Are you living your own path?

Or are you influenced by other people and outside forces? The difference between your own, personal, originally unique thoughts and your programmed beliefs and ideas is not as obvious as you may think. In fact so much programming has entered you sublimely from your parents, their parents and your culture that it’s truly shocking. Most of our thoughts are not our own.

Social Programming

If you don’t know how much social programming you have inside you, you could be going full speed ahead down the wrong path to your own destruction and not even realize it. To truly awaken our dharma we need to lift the veil of illusion and return to innocence. We need to re-experience a state called zero point, where we are free from all programming and can see clearly who we are and who we are not.

Zero Point

We reach this state when we’re willing to die alive, let go of everything we know and come back to innocence and wonder. Imagine what it was like before you were born. How did it feel to be pure light? How would you see the world if this was your first day and you knew nothing?

Come back home to yourself.

And then decide what the next step will be. That is your path with a heart.

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