As self-described ‘conscious’ people, we may assume we’re less influenced by social programming than others, and maybe we are – but not as much as we think. We may sit in a coffee shop (or shall I say an organic smoothie bar) and look at the ‘normal’ people busying themselves outside, going to McDonalds, trapped in ‘the matrix’ and think ‘they are so brainwashed, they have no idea what’s going on, they eat all that junk food, they are so asleep. If only they know about yoga, meditation, chi gong, reiki, etc. etc,’.

We may compare ourselves to them and feel better about our wonderful enlightenment. Now we’ve changed our lives somewhat and embraced ideas about ‘higher consciousness’, meditation, eating healthy and conspiracy theories we may think we’ve seen through the veil of mass marketing and advertising. We may think we’re free from political memes, cultural brainwashing and mainstream media. We may believe that we can clearly see the difference between our own ideas and the programming of our culture. We may think we are liberated from the veil of illusion and are seeing life exactly as it is, from a higher place and we are fully living our lives on purpose. But are we? Really?


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