How to Take Breaks, and Why You Must!

Are you an Evolutionary Leader who is passionate about your mission?  Do you wake in the morning excited to do what’s required in order to further your contribution?  Have you been so charged with your goals that you feel no desire to step away?

Great!  You love what you do!  That’s awesome!!

But what happens if you don’t stop to nourish other parts of yourself?  Have you experienced burnout?  Or writers’ block?  Or maybe you’ve lacked motivation?  These things are all too real if you forget to do other things you love. Even when you are filled with what you do, and nothing else truly satisfies you but service, your breaks will provide you with further opportunity to be inspired.  You will gain higher perspective, be even more productive, and make the most amazing breakthroughs.

Look inside at the video to get further insight to bring even more of your best to the rest of us!

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Arielle and Michael

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How to take breaks

How to take breaks