The other day I was having a hilarious text stream with our mastermind brothers. I had a horrendous headache, and for whatever reason, it felt funnier and lighter to talk about it in the third person. “Arielle’s head is not on straight right now with a bad headache, let’s meet next week”. The conversation continued in 3rd person, and was quite funny. Why? The truth is, when we talk in 3rd person, we’re closer to the truth.

We are far too serious.

The truth is we are not these people. I’m not Arielle, Michael’s not Michael, you’re not __ (name). We’re souls. Spiritual beings who are playing a part. When we take a step back from thinking, “I did this, this is my thing, I, me, mine” etc., we remember the feeling of lightness of being the ever peaceful witness. When we think we are the doer, the person, life becomes a painful, heavy journey. When we talk in the third person and realize we are the witness, we extend the quality, joy and quite likely, length of our lives. When we are light, we are free, we are healthy, we are in our joy.

Talk in the third person more often. You’ll have a good laugh, and it will take the ‘edge’ off of any annoying situation such as a headache. Because you’re not the person anyway.

Big love.

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