Wealth and Abundance
Starter Kit


5 Ways To Make Money Online For Spiritual And Empathic People

In this Free Spiritual Guide, you’ll discover:
• The most popular and proven ways you can turn your gifts
into money.
• How to choose which method (or methods) will work best
for you, based on your unique situation and who you are.
• The simple tools you need (it’s easier than you think).
• How to align with your unique soul purpose.
• How you can get paid while you sleep.
• And why you don’t need to be ‘perfect’ to start showing
up and serving.

The Advanced Manifestation Meditation

In this powerful and effective meditation:
• Experience yourself wealthy and abundant now
• Expand your consciousness
• Start attracting wealth and opportunities into your life today

5 Keys To Attract High-Paying Clients

In this special audio and 1 page guide:

• How to become a magnet for peace, prosperity and higher purpose
• The main things most people don’t know that lead to wealth and abundance
• How to align yourself for success