“He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it” ~ Douglas Adams

Living our Dharma, living in magic, is based on knowing who we really are and what we are really here to do and then aligning the whole of our lives with the deepest, fundamental truths about ourselves. If you’re not feeling fully satisfied, deeply contented and thrilled to get up in the morning, the chances are you’ve been living the life of someone else. Whose life are you living?

You were born to live a live of wonder and beauty

You were born to share your unique inner gifts with the world. Health, wealth and happiness are your birthright, the natural expression of your spiritual nature manifesting fully on Earth. Sometimes, however, it can seem like the whole world is set up to suppress our inner light and joy, to force us into cramped and stifling roles that completely mask our deeper selves. And even worse, we’re then sold the lie that we are those roles and nothing else! It like we’ve been robbed, drugged and brainwashed to the point that we’re not entirely sure what happened, but we have an eerie feeling something is quite amiss… and we’re not happy about it.

Multifaceted layers of influence and manipulation

With all the multifaceted layers of influence and manipulation, we have to a frightening degree been led to betray our true nature at every level of our lives – and for the most part we don’t even realize it.

As a direct result of this mass betrayal, our world is full of pain, poverty and depression, which come as teachers and guides to point out that something is wrong and help show the way back to the magic that always exists.

When all else fails, when we’ve become so blinded by our own ignorance and are unable to unlearn and unmask the social programing that has bound us, sadly, when all else has failed all that is left to wake us up and break the trance is pain and discomfort. The pain starts with a feeling, then as we ignore it, it turns into things going wrong in our lives, then finally tragedy, serious illness, chronic depression or even severe accidents or jail if nothing else can get through to us. Whatever it takes, we will all finally awaken to the truth of who we are and what our lives are really all about.

Turn it all around

If you’re reading this it’s probably because you feel that something is wrong and would like to put it right. You’ve been nudged by the universe and your own true self into finding your way back into a life you love and that is deeply aligned. You know it’s time to reclaim your power, recognize your deep beauty, and begin joyfully living your live in magic. Are you truly ready?

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