Life is Precious, How do we create what we came here to?

This video is part of Awakened Academy’s 21 Day Challenge.

The full series is only available to the people in this program, however, we wanted to share this very special video with you. It’s a message we all need to hear. Go ahead and sign up for the early bird list for the Level 1 21 day challenge (it’s free), and look out for next week’s video. We have something really special coming for you. It’s time to ‘get it done’. It’s time to live fully and really go for it.

There is massive support coming your way. Just take a deep breath, relax, and deepen into these life truths…

Life is precious. It’s a gift to be here in this body and form that you are. It’s a gift to be here with the unique gifts that only you have. It’s a gift that you are here, and we are grateful to receive what you came to share. Living each day as if it were our last is a state on consciousness, it’s an awareness of embracing each moment and bringing the full presence of who you are into what you do. We find though, along the way, we don’t do it. We procrastinate. We make excuses. We forget about what’s important. We get distracted. We get angry or upset about some other situation. And it’s a tragedy, because we lose sight of what’s important. We lose sight of our Dharma and what we came here to create. It’s time this all changes. What do you think?

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