old Kacy – was scared she’d be bullied. Scared that she would be called “teacher’s pet” and be known as the “know it all”. And above all else, the lower self, the ego was scared of death.

In a world like today where there are so many mandates and things we “must” do – how do we continue to let our light shine, speak our truth, and revel in the perfection of who we truly are and what we’re truly meant to create?

How do we raise our hands, when we know the answer? And speak up when we know what’s true?

Well, as I’ve learned on my journey, it starts with one simple step. One moment at a time, one experience at a time, one choice at a time. In each moment, we show up for what truly matters to us and be as authentic as possible – no matter the consequences.

In today’s world, there is no way that fitting in is going to get us anywhere. It’s time to truly step into our power and do what we know is right for us. It’s the action that will build the momentum, that will eventually lead to a life full of so much light that we can’t deny who we are and what we are any longer.

And more importantly, if that 16-year-old had a community that raised her up and supported her intelligence, I know that life would have been different. When we can put ourselves into spaces where we feel held, loved, nourished, and heard – we can truly experience life to the fullest because we can authentically flex the muscles of being ourselves.

For example, being in this community of Awakened Leaders at Awakened Academy has given me the courage to shine my light just a little brighter day by day. To raise my hand to the truth of who I am, and know that the love and light within my spirit will lead the way to my sovereignty.

So, I speak to that 16-year-old within all of us who may have been afraid – you got this.

You’ll get bullied either way because you’re different, but are you going to let them control how you live your life? Or are you going to use the momentum and life force and brilliance that God gave you to truly hone in on the moment of truth and take that leap of faith you know is your destiny.

You were born for this. You were born to be legendary.


Raise your hand to God.

Raise your hand to truth.

Raise your hand to the miraculous.

And let your light shine, because the answer has always been within you – and nothing and nobody can ever take that away.

Kacy Singh


Overcoming Perfectionism

Have you ever suffered from perfectionism and attempting to control every aspect of your life? 

I have. 

I openly admit to it now. You could say I was humbled recently. 

I used to be that person who had to do everything herself because I couldn’t rely on others. I was distrustful. I needed complete control, because I had the mindset that only I could do it the way I wanted it done. This causes overwhelming pain.

I was doing everything myself with no help from others. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve learned resilience, strength, & independence, and I’m grateful for those traits! But I was also unhappy, highly distressed, and I would immediately give up anything I attempted if I did not get the results I expected. And believe me, I had high expectations that were nearly impossible to meet. So naturally, I experienced burnout, depression, guilt, and shame. This takes a toll on your body and self-confidence. I was not able to create a balance in my life, which is something we all need to have a sufficient, joyous life. 

Suddenly, it all came into awareness for me. I was creating a guided Shadow Work Journal for women who are looking to start their self-healing journey. Toward the end of creating this journal, I experienced resistance. At the time, I thought it was just procrastination. Turns out, it was because I was striving for perfection and my fear of failure set in. 

But it was something I knew I had to overcome… And I did! I finished it, thanks to Michael’s advice, & Awakened Academy learning content on perfectionism, 80/20 success, and the Golden Life book!

When I finished, I sent it for professional editing. Then, I had an offer to finalize everything & publish on Amazon! Amazing, right?! I thought so, until I saw the price.

I was immediately hesitant. I’ve always struggled with money blocks & a “lack” mindset – believing I never had enough. I felt guilt whenever I purchased something for myself. Now, I understand this energetically creates resistance to the flow of abundance (giving & receiving).

My hesitation allowed my ego to jump in & start shouting, “You can’t afford this! You’re being selfish! What if it’s not successful and you waste your precious money? You’re not talented enough. Nobody will buy this. You’re not qualified to be a published author. This is too risky!”

I pondered all this negative self-talk, and for a split second, I was going to decline and scrap the whole book. Thankfully, my higher Self stepped in. Compassion radiating from her voice, this nurturing, confident, calm, unconditionally loving presence for all those around her, including the ego. It’s absolutely beautiful. 

In her wondrous voice, she said, “Who’s to say you are not an author? Who’s to say you are not qualified, talented, and creative? You have a service to provide and it would be a shame if you did not follow through. These women need your compassion and wisdom. Money is a flow of give and receive. Kyli, if you give this publisher her fee, you will receive in return. Even if you “fail,” you will receive learning, growth, and an opportunity to try again. What is the worst that can happen? You are resilient, strong, brilliant, creative, empathetic, compassionate, and the world deserves to hear your voice!” 

Her heartfelt words resonated so deeply within my heart, and I felt a wave of bravery come over me. I immediately accepted the offer & sent payment. Right then, I felt a shift – a transformative, energetic shift within me. 

My money block, my lack mindset, my negative self-talk and lack of confidence in myself… it all released in that instant. I gave up my need to control, and put my trust in someone else… I put my trust in the universe.

Money is materialistic. It will come back to me somehow, someway, even if I do fail. I am resilient. I’ve been through far worse than a creative failure. I will just have to pick up my ego off the floor, learn from my mistakes, and start over again. 

I developed a growth mindset that day, slaying that dragon who has been with me since I was a child. I let in compassion, self-confidence, strength, growth, and unconditional love. I released my negative self-talk. 

Now, I look forward to what’s to come, “good” or “bad.” I’ve discovered excitement, gratitude, and a newly found confidence in my voice. I am a new me!

Let’s be honest, what is the worst that can happen to any of us that we haven’t already overcome and grown through? Absolutely nothing, as long as we maintain a growth mindset. This is the key! The key to success, abundance, & a life full of fulfillment and happiness!

Kyli Hope Vandemark


The Power of Growth

I sat with the question this week, “What is my intention?” The week started  off pretty normal… until a friend contacted me with a business opportunity. I felt instantly uncomfortable… fear around me, I felt deeply emotional, and at the same time utterly joyful & excited. I suddenly was aware of the answer to the question, “What is my intention?” 

I want growth & expansion. I want to be pulled out of my comfort zone. 

This felt so scary & glorious at the same time. I decided not to resist or try to change it, but just go with it. Sometimes feeling out of myself, wanting to cry, feeling exhausted & uncomfortable, and wanting to laugh with joy all the while… I continued allowing the awareness to flow.

I then felt a very strong Presence of deep love… love so unconditional & beautifully warm. I was being taken care of & protected. I was told all is well & for my highest good.

I am loved.

By allowing the discomfort of growth, I received Divine love, pushing me into growth for my highest good, just as I had asked for. The power was immense, and I was shown my true greatness.

When growth comes, it can be deeply uncomfortable, painful, emotional… sit with it. Don’t run away or try to change it, because that’s where the growth is – deep within the pain. Go within with simple awareness. You’ll be amazed at what happens to you.

You will be taken care of, you will not fall, you will triumph on your Hero’s Journey, and there will be nothing else like it.

Susan Brown

United Kingdom

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