Frank Weilack

About: Frank is a certified Spiritual Life- and Business Coach. He is passionate about helping others to find out the life they REALLY want to live. Based on his wealth of personal and professional experiences, Frank melts life and business spheres into one coaching and mentoring concept, taking into consideration the often superficially ignored interconnectedness of all levels of our life experience. His holistic approach aims at unfolding the hidden context between those levels, enabling people working with Frank to make better educated decisions to achieve a real deep and meaningful personal transformation.

Spiritual Coaching Speciality: Sharpen mindfulness and self-reflection. Overcome inner resistance to change. Improve quality of life, business and work. Extend the personal comfort zone. Feeling successful.

Location: Berlin, Germany



Andrea Lambert

About: As a Spiritual Life Coach, Andrea is experienced in supporting those who wish to upgrade their health with natural prevention activities such as cleansing during seasonal changes, eating foods that feel better according to body type, understanding the purpose of our most basic of needs, how to honor those needs and adjust our lives to live in alignment with them. Whatever you are experiencing right now, there is a purpose. Andrea can help you not only discover what the purpose is but how to navigate through the experience with more ease and grace. Haola (how-la); all is well and getting better!

Spiritual Coaching Speciality: All areas of natural health and disease prevention, athletic performance, healing from cancer.

Location: Glendale, Arizona



Michael Kiernan

About: Michael’s training with the Awakened Academy helped him find balance in life and allowed his Dharma to emerge. Since being certified in 2018, Michael has since gone on to create three successful businesses. The key behind all three businesses is the sharing of Love & Information so others can achieve their own Dharma the way they’re meant to.

Spiritual Coaching Speciality: Finding Purpose (Dharma), Personal Development Coach & Business & Marketing Mentor. 

Location: Co Donegal, Ireland

Websites: Freedom Design & Musubiz
Facebook: WebConsults – Web and Business Coach

Sonal Desai

About: Sonal Desai is an experienced and certified emotional and Spiritual Life Coach, meditation teacher and yoga instructor.She offers support and powerful tools through motivational talks, personal development workshops, values in business training (SPA), coaching/mentoring individuals and groups. Sonal is deeply passionate about teaching deep fundamental knowledge on self -awareness. Her highly valuable holistic approach to life coaching gives deep sustenance and mentoring at both conscious and sub–conscious levels.

Spiritual Coaching Speciality: Enabling souls to take control of Stress, Anxiety and Depression for greater peace and clarity. Sonal also offers holistic well-being coaching as well as guiding individuals in discovering and stepping into their higher potential.

Location: Lusaka, Zambia

Contact: Sonal Desai – Transformational Life Coach 

Ghadi Tayeh

About: Ghadi is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach who specializes in helping women brave the wilds of their inner heartscape and find the courage to love again after heartbreak and loss. Ghadi’s coaching & healing method is aimed at connecting you with your own inner healer, incorporating intuitive healing arts and somatic emotional clearing therapy with spiritual life coaching. Whether you seek guidance on your journey through love and grief, emotional clearing breakthroughs, or assistance healing from stress-related disorders, Ghadi will hold a loving container of support for you to find the courage to love again and lead a fulfilling life.

Spiritual Coaching Speciality: Guidance for women on conscious relationships and navigating heartbreak and grief.

Location: Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts


 Lyne Johnson

About: Lyne is an instrument of Raja Yoga. Through her online courses, meditations and spiritual coaching, she has helped hundreds of women to fulfill their biggest dreams. To achieve this, they have been through a powerful process of breaking free from toxic relationships, fear and anxiety. They have reconnected with their soul’s purpose and self-confidence. The result of working with Lyne is to live a more authentic, happier and sustainable, peaceful life.

Spiritual Coaching Speciality: Support for women breaking free from toxic relationships, fear and anxiety.

Location: London, England


Thomas M. Wurm

About: As a Spiritual Life Coach, Thomas has taken what he learned on the fireline as a wildland firefighter and interwoven Internal Leadership Mindset with Divine Energy to help his clients discover Self-Mastery. Thomas integrates mind, body, and spirit for holistic wellness so clients can find balance in life again.  With harmony on all levels of life, Thomas helps people find self-love so they can embody the mindset that leads them to their peace of mind. Using fitness, nutrition, guided meditation, hypnosis, NLP and mindset, to ensure clients move toward their goals every day and achieve their dreams.

Spiritual Coaching Speciality: Anxiety and PTSD in other firefighters, along with Mindset Coach, Hypnosis/NLP Practitioner and Fitness Trainer.

Location: Hamilton, Montana

Podcast: Sacred Ancestry
Book: Overcome Anxiety Like a Hero

Bella Luna

About: Bella Luna is a Certified Awakened Academy Spiritual Life Coach. Her main goal with clients is to help them start living a life they love, today. She primarily works with people who lack meaning, purpose and general joy in their lives, and who are prepared to do the hard work necessary to achieve real and lasting change. Bella loves working with individuals who are spiritually curious and who are ready to go deep and experience a powerful transformation.

Spiritual Coaching Speciality: Depression, anxiety, domestic abuse, sexual trauma, personal development, soul purpose discovery and spirituality.

Location: London, England


Courtney Zimmerman

BA (Psychology), SLC, CPRC, SRCD, CPC

About: Courtney is a Certified Awakened Academy Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Professional Recovery Coach, Holistic Health Practitioner, and Light Worker working in Las Vegas, NV. Courtney has worked with adolescents and young adults in a variety of capacities since 2003, including recovery coaching, spirituality, at-risk interventions, life skill development, tutoring, communication skills, and conflict management.  She believes a genuine connection and empathy fosters the most change and facilitates this within all her coaching relationships. Courtney integrates education, training, and energy work to create a holistic approach to healthy living. Courtney is currently working towards a doctorate degree in psychology with an emphasis on spirituality, consciousness, and integrative health.

Spiritual Coaching Speciality: Addiction recovery coaching.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada


Gerard Hibbert

About: Gerard specializes in showing people the door to a whole new realm of possibilities and enabling them to step into the power that they truly are. As a person of colour growing up in England during less tolerant times, Gerard truly understands how feeling different in society can isolate, and affect, ones’ self-esteem. The Academy has helped Gerard realize the importance of understanding ones’ own power and how crucial it is for us to step into this power. Gerard wants to help others shine a spotlight on the duality within.

Spiritual Coaching Speciality: Helping others to raise their vibration and understand what is holding them back.

Location: Ontario, Canada

Website: Gerard Hibbert – Spiritual Life Coach
Facebook: Go with the Flow
Book: The Universe isn’t out to get us…it’s our thoughts that f*** us up

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