How to set your intentions for 2016 so you can truly create the best year of your life so far

Awakening to Your Most Prosperous & Purposeful Year

In this special live call you will…

  • Get grounded, centered and let go of the frantic energy of the holiday season (special guided meditation)
  • Learn all the lessons and get the blessings and gifts of 2015 (so you don’t have to re-learn the same things again in 2016!)
  • Realize the Key Question you MUST ask yourself to close the chapter of 2015 and understand what you needed to for calm and closure
  • Set solid intentions for 2016 (that actually come true)

Plus, you will also…

  • Have coaching and business breakthroughs on this call (learn how to upgrade your business)
  • Look into 2016 with holistic eyes that create your most beautiful year, on all levels of life
  • Become entirely clear and certain on what you are choosing to create this next year
  • Plus, receive exclusive support from the Q&A section of this Call, and get a ‘sneak peak’ into what it feels like to be in the Awakened Academy, and the results possible for you too (this year!)

Setting Your Intentions for making 2016 your best year ever!

by Michael & Arielle | Awakened Academy

(NOTE: Take time to listen to this and have your pen and paper ready, this is an interactive session)

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Would you like to Awaken your Mission, Abundance and Freedom…
This Year?

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  • Tap into your personal, unique, highest potential for this year 2016 & beyond
  • Be heard and supported in overcoming challenges that knock you down from rising to your full potential, love & service
  • Release the ‘weight’/burden of failed attempts to break free & live your full calling (with wealth & happiness) & (without stress and struggle)
  • Be considered to receive a spot in the Awakened Academy for 2016 & be holistically transformed in alignment with your highest good, and emerge a Certified Awakened Leader & Successful Entrepreneur (doing what you’re here to do… getting paid… helping hundreds – thousands of people (and beyond) in a real way)
  • Have a heart-to-heart conversation with someone who understands you (many of our clients say we are the only people they can just talk to about anything, no judgement, and they don’t have to ‘filter’ what they say) – You can just be yourself here.

Who are these sessions for?

This is for you if

  • You’re ready to step-up and share your message and make a difference
  • You want to get paid for sharing your gifts
  • You’re ready and willing to invest your time, money and energy into your mission and get the support you need to make it happen
  • You’re ready to do what it takes to create transformation in your life – even if it’s hard at times as you break free from old patterns

This is NOT for you if

  • You want to keep doing the same things and get different results
  • You’re not interested in sharing your gifts and getting paid
  • You’re not willing to invest in yourself and your success
    Note: Number of sessions accepted is limited and only available for women who are serious about making 2016 their best year yet and ready for a breakthrough.

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