If you’ve ever tasted the sweetness of rising early and being awake before the rest of the world, it’s something you hold dear to your heart.

The early morning hours, between 2-5am are a golden time to meditate and experience deep peace. It’s when the souls around you are sleeping, and the atmosphere is very still and peaceful.

The only problem is that sometimes… it’s not easy to wake up early.

The art of rising early is something we’ve experimented with for many years and observed both the pitfalls and also the successes.

We’d like to share some of these with you today. We hope these techniques serve you, and support you in rising early and having a successful morning meditation practice.

If you’ve been wanting to have a consistent early morning meditation practice, but have been struggling to wake up… this article is for you.

What habits make rising early difficult?

The Pitfalls (What not to do):

-Going to sleep late

-Eating late

-Putting your phone/alarm right by your bed

-Enabling the snooze option on your phone/alarm

-Waking and then meditating while in the dark, still in your pajamas

What habits make rising early easy?

The Successes (What to do):

-Getting to sleep as early as possible

-Placing your phone/alarm away from your bed where you can’t reach it, but can still hear it (you need to get up to get it)

-Eating a light meal before bed

-Upon waking, having a wake-up routine before meditating – (Such as turn on lights, shower, dress, make tea). (You can’t expect to stay awake in the early morning if you don’t properly wake your body up).

-Having your morning meditation spot already set up and comfortable (figure this out in advance so you don’t have to think about it in the morning).

These tips may sound obvious, and they are, however we can often forget to take these simple steps to wake up early. By keeping the pitfalls in mind and avoiding them, while following the success practices, you can easily shift from struggling to wake up and keep your eyes open in the early morning hours… to feeling energized, awake and peaceful as you center in to start your day.

What else do you need to keep in mind to sustain a new Early Rising Habit?

In order to keep a new habit of rising early going, we need to put conditions in place that will help us stick to it when “habit gravity” sinks in after the 3rd or 4th day. What usually happens is that we start out with grand enthusiasm and energy for a new behavior, and then a few days in… our ‘old habit gravity’ comes into play and pulls us down with it. What happens then? We resort back to our previous behaviors. We need to make it out of the habit gravity period to make a habit stick. Here are a few tips on how to do this:

1. Set up accountability with a friend. Let them know that you’re trying to create a new habit of rising early, and that you’re going to check in with them daily (a simple text message works great). Ask them to hold the space of supporting you and helping you stay with it when the going gets tough.

2. If you get tired or go to bed too late, you can always rest up a little with a nap. One of the main things you don’t want to get into with rising early is sleep deprivation. Make sure to take at least a 20 minute nap/rest the next day if you end up going to bed later than you wanted to.

3. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a morning, just get back into your routine with love and gratitude the next day. It’s all good. Just because you fall off the horse once or twice doesn’t mean you should give up. 😉

And remember this…

Starting your day early with meditation won’t always be tea and cake. Sitting with yourself in the silence of the early morning isn’t easy, however, it does reap huge rewards as we face ourselves and transform from the inside out. Keep going with it. Even if you feel defeated and you’re facing a challenging emotion or belief system… it’s ok. Approach your self-realization time with love and compassion. Focus your mind and heart on the “Spiritual Sun” (The One, God, The Divine) and allow yourself to absorb the rays of pure peace and power. By doing this, you’ll begin your days deeply centered and the effects of this long term will completely transform and bless your life… beyond belief.

Click here to download one of our free guided meditations. Listening to a guided meditation in the morning will help you stay focused, light and peaceful.

What benefits will you experience from rising early for meditation?

You’ll get to know yourself better. It’s like shining a magnifying glass on the inner realms of the soul. With the busy noise of the day, we can’t always listen to what’s being said inside. In the early hours, we can hear and feel our internal realm more clearly. When we know ourselves, then, we can change

You’ll experience moments of deep peace… as the mind settles down, and the atmosphere is still, you can access a level of intuition and psychic awareness that isn’t as clear in the normal waking hours of the day. It’s a time that you can actually be with yourself.

You’ll connect more deeply to the Divine. This is the most powerful time of day we can have a heart to heart meeting with our Spiritual Parent and Friend. In the quiet and stillness of the atmosphere, we can hear the voice of this One more clearly. It’s a great time to ask for guidance and share what’s in your heart. Try having a notepad handy, and write out your thoughts or inquiries with the intention of that One responding. After a short pause, you may be guided to write down a deeper level of wisdom and understanding, coming from this beloved Presence.

These early morning hours are known as the ‘hours of nectar’. It’s a time to be cherished and enjoyed for the upliftment and nourishment of the soul. It’s a time to charge the battery of the soul.

Did you find this post helpful?

Leave your comments below and let us know how this helps. Do you have an early morning routine that works well for you? Do you love to meditate in the early morning hours? Please share with us below.

With Many Blessings,

Arielle & Michael

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