Building Wealth and Abundance

as a Spiritual Life Coach


5 Ways To Make Money Online For Spiritual And Empathic People

In this Free Spiritual Guide, you’ll discover:
• The most popular and proven ways you can turn your gifts
into money.
• How to choose which method (or methods) will work best
for you, based on your unique situation and who you are.
• The simple tools you need (it’s easier than you think).
• How to align with your unique soul purpose.
• How you can get paid while you sleep.
• And why you don’t need to be ‘perfect’ to start showing
up and serving.

The Advanced Manifestation Meditation

In this powerful and effective meditation:
• Experience yourself wealthy and abundant now
• Expand your consciousness
• Start attracting wealth and opportunities into your life today

5 Keys To Attract High-Paying Clients

In this special audio and 1 page guide:

• How to become a magnet for peace, prosperity and higher purpose
• The main things most people don’t know that lead to wealth and abundance
• How to align yourself for success

Transforming Your Money Story

In this special mini-course you’ll discover…

Part 1: Uncover your hidden faulty money stories. This is done by looking back into your childhood and uncovering the ideas and beliefs you witnessed and picked up.

Part 2: Forgive them and cancel the beliefs. Once you forgive the people involved in your faulty stories, you are no longer bound to the past. You can then consciously cancel the beliefs and create space for newness.

Part 3: Reveal your own true values & connect them to money. What do you care about most? What is life all about for you? As you know your true values, you can find a way to align your money with your values. As you do this, your money becomes a means to a better, fuller life.

1. Transforming Your Money Story - The Big Shift

by Awakened Academy

2. Part 1- Uncover Your Hidden Faulty Money Stories

by Awakened Academy

3. Part 2 - Forgiving The Past And Canceling The Faulty Money Programming

by Awakened Academy