Your enemies are your friends.

They actually love you.

These people in your life, distant and close, who take up space in your head, stress you out, give you reasons to worry, to be upset, to be angry, to feel vulnerable – they actually love you.

This might be the craziest most counter-intuitive thing you’ve ever heard. It also may be something you don’t want to believe, but, perhaps for a moment we can expand out into the expanse of the universe. We can recognize a family of souls, sparkling like diamonds in the sky, and we can see from this vantage point that the only real energy existing and holding the universe together is: Love.





Love. Sure, there are other energies and ‘feelings’ we experience. It’s all part of the game. Part of the movie. If we didn’t have a little drama, we’d be bored.

But it’s not real, really. Something that is real must be eternal. It must be alive and forever. Hate isn’t forever. Jealously isn’t forever. Sadness isn’t forever. Anger isn’t forever. Pain isn’t forever. It is a passing thing. It’s not a lasting thing.

Love on the other hand is forever. The power that pours forth from the heart is real. Your being in touch with it might come and go, but it is always there, underneath the fabric of your experience, the Love is there. It’s what’s holding the whole thing together. And in the time is takes to blink your eyes, you can change your attention to the Love in your heart. You can realize that the enemies in your life are souls playing their parts. They’re supposed to cause problems for you, that’s the point. They’re playing their part, and it can’t be any different. And when you take a magnifying glass to each situation, you’ll realize you are growing and benefiting from each challenging person/situation in your life. That’s why it’s there. However, behind that mini-drama, your ‘enemies’ are beings of love. They love you.

“Everyone loves me.”

Try that one on today.


Go ahead, share this with the people you love, and also the ones you can’t stand.

It’ll make the world a better place.

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