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Begin a Meaningful Career, or Accelerate and Enlighten Your Current Business, with the #1 Spiritual Life Coach Certification and Sacred Online Business Academy

Our Spiritual Life Coach Certification and Sacred Online Business Academy exceeds the limits of basic spiritual life coach certifications or online business and marketing courses. This isn’t just a training process, it’s an adventure to claim back your freedom, do meaningful work and learn to make a great nourishing income from home. This life-transforming spiritual life coaching certification program transforms you from the inside out, qualifying you as a spiritually-based life coach, a published author, speaker, teacher, mentor and course facilitator. By completing this exciting adventure into a new realm of awakening, you’ll enjoy a freedom-based lifestyle where you can travel anywhere in the world and make money online from home, doing what you love in life. Awakened Academy gives you back freedom in your life while empowering you to make a meaningful impact serving from your heart. We love empowering you, the empathic, spiritual soul. We believe you’re here for great things.

Join the New Generation of Awakened Authors, Teachers & Coaches

Are you feeling the call to be part of a whole new generation as a spiritual coach, teacher and guide? Are you ready to step into your greatness and coach others in a heartfelt and meaningful way? Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, or just starting a new career, Awakened Academy gives you a unique and deep skill-set, from which to coach others who face a wide variety of spiritual concerns in life, therefore providing you flexibility in choosing the area of your coaching practice.

An Experience-Rich Training & Life Coaching Certification

Incorporating our signature methods: Unique Soul Purpose, Inevitable Success System and the Complete Surrender Method, this spiritual life coach certification program is an enlightening opportunity to simplify your life, get on your life mission and create a full-time income doing what you love in life. Designed as a distance learning & spiritual life coaching certification program, our training process provides versatility to meet your lifestyle. We use an innovative multimedia platform for you to learn that features fun videos, powerful audios, personalized ‘missions’ for you to complete!, slideshows, handouts, notes, protocols, live tele-classes, group and personalized spiritual coaching, recommended readings, online forums, and optional live events and success celebrations.

Get Certified From Anywhere in the World

Do you love to travel? Our Academy is designed for you to learn from anywhere around the globe. Our certified spiritual life coaching practice graduates have come from the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland, South America, Central America, Russia, New Zealand and more. Many have utilized the flexibility and freedom in the design of our spiritual coaching program, to travel while gaining their Spiritual Life Coach Certification at the same time. Gone are the days of having to choose between getting an education to further your career and enjoying what life has to offer. Now, with Awakened Academy, you can receive both.

Freedom-Based Learning Format for Busy People

No matter how busy you are, this Spiritual Life Coach Certification is made for you. Do you already have a full-time career that you’d like to move out of? Are you a busy parent with an unreliable schedule? Are you in transition with unpredictable availability to study? No problem, we’ve carefully designed this spiritual coach program to easily fit any persons life, so it requires little additional resources to receive the most out of it. All that is needed is an internet connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone. Our platform makes learning easy and fun and provides you the ultimate freedom, to study at your own convenience, at your own pace, in your own time, among an awakened, supportive online community who is always there to hold you accountable, all the way through to your coaching certification and spiritual coach development success!

Tap into Your Unique Gifts

 There is almost nothing more satisfying than discovering your deep spiritual personal gifts in life and then using them to coach others. We help you to discover your Unique Soul Purpose so you can fully utilize your unique style, flow and spiritual gifts as a spiritually-based coach, author, teacher, speaker or course facilitator. This training uncovers your talents, and provides you with the education and insight you need to share your gifts gracefully and effectively as a coach. You have something special that the world needs you to share – and once you share your unique spiritual gifts, you can be a highly-regarded coach in your field, doing what you love in life and getting paid well.

Bridging the Gap between Spirituality and Business

We believe you can be spiritual and wealthy in life. Become part of the new wealthy: a growing circle of spiritually-based business leaders who are here to change the world for the better. In Awakened Academy, you’ll discover how to break through into a whole new world of business, rooted in spiritual awareness AND practical business success systems. Our unique combination of spirituality and business is gleaned from over 10,000 hours of powerful meditation and spiritual study combined with decades of real-life business coaching and heart-based marketing experience. When you master this training, you will feel secure knowing you have a solid approach that allows you to be wealthy while remaining firmly true to your values. It’s time to break the outdated beliefs that wealth and being spiritual can’t exist simultaneously.

A New Spiritual Understanding of Life Purpose

Awakened Academy has developed a profound new field of personal transformation: Unique Soul Purpose. It’s a dynamic and holistic view that recognizes each person has a unique purpose (or Dharma) that is a combination of multiple factors and facets. Once we embrace who we are – we come fully alive and success is a natural consequence. Unique Soul Purpose sees all of our life concerns and challenges as powerful opportunities for growth, re-alignment & transformation. Through our unique Full Spectrum Life Coaching Practice, you will understand yourself, deeply, and be able to powerfully coach your own clients in new ways.

Finish What You Start & Experience Inevitable Success Every Time

All successful people are able to turn ideas into action and get things done in life. Awakened Academy has developed another game-changing field, the Inevitable Success System. This is an exciting and timely new approach that provides the missing ingredient to creating consistent success in life and your coaching business. Having great ideas about what we want to do is only half the story. The other half of the story is what we actually do – making things happen in real life. Inevitable Success System destroys the resistance and sabotage that prevents 92% of people from achieving their spiritual goals and becoming a life coach. The Awakened Academy’s Inevitable Success System empowers you to destroy resistance and become an unstoppable, fearless creator – someone who is consistently able to finish what you start and make things happen. Imagine what you’ll achieve when you are able to bring your ideas to life – over and over again!

Succeed with a Competitive Edge

There have been many methods of coaching tested, and people are growing weary of those that don’t work. Our certified coaching program is unique. Not only will we show you how to stand out in a highly competitive marketplace, you will also be prepared with the most effective methods to support lasting development in your coaching clients’ lives. We’re the only training program in the world that is teaching practitioners in a spiritually-based and results-oriented coaching and teaching approach so you can truly change lives and be paid well as a certified coach.

Discover Proven Holistic Teaching Methods that Really Work

Michael Mackintosh and Arielle Hecht have been teaching this unique, transformative body of knowledge for over 20 years combined. Countless students have come to them after trying everything else and feeling frustrated by their lack of success in life. Their unique approach integrates deep, practical spirituality with inevitable success business systems. You’ll experience a style of learning that is experiential, sacred and fun – and qualifies you to establish your own lucrative, meaningful career as a professional certified life coach. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Michael and Arielle bring a spiritual depth to the Academy that makes for an atmosphere of power and peace, eliminating anxiety and stress from your life.

Coach Others While Transforming Yourself

Many well-meaning leaders have unfortunately not attended to their own personal transformation prior to becoming a life coach. This is a serious problem because we can’t coach others if we haven’t helped ourselves first. Awakened Certified Spiritual Life Coach Certification and Sacred Online Business Academy helps you transform your own internal and external life challenges (so you feel ready to coach others) while at the same time gain the knowledge to become a powerful coach, author and leader. While you do need to be at least a few steps ahead of any client you work with, it’s important to remember you don’t need to be perfect before you coach others. You just require the necessary skills, experience and compassion to serve and coach others to move forward. Awakened Academy gives you the tools and experiences you need to effectively coach others as quickly as possible – while you, yourself, continue to grow and evolve!

Create and Sustain a Lucrative, Freedom-Based Career

We are fortunate to live in a time where meaningful work is a possibility for us. You have the opportunity now to enjoy your life’s work, while earning a lucrative income. A life coach can earn anywhere from $75 – $250+ an hour in private practice. We will teach you how to package and create high-end mentoring experiences, retreats, courses, books and much more. Our graduates work one-on-one and with groups, they teach, they work in wellbeing facilities, they build online businesses, they write and publish books, they create online courses and specialize in the area that is their Unique Soul Purpose.

Experience Genuine Confidence Working with Clients

Awakened Academy shows you the path to bring your gifts forward into sellable services and products your clients will be grateful to pay you for. With a phenomenal education and transformation behind you, you will be positioned to coach your clients with a confidence and self-honor that runs deep within you to the core, that cannot be swayed. It’s this spiritual foundation that provides you with the strength and compassion to coach others in a genuine, real way. With this inner power, even in challenges, you’ll still feel solid and be able to go from strength to strength.

From Information to Transformation

Most courses, coaching programs, schools and universities still use an archaic method of teaching focused solely on providing information to the student: lecturing to the head. This old method is boring and doesn’t work if you want to be a life coach. At Awakened Academy, we’re doing something radically different. We’re changing the game and aligning with how we truly learn and change as humans – through meaningful healing experiences and ongoing ‘wins’. We base our course curriculum on completing fun, transformative ‘missions’ and gaining real-life personal experience. Each successful mission takes your life to the next level and is followed by a fun success celebration that makes you realize how well you’re doing! It’s fun and it works, the way learning is meant to be.

Your Sacred Life Coach and Business Success Rituals

At Awakened Academy, we make every step of your learning experience fun and filled with meaningful rituals, spiritual milestones and ceremonies that give you a feeling of success, completion and unstoppable momentum in your life. We believe life and business is meant to be a celebration. Rather than studying in a boring way, getting lost with no idea what’s going on, we support you in discovering your personal success and study rituals to add power and meaning to what you are learning and applying and massively accelerate your success in life and work. After all, this is your life. Your life is sacred. Each and every step of the way is celebrated and honored. You deserve it.

Real Loving Connection and Deep Support

One of the most important aspects of our training is that we offer our community all the support and connection they need, not only during the training, but long after. You’ll find our team to be responsive and deeply caring. Those participating in the life coach certification training together enjoy a wonderful sense of support in a community where lifetime friendships are made, professional alliances are formed and everyone feels a part of a greater whole. We are a community of deep, empathic spiritual souls, and there is a very special feeling of family.

Game-Changing Recommended Reading List

Enjoy our diverse and highly informative selection of game-changing books, written by some of the most respected leaders in the personal growth and business/marketing fields, including Michael Mackintosh and Arielle Hecht. This essential reading list will amplify your learning experience, giving you a unique perspective on life, the world, success, and what it takes to experience real, lasting transformation and wealth as a spiritual life coach. By gleaning wisdom from these diverse, yet, complementary perspectives, your understanding and personal mastery becomes more meaningful and reaches new levels. This essential list has taken well over 20 years to create.

All Course Material is Yours to Keep for Life

We understand your mastery of the skills learned will be heightened with repeated review of the content from different perspectives. Therefore, we make our insightful material available to you for life. You are not buying an education that expires once the graduation has been achieved. You can utilize this training whenever you need a refresher or reminder to deepen your skills. Study at your own pace and enjoy peak experiences over and over again.

Be on the Leading-Edge of a New Movement

The world is changing fast and the old-school methods to success are no longer effective. In Awakened Academy, you’ll discover a new model of life coaching, teaching, writing, speaking and leading that affects real, lasting change in today’s hectic, unpredictable world, while providing you with reliable and predictable income streams. Our spiritually-based approach to life will help you create lasting transformation within yourself and the life of your clients. If you’re excited to be at the forefront of a new wave of entrepreneurs and coaches leading from a deep peace within themselves, this is for you.

Receive Coaching from our Loving Team

We go above and beyond at Awakened Academy for one reason — we love you. We really do! We know you are our spiritual family, and we all want you to succeed — to your highest extent possible. We therefore offer Success Story Coaching, free of charge, alongside your education and Certification. We support and empower you to become your own most incredible success story, and to share your story light with others!

In addition, story marketing is where things are going, and by learning how to powerfully share your story, you will attract your perfect clients in abundance. Awakened Academy now provides a full story training module as well as content creation guidance.

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