Knowing Your Inner Self

A written meditation on Knowing Your Inner Self

Know yourself
your inner self
Most of us spend our whole lives avoiding ourselves
It’s written into our culture:
Don’t look within
Don’t spend time alone
Don’t just be in silence
This is the brainwashing we get
What if we’re missing out
on the most precious connection and relationship
of all time?
The relationship with ourselves…
The real reason
for the epidemic of depression, anxiety and various illnesses
is actually a lack of self awareness
self realization
connection to one’s own self
When we are disconnected from our core,
from who we are
a myriad of all types of dis-ease emerge
Disease is just that – dis-ease
Lack of ease in ourselves
due to lack of self awareness
If I think, “I am this body,”
I’m going to suffer
I’ll be tense
This body is perishable
It’s made of organic material
that will eventually die and decay
If I think this body is “me”
then of course I will feel depressed, anxious and sad
If I realize the real, “me”, though
I will feel free
The real “me”
is the one who looks through these eyes
listens through these ears
and operates this body
Without the real “me”
the being of consciousness
the being of light
this body has no life
It is only when I, the soul, enter this body in the womb
that it starts to move
It is I, the soul, that gives life to matter
And so,
When I can know and feel myself
beyond this lump of flesh and bones
I am free
I am easy
I am happy
I am light.
It’s as simple as this.
Go within and find the real you.
The you that does not die.
The you that is eternally loving and peaceful.
This is the real you.
This is the you worth getting to know.
You’re always with you, after all.
Many blessings.



Getting to know yourself, your inner self, is time well spent. It’s the most loving thing you can do for yourself. Let go of the cultural brainwashing to do, do, do, and take some time to just be, be, be.

Courageously go against the grain, and give yourself the space to explore within. Ask yourself questions. Explore your inner nature. Meditate and contemplate your deeper existence. And if you need help, try taking our free meditation course. The first lesson is about you, the soul, and realizing yourself.

You’ve got this. It’s your birthright and destiny to feel deeply connected and safe in yourself.

It’s one of the most loving things you can do, for you.



Take 5 minutes to simply breathe
Watch the breath go in and out
And focus your attention on a point of light
in the center of your forehead
between your eyes
This is “me”
I, the soul, am peaceful.
Contemplate and hold the awareness of your presence in the center of your forehead
And allow waves of peace to wash over you
As you deeply relax your entire body
This is you
You, the soul.