In the old world, having the latest smartphone is an absolute must. In the halfway house having the latest spiritual tools or adornments is the new game. It’s the sacred temple for the spiritual consumer – a festival / orgy that caters nicely for those who’d prefer to be fascinated by the occult and the quick fix than take off to face their own dark side and surrender their lives to God. It’s a perfect place to be if we like the idea of a spiritual life – but we don’t want to work too hard. It’s perfect if we failed at making it in the mainstream culture and want to join a new sub-culture where, for a price we can buy the props to feel superior to others and get high on countless techniques, methods and substances that are upgrades on the usual TV, drugs and gossip.

The half-way house is highly attractive. And if we’re not careful we will get lost in it’s endless seductive illusion. In fact, we may find ourselves hanging out here more than we may like to admit because it’s so addictive.

According to David Hawkins, the spiritual seeker is often unable to tell the difference between the pseudo spiritual path and the authentic spiritual path:  Looking  and sounding the same, it’s easy to be drawn in by the glitz and glam of the spiritual celebrities who dominate the world. Sadly, – according to Hawkins consciousness calibration research – a vast majority of so-called spiritual teachings are lacking integrity and are even harmful to people. They lure us away from the light by the flares and fireworks of the secrets to the universe and beyond.

The Half Way house  is not really even spiritual as such. It can be more accurately described as an astral circus: a place of the occult, witchcraft, black-magic, voodoo, narcissism, total reliance on astrology, obsession with crop circles, UFO’s, secret societies, astral travel and countless other tricks and fascinating tools to gain power over others while distracting ourselves from the deep inner work. The half way house is not the celestial realm of love and higher consciousness where the ego is transcended and the soul is awakened to the Divine Light of God’s love. It’s a place where the spiritual ego can buy the facade of spirituality, look the part, get the magic therapies, potions, special foods and mind altering substances. Perusing the circus we can wear the organic clothes, do the yoga classes, discover the mystery schools and be adorned with special spiritual fragrances – but without the soul becoming awakened. This is a place where the spiritual ego is alive but the soul, the Eternal Self is sedated or sleeping. The ego, can even feel so empowered it goes off charging about in altered states of intoxication, (often based on drugs or unnatural practices) healing and prophesying about various invisible realms without doing real work of surrender and transformation.

The half way house is the place for us to book an alternative vacation with a spiritual travel agent. The normal hotels, spas and restaurants are replaced with Ayahuasca and Shamanic Retreats. Now we can get a taste for other worldly experiences that make us feel like we’re different, even enlightened – for a day or a week, until the magic wears off and we’re back to our old addictions and searching. Normal wine is replaced with organic wine. Normal sex is replaced with Tantric sex as the spiritual ego happily justifies it’s indulgences as goddess pleasures. After all, doesn’t every goddess deserve the best? Doesn’t every spiritual master deserve a tantric orgasm?

The spiritual ego loves the idea that we can do anything we want, have anything we want and we are always unaffected.

But sooner or later it will all collapse and even the half-way house will no longer provide a shelter for us. Sooner or later we are all forced to go on the real path as our personal hurricanes hunt us down…

The scariest thing of all to the spiritual Ego is the true spiritual path where we stop, face ourselves and let go of all our limited beliefs, cravings and distractions through surrendering to the Higher Good for All. So the half-way house with all its highly attractive addictions lure us – glistening away in our inbox and following us around on social media.  But its up to us to discard the sirens call and take the unknown path to our destiny.

It’s only by facing our darkness and taking this path straight into the peace inside the eye of the storm that we can be free.

Are you ready for that?

We must ask this question over and over again.

To free ourselves we must be willing to renounce the quick fix and jump into the abyss.

We must break the trance.

This is an excerpt from the book: Click here for more

What’s your genius saying?

Go do something epic. And wake others up. You’re awesome.
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