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About Michael

Michael Mackintosh is known as the creativity mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs. He is recognized for helping entrepreneurs re-awaken their visions, unlock their genius and systematically transform ideas into tangible income, impact and freedom –  without stress, worry or confusion.

Michael is an international best selling author, spiritual teacher and success coach.

He is co-founder of multiple successful companies including Superhero Training, Ombar Chocolate, Awakened Academy and Liberated Life Productions. Michael inspires people worldwide to awaken spiritually, serve graciously and live abundantly.


About Arielle

Arielle Margalit Hecht is known as a Higher Self mentor. She supports you in realizing your authentic spirituality and living from a place of truth, service and wealth. She is recognized for helping you bring your heart & mind to work as one, under the direction of you, the powerful, loving soul. 

Arielle is a singer/songwriter, globally regarded meditation teacher, author of 3 Seconds to Being Your Higher Self and guide for Spiritual Coaches.

She is co-founder of Awakened Academy.

Why are we different?


There are so many ‘spiritual’ and business programs around these days that it can be confusing to know where to look and who to trust. There are also many ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ – and unfortunately, the human mind often cannot discern Truth from falsehood, and so finding the right guidance is challenging, if not impossible.


You deserve to know why we are different from most other personal development companies and services and what we believe in so you can make your own mind up. Read on to discover the 4 pillars to spiritual awakening.

The 4 Awakened Pillars

1. We are all spiritual family

* We are all unique spiritual beings part of One spiritual family.

* We’re guests here from a Spiritual World.

* In that Spiritual World is our Spiritual Parent, the One, also known as God or the Divine.

* We belong to that One.


2. Everyone has a unique and special part to play

* Everyone has a part to play in the world. Everyone has something to do here that is unique to them. 

* Everyone has some intimate connection with the world.

* Everyone has their own unique path, and it might involve a religion, belief or code of living, and you’ll know you’ve found it when you feel at peace, aligned with your life and a sense of deep belonging. (It might be different than the path or tradition you were born into.)


3. We each have a responsibility to become #1 of ourselves

* Everyone has their own personal highest version of themselves (#1 of yourself – not #1 of anyone else). 

* Your mission can be big or small – the point is – it’s YOUR mission, your dharma. You will feel deep peace on the inside when you are living it.


4. By connecting with the One, we can return to being #1 of ourselves

*Our aim in this life is to become #1 of ourselves and to return to our original path and highest way of being.

* In order to return to our highest self, we need to forge a connection with our Spiritual Parent/Friend/Bestower, the One, so we can purify old patterns and experience higher states of Being. This One is our North star and is here to help us return to the Health, Wealth and Happiness that is our natural state of experience.

Why are we different?



We offer a Soul-based approach (not ego-based)

Most personal development is ‘personality based development’ – or ego development and aims to provide a quick fix to a deeper problem. This patchwork, ‘slap-on a fake smile’ and learn how to manipulate people approach is highly ineffective. It’s based on the idea that you can fool others (or yourself) into believing you are OK using forced techniques – and that you will be better. Sadly, this approach fails miserably with deeper souls who have deeper issues to address (and a clearer conscience and bullshit detector).

Our Soul-based Approach starts from the awareness that you are already a spiritual being to begin with. You don’t have a soul, you are a soul.

Spirituality is not something you get or learn, it’s what you are. You can’t chase after spiritual awakening, you can only remove the blocks to it.

Spiritual progress means returning back to your original state by releasing and letting go of all the ‘junk’ that was picked up along the journey.

It’s about developing your inner nature, strengthening your spiritual powers, and mastering your mind, body and patterns – so you can transform your life from the inside out.

A soul-based approach is about discovering your unique dharma and embracing it. It’s about living from essence.

It’s not about fitting in with how others want you to be or act. Soul-based means it’s about the deepest part of you, the YOU that will still be alive after your body dies.

With an ego-based approach you rely on external, temporary factors to feel good like how you look, how you dress, what you force yourself to say or do. The flaw in this approach is as soon as things on the outside go wrong or change, what happens to your inner state? We will all get old and die. We can lose money or have problems in our health, relationships or career at any time – so following an ego-based approach is, sadly, like walking around with a time bomb worried it may go off at any second.

A soul-based approach gives you the freedom to be yourself and stay true to your eternal values and purpose – NO MATTER what is going on on the outside.

It’s not based on passing trends and fads. It’s based on eternal spiritual laws that exist forever.

Awakened Academy is for you, the soul.


We help Deeper Souls & We Celebrate You Being Different!

Thousands of people have come to us after they’ve tried mainstream personal/spiritual development and self-help books and found they didn’t work well for them.

Many mainstream books and courses simply don’t do it for deeper souls like you. They may be popular – but they don’t go deep enough or get to the core of your issues, challenges and deeper needs.

All our content, books, products, programs and services are designed for ‘old souls’, deeper souls who are spiritually minded and want more.

Other people don’t get you, but we do – and we think you’re AWESOME for being different!


Designed for High Achieving Introverts and Empaths Who Need Time Alone to Recharge

Our work is designed for those souls who thrive on alone time and need to take time away from the world, people and stimulation to relax, recharge and rest.

Many courses are designed for more extraverted souls who thrive socializing and gaining their energy from being very active and engaged with others.

We’re more sensitive souls ourselves and thrive with ample alone time and some 1-on-1 time with just a few souls.

We’re here to help you recharge, go deep and be at peace with your more sensitive nature (and not think you’re weird if you don’t feel like always going to parties or being surrounded with endless stimulation).

We embrace and support your softly powerful nature.


Leading Edge Information for the New Paradigm

Sadly, most personal development work is based on ‘old paradigm’ models of success that promote greed, consumerism, materialistic mindsets and dog-eat-dog competition. They bolster the ego and promise spiritual methods to achieve materialist goals and dreams.

We’re here to help you discover you own true dreams, and attain a state of happiness, love, freedom and abundance that’s sustainable, reliable and doesn’t involve wrecking the planet or hurting other people (not to mention ruining your spiritual state and creating bad karma).

The new paradigm model of success is one where you awaken to your higher self and follow your highest calling, creating a heaven on earth – starting with your own life and in your own home. The more people who awaken to this new approach the faster we will see long lasting changes in the world.

And as an aside, it’s also a lot safer to focus on new paradigm models of success because the old paradigm companies and systems are going bankrupt and have become unsustainable and unreliable. This means people locked into the old systems will not be able to achieve their dreams anyway. 


Our Courses and Services are Truly Holistic

There are many experts who believe that only their one way of doing things is the right one. If you go to a traditional doctor you will probably be treated with pills – as if the only thing wrong with you is your physical body. Sadly, this one dimensional view of life is limited and flawed.

You are a multi-dimentional being.

You have 8+ different levels of your reality and each of these levels impacts the whole.

These levels are Spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, behavioral, environmental, social and financial.

If you are out of balance in any of these areas of life, it will eventually sabotage other parts of your life.

We address you as a complete, whole Being with multiple levels working together simultaneously. As you look at all levels of your life and fix the leaks of energy that are draining you – you can achieve true success.

Without a truly holistic approach, you may be healthy but not wealthy. You may be wealthy, but sick and depressed. You may know a lot in your head, but your relationships, health and financial state lay in ruins.

We help you upgrade all areas of your life so you can live a truly soul-based, successful life here on Earth.

Most people see you as a body. They look you up and down and judge you based on what they see. We know you are a soul and there is so much more to you than we could ever see.


You Get The Best of East & West

Awakened Academy combines the most powerful, effective and proven techniques and insights from both East and West.

We integrate the timeless spiritual truths of the East, with the most effective and proven techniques of the West so you can get remarkable results in your life.

Here is a brief list of the influences of our work:


Meditation & Higher Consciousness

Raja Yoga

Bhagavad Gita


Hatha Yoga


The Dharmapada


Vedic Astrology



80/20 Law

Results Based Thinking

Power of Full Engagement

Work the Systems Mentality

Power of Story


Positive Psychology


Human Design

Jungian Psychology

Whole Food Nutrition

We focus on how to use the world’s most powerful and effective methods to help you create powerful, lasting results in your life.


Experience Sanctuary & Connection to your Soul Family. You belong here.

Many souls feel disconnected and repelled by mainstream western culture. We provide a sanctuary where you can go to connect with like-minded souls and feel seen and heard for being who you are. It’s such a relief to just be able to talk about all the deeper things on your mind and in your heart without being judged or misunderstood. Instead you are loved, appreciated and met by a soul family who actually ‘gets you’.


Enjoy Lasting Changes (not patchwork)

A soul-based approach is about feeling good now while achieving lasting results in your life.

It means you enjoy the process of change while you move gently into your dream reality via your state of consciousness, presence and actions.

This process is about dismantling the old, dysfunctional mindsets that have trapped you – and allowing the natural flow and bliss of life to emerge.

As you do this deep inner work, you feel heavy burdens fall away and your spirit begins to soar and shine.

It’s completely the opposite then the ego-based approach which is about adding MORE fake, ego-based patchwork on top of the mess in a vain attempt to try and hide the cracked, hurt that lurks behind it.

With a soul-based approach we face the things that no longer work in our lives and heal them from the inside out. No more lying, avoiding and pretending required. We claim back all the energy that went into manipulation and deceit – and use all our energy to free ourselves from the problem and heal it at it’s core.

You can have a patched up, broken, dysfunctional, decrepit old house full of rats and insects… and keep up the work to pretend it’s all ok.


You can demolish the old home and build a beautiful new one that’s based on your true values, your real dreams and your eternal essence.

The choice is yours.


DO LESS – and achieve more

One of the main principles we work with is the ‘law of the vital few’. What this means is that there is only a tiny percentage of things in our lives that really matter. While a majority of what we do is entirely pointless and achieves no tangible result.

In other words, a few things we do (20% or less), create massive positive impact. While most things we do (80% or more) have an awfully poor result (and in most cases could be removed entirely).

What this means, in blunt terms is that 80% of what we do is pretty much a waste of time – whereas 20% of what we do is extremely effective.

By firstly defining what the 20% good stuff and 80% wasteful stuff is – we can then go on to make incredibly powerful, rapid upgrades in our lives.

We help you to get clear on exactly what’s draining your energy – and what’s working. Then you can simply remove or reduce the 80% that’s pointless, and increase the 20% that matters most.

By doing this you can:

1. Double or triple your productivity (with LESS work)

2. Take longer, more rewarding breaks

3. Get the results you want up to 16 times faster

4. Reduce your stress and overwhelm

5. Radically improve your levels of happiness and fulfillment 

6. Generate more sales in your business with less work

7. Meditate better and feel more blissful more regularly

We help you apply this magical principle to whatever area of your life is not working so you can do LESS and achieve more.

You can have a 16X improvement in almost any area of your life once you learn and apply this.

What would you love to make 16x better today?


We’re Living it! Based on over 15 years personal practical experience

Our work is based on years of dedicated research, study, teaching and personal experience. These teachings come to you having grounded them into practical life and having helped thousands of people all over the world. This is not one of the countless ‘weekend certification’ programs where anyone can go and become certified as an expert and then try and heal others before they’ve applied it to themselves or achieved a result in their own life. 

Nowadays, everyone and their brother seems to be some kind of internet guru of some kind, teaching the same things they read in a book or copying what they’ve seen others do and hope it works.

We offer you unique, tried and tested methods that took us from drifting to a real life of deep inner peace, higher consciousness, vibrant health, wealth, freedom, joy and true love. We believe it’s essential to learn ONLY from people who have what you want (in their real life) – so if you value the results we’ve achieved – then you’ll find this powerful.


Beautiful. Sedona & Hawaii, tropical and desert beauty

As a bonus, the work we do comes from our homes on the paradise island of Kauai, Hawaii, and the gorgeous desert sacred land of Sedona, Arizona. So you get to enjoy the aloha vibes, beautiful nature, beaches and island life with us, along with the mystical golden energy of the sacred desert – which can be a refreshing change from all the stale trainings done in a studio in a city.


An Invitation to Awakening

Right now a global awakening is sweeping through the field of consciousness of humanity and we are entering a new paradigm (faster than most of us can keep up with). What used to work, no longer does. There is a call for higher consciousness and a real remembering of who we truly are, why we’re here and what life is all about.

We know you are a deeper soul with a drive in your heart to fully awaken and help others in a big way. We are here for you.

We also know you are sensitive and empathic, and that your spiritual practice and creating from a higher state of being is important to you. You want to make a difference in the world. And you don’t want to sell out.

How to merge the two together?

Awakened Academy is where heart-centered business meets spiritual practice.

In the New Paradigm, Business IS a spiritual practice.

Welcome to Awakened Academy.


Where are we going?

Spiritual Coaching and Sacred Business

We provide spiritual leadership and sacred business resources for spiritually minded coaches, authors, speakers, teachers and game changers. Through our work 5 million souls are able to reach their full potential and create real, sustainable, lasting change on the planet by first really changing themselves. We provide the tools they need to become Awakened Leaders in their field of service and transform the lives of 100 million people.

Free Spiritual Education for 1 Billion + souls

We enable 1 billion people to receive core spiritual education for free, so they can know who they are, connect to Source and awaken their fortune during this precious time.