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Follow the Signs…. How I used LOA to move to Hawaii (Advanced Law of Attraction secret)

Follow the Signs....

How I used the Law Of Attraction to move to Hawaii and start a new life

Life is giving YOU signs…. If you listen carefully – they can lead you to your destination.

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Become a Spiritual Life Coach

Begin a Meaningful Career, or Accelerate and Enlighten Your Current Business, with the #1 Spiritual Life Coach Certification and Sacred Online Business Academy

Full Transcription (not edited)

One minute. I’m just holding the vision and it’s all good. Next thing I know, I’ve got 10 days to get on a plane, to go halfway around the world and start a new life. This is the missing step in manifestation. Would you love to manifest more powerfully, more easily, manifesting all the beautiful things that you want in your.

I’m Michael McIntosh, and in this session we’re gonna talk about something that a lot of people really do not think about. And when I first started practicing these things myself, I didn’t do this thing I’m about to share with you, and that’s why. I was frustrated and nothing happened. Once I started practicing this one thing, then I started attracting wealth and success, and I moved from England to Hawaii and was living in a beautiful tropical island, created millions of dollars and all sorts of magical things have happened, but they wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t done this one thing.

It is done. So a quick recap in the manifestation journey. We need to know what we want, but it’s true and pure in our heart. We need to feel that we’ve truly attained everything We need to really go for it. Really go for it, and not just dabble in this, but go deep and feel it fully with sincerity every day.

And this step is that as you are feeling that you’ve attained everything, what will happen inevitably is that your subconscious mind will deliver to you, to your conscious mind

ideas. You’re gonna get ideas in your mind all of a sudden. From out nowhere. You’re saying, I should do this, I should do that. What about this? I should see this person. Or you might notice some strange numbers. They see these numbers again and again, where you might pick up a piece of paper or newspaper or go on the internet or look at a sign somewhere and go, Whoa, I’ve gotta do that.

Or someone calls you up and they say, You’ve gotta take, do this thing. Something’s gonna happen. Sooner or later, guaranteed, something’s gonna come to your attention about what you can do to move in that direction in a practical way.

And what a lot of people do is they just say, I’m just gonna sit here and I’m just gonna feel that I’ve attained everything and not worry about. Doing anything

but these ideas, these signs are coming for a reason, and when they do, we need to pay attention that this is a sign. This isn’t just random thing, this is here for a reason, and then we need to take action. We need to actually do the think. There are these moments of action, these tiny little magic moments where you have an opportu.

And if you don’t jump on it right then and there, then off time it just disappears. For example, I was in England, I think it was 2007, and I was feeling terrible. I had a major breakdown in my life, and I’m not gonna get into the details, but I was feeling awful. Finally, I discovered to stop messing around with this law of attraction stuff and do it properly, so I really went for.

And was feeling that I’ve attained everything every day, and I had this vision board of being in this tropical place somewhere, doing meaningful work, doing what I love, having wealth and freedom and being with beautiful people. It is done. It is done. It is done. And I did that every day. And I started feeling really good in my heart.

Felt this hope and this joy in my being. And then one. My friend out of the blue sent me an email saying, Would you like to come to Hawaii? I’ll pay for your ticket. And I couldn’t believe it. This is out of the blue. I didn’t expect anything I could have said, Oh, isn’t that wonderful? It’s just, But I took action.

I replied to the email and I said, Yes, of course, next day I got another email back with a ticket that he’d bought for me leaving to. In 10 days from that date, right? So one minute I’m just holding the vision and it’s all good. Next thing I know, I’ve got 10 days to get on a plane, to go halfway around the world, and start a new life.

So I had to say yes. I had to pack my bags, I had to get everything in order, get on the bus, go down to the airport and get on the plane. If I hadn’t have done that, then I’d still be in England now instead, because I took action, I was actually living the experience in a real way.

There are these little things. Sometimes it’s not as extreme as that. Sometimes it’s just send an email, talk to so and buy a course. There’s all sorts of things, but when those things come to your mind, make sure you do something about it. Take the action. It’s simple thing. It’s just taking that next step.

Once you’ve taken their next step, then there’ll be a next step and a next step and a next step. If you keep doing it, your ideas was to keep coming, the inspirations will keep coming. People will keep coming to give you advice. And before you know it, you will be living inside of your dream in a practical way.

So what is life telling you? What are the signs in life? Listen carefully. Life is trying to help.

So have fun. Thank you for your beautiful presence. Wishing you all success in manifesting your purest and highest and most divine desires that are gonna bring you so much joy. May all good things come to you.

I look forward to connecting with you in the next session where we’re gonna go even deeper into some of these things that many people ignore. And that’s why it doesn’t work for them. But once then everything gets easier, faster, and so much more magical. . Talk to you soon and lots of love


Is Perfectionism Holding You Back From Sharing Your Work?

Not perfect? No problem!

You don't have to be perfect to help others

Do you ever hold yourself back because you don’t feel you are perfect. 

The good news is you don’t have to be perfect to help somebody else. All you need to be is a few steps ahead of the people you are helping.

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Full Transcription (not edited)

You don’t have to be perfect to help somebody else. All you need to be is a few steps ahead of the people you are helping.

Do you ever hold yourself back because you don’t feel you are perfect. You’re not quite ready. You maybe you want to do videos or you want to get your workout, but you are like, yeah, I’m not sure it’s not the right time. I don’t look quite right. Am I ready? Am I good enough? Have I achieved the level that I want to achieve?

There’s all these things that can come up in our mind and hold us back. And sometimes it can hold us back for years and years. My name’s Michael McIntosh and I’m the co-founder of awaken academy where we help people become spiritual life. Coaches, authors, teachers, course creators have an online business.

And this is extremely common problem. Not feeling good enough or perfect enough already enough to actually get things out there. Right now I’m doing this video. I’m actually a little bit tired. I have a slight headache and I’m purposely doing this video in the state There’s all sorts of reasons why this is not a perfect video.

And are any of the videos perfect. That’s a good question, but the thing is, what I’ve learned over the years is that if we wait around to have every single thing lined up perfectly, if everything has to be just set up exactly right. In every situation, feel a certain way, have our hair is a certain way, have the situation a certain way, the camera’s a certain way. If we do this, we may literally never finish anything.

So many of our students have told us that they have courses near nearly finished, but they haven’t published them or they’re wanting to do coaching, but they feel they’re not quite good enough yet. This is a major problem.

What are we gonna do about it? That’s the big question. What can you do about it? The key thing to remember, this is so important. is to realize that you don’t have to be perfect to help somebody else. All you need to be is a few steps ahead. of the people you are helping. Let me say that again. You don’t have to be perfect.

You don’t have to have attained everything in your life to help somebody else. You just need to be a few steps ahead. You need to be a little bit more experienced. You need to have developed something or learn something that the people you’re helping don’t know, or they’re not quite there yet. So for example, let’s.

About how to relax, how to let go. You might not be perfect at it, but somebody else is in a constant state of stress and they’re freaked out. And they’re like really out of control and really anxious. And you can help them go from super stressed and anxious to less anxious and stressed and more and more relaxed.

And they will be extremely grateful for you to help them do that. They’re not gonna say you are not perfect. They’re gonna say thank you so much. that you help me relax a little bit more. And this applies to just about anything you can think of doing. So next time you are having these thoughts.

I’m not perfect. It’s not ready realize that chances are, it’s never gonna be perfect. Many people have done their work in the absolutely most imperfect situation. A lot of artists have had to figure out how to do their work and not a perfect environment. Many musicians do their music in their bedroom.

Many authors have had to write on, on the plane or on, on a bus or surrounded by other people. So chances are, there’s never gonna be a perfect time or a perfect situation for you, but at the same time, people need help. We are here as spiritual people to help others. We’re part of the great awakening that’s happening on our planet.

And you can do a video or share something or post something. And it might touch one person’s heart. It might make a difference to one soul. And then another soul we’ve been in a situation where someone wanted to join one of our courses and she never joined. And one of our team reached out to see if this person was alright and it turned out, her husband answered the phone and said she’d committed suicide.

And that really hit our hearts because if she. Come to us sooner. And if we’d been able to help her faster, chances are she’d still be alive. And she would actually be able to be sharing her work and helping others and really healing the things in herself. So you literally might be saving someone’s life by actually going out there and doing your great work.

So please go ahead. Don’t hold back. I know I’ve held myself back many times. I’ve had to learn this lesson and hopefully this video inspires you to share your beautiful message and your beautiful light in the world. I want to thank you so much for your beautiful presence. I believe in you. We believe in you and we are here to support you in shining your light in this world that needs.

If you like this video and would like to get more of these things and just subscribe like the video and share it with someone else who maybe is procrastinating holding themselves back. Thank you so much for your presence. I’ll talk to soon.

Become a Spiritual Life Coach

Begin a Meaningful Career, or Accelerate and Enlighten Your Current Business, with the #1 Spiritual Life Coach Certification and Sacred Online Business Academy

Want more clients? 3 Ways get more coaching clients (and make more sales)

Want more clients?

3 Ways get more coaching clients

If you don’t have enough coaching clients – or you’re not making enough sales of your courses – there are 3 main reasons. Find out what you can change to get all the clients you want 🙂

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Full Transcription (not edited)

Would you love to have more clients so that you can make greater impact and have more money. And you’re maybe wondering, what am I doing wrong? And what can I change in this video? I’m gonna share with you the number one mistake. Most people make starting out. That’s blocks them from getting clients.

You’re gonna learn the most important thing you can start doing right now to increase your clients and the magic word that will improve your sales and people saying yes. My name’s Michael McIntosh and I’m the co-founder of awaken academy. And I’ve spent the last 15 years helping people to create the sort of lives and the success they want in their business.

And when I was starting out right at the beginning, I moved from England to Hawaii. I had $800 to my name and a backpack, and I had to figure out how am I gonna be able to stay here and make it work? I needed to figure out a way of making. What I did is I invested all the money I had into an online training business training about how do you make money online?

And I’m extremely grateful that I did that because I’ve learned something in that course that has completely changed my life. And I’m gonna share it with you since then, we’ve gone on to make millions of dollars and helped our students create the lives that they want. The biggest mistake that most of us make starting out is only thinking about ourselves and where we are coming from and not thinking.

What the people we are serving actually want. You might have wonderful ideas. I’m sure you do. You’ve got great ideas. You’ve got wonderful things you can do to help people. And that’s great, but the number one problem is only thinking from our point of view and not keeping in mind what other people want and what they’re gonna buy.

For example, There’s a true story of a guy who had this wonderful idea, what he thought was a wonderful idea to invent a remote control lawn mower, he thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful. You can just sit in your house and use a remote control and mow the lawn. So he spent two years and most of his savings.

Messing around in the garage, inventing this remote control lawn mower. Finally, after two years, he’d produced a bunch of them and was ready to sell them. So he put his remote control lawn mower up for sale. And guess what happened?

Nobody wanted one. Nobody wanted one because you don’t need a remote control lawn moer. So he wasted two years of his life. He would’ve been much better off figuring out if people wanted that before he spent those two years. Imagine I invented a remote control, bud. They could go around the room.

Oh no. Is it gonna be something that most people want? Yep. It goes like this. Imagine you are really thirsty. And all you actually want is some water. And I’ve prepared for you this 15 course meal with all these special fancy things. And it’s all really well done and it’s taken me 10 hours to produce it.

And I say, there you go. There’s this wonderful meal. You’ll say, just, can I have some water? That’s all I want right now. This is what we are often doing. We’re putting all this work into this. It’s taking so much time and energy and the other person just wants this simple thing. Please help me with this.

And we are not giving them that. So this is the biggest mistake. And if you could stop making that mistake, your success is just gonna go through the roof. It completely changes the trajectory of your whole life and your career and your success.

If you look into any successful people in the world, they have figured out how to give people. what they want. Ask your audience by sending out a survey or talking to them personally, ask them, what are your biggest challenges right now? What’s keeping you up at night. What do you really want?

Why is that important to you and really understand what they want and what they need. For example, I’m about to launch a new program, to help our coaches, to refine their offers, what they’re offering and to get more clients. And we send out a survey asking them, what are they done so far? What do they want, what do they need?

Why is it important? These sort of questions? And based on that we are designing the program to help them specifically with what they need. I didn’t start this saying, here are the 10 things that I wanted to share with you. I’m starting this with, what do you want? What do you need what’s on your mind and then designing everything around there.

One of the great things about doing surveys is that you can literally ask people what they want and then use their words. Because then it is exactly what they want. So I’m gonna show you exactly what I’m talking about. So you can email your mailing list or you can talk to people and get them to fill this in and you just asked them questions.

So for the questions we’ve asked in this little group, is what’s your vision for your business? What do you want to create? Why is that important to you? What have you done so far to move forward in your business? What are your biggest questions? What are your, what’s your greatest challenge? And what would you like to get out of the group?

Then I just go through the answers and see what people will say. So what’s your biggest question about marketing and sales? I wanna promote myself, but in a soft and welcoming way, I don’t wanna be pushy. I wanna know the most effective mark methods to stand out in a saturated world of coaches, healers and change makers.

How do I start attracting clients and keep them coming and growing? All right, so I’ve gone through the whole thing. You can do this yourself. And what you do is you take the words that people say, for example, propo, proposing, or making an offer. So I’m just gonna copy that and I’m gonna put it in here and this becomes the curriculum, how you can propose or make.

And offer, right? So all I’m doing is using what they want and making that the basis of the curriculum. So I’ve gone through the whole thing and what I’ve got here. This is all things that people have said. They said, I want to learn these things. So this is the curriculum I want effective methods to stand out in a saturated world of coaches, how you can make an offer.

People, pay you for how to start attracting clients and how to keep them coming in and grow. How to make people believe in what you offer them clarification on exactly what you can do to make people see that you’re gonna help them guidance of what you’re doing wrong and what you want to do. So when people see this, they read this, they’ll say, oh my God, this is exactly what I want because instead of just making it up, I am focused specifically on helping people get the things that they.

Want, so this is such an easy way and a compassionate way and an effective way to produce offers that people will pay you for. So this is the big shift. A lot of people, they focus on trying to make themselves so important. I’m so great. Look at me, look how cool I am.

That, that’s not what people want. People want someone who says you are great. I appreciate you. You have great work to do, and I want to support. In getting your work out to the world and I wanna make it as easy as possible for you, right? I’m here for service. When we come from that place that we are here to help somebody else sincerely, then people wanna work with you.

So if you can just make that shift, instead of thinking about what you have and what you want to do and how great you are and why you’ve got the best method in the world. Don’t worry about that. Just focus on who is this wonderful soul who you’re helping, what do they want? What do they need? and dedicate all of your energy to supporting them in getting what they want and the magic word, the number one magic word is going from I to you, right?

The people who say I me. That doesn’t work. You wanna say you, you are important. You have great work to do. This is gonna support you in your life and your work. This is gonna help you get more clients. This is gonna help you achieve the financial goals you have, so you can travel so you can have the freedom you want, so you can have a spiritual life.

So you can have all the things that you want and live your D and live your life on purpose. So you’re Chan you’re going from I to you. The more you use the word you in your copy and in your conversations and in your videos or whatever you do. And you’re talking to that wonderful soul, make them the star of the show, but yourself, over here, you’re in a humble service position.

I am here to serve, right? We wanna say I’m here to serve. Tell me what you need. Tell me what you want. I’m here to help. The more you think about this and the more you have that approach, everything becomes super easy.

So if you’re not getting the clients and the success you want, it’s probably to do with these three things. Number one is too focused on ourselves, not focused enough on others. This is the biggest problem. And it takes a lot of practice. To move out of that. The solution to this is to really, and truly focus on the other person.

What do they want, what do they need? Why is it important to them and have that humble perspective? I’m here to help you get what you need. And the magic word is the word. You are important. You are wonderful. and we are here to help you sincerely. And the more we do that from the heart, the better everything is.

So here’s a little challenge, a little fun challenge for you is to take the time to move away from your own thinking about what you do and what you want to do, focus on understanding your audience. they’re hot buttons. What are the emotional things that are important to them? What do they want, what are they stuck in?

What problems do they have? What are they trying to avoid? Really understand them. When do they get up in the morning? What do they have for breakfast? Get a real understanding of who is this person and what are they. Doing in their life. And then once you have understood them much better, then find out what is the one or two things that you could offer that are gonna solve a big problem that they have and design your coaching packages and your courses and your trainings around that.

Start with them, design everything around that. And then put it in front of people and say, is this something you are interested in and see what they say? If they go I’m not sure. Or yeah, that might be useful. Then you haven’t got it. If they say, oh my God, I can’t believe you’ve craved this.

This is absolutely amazing that you’ve got in my head. I’ve just thinking about this morning. And here it is, when you have that response then you’ve obviously got the right offer and then you are not gonna have any problems. getting clients. So this is a bit of a practice. It takes some time, but you will change your entire life, your work and your success.

And this is something to come back to again and again, the more you master the basics, the more everything else will be easy.

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Begin a Meaningful Career, or Accelerate and Enlighten Your Current Business, with the #1 Spiritual Life Coach Certification and Sacred Online Business Academy

Is it worth going to events? Where to find clients?

Is it worth going to events?

Where to find clients?

Many of our students ask us if it’s worth going to these events to network / hustle and find clients. This is what were found works best… Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Lots of love Arielle and Michael

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Full Transcription (not edited)

Oceans of love to a beautiful spiritually minded, empathic light worker leader teacher in our world.

Are you wondering if it’s worth it to go to an event that might be out of your comfort zone?

It might be some sort of, healing conference where you could set up a booth or some sort of festival where you could come and present and market your services.

I’d like to share some thoughts on this with you today, that I hope help you to really ground in with whatever the best most aligned decision for you is that will lead to your own greatest success and being of service to the greatest number of souls. My name is Ariel Hecht, and I am the co-founder of awakened academy, spiritual life coach certification.

I’ve been helping spiritually minded, empathic souls become life coaches, become authors and teachers for over a decade. Now having worked with a number. Of souls. Like you I’ve consistently found that, although there can certainly be some benefit and you meet some people and you do some networking and these events I’ve noticed that this type of atmosphere and context doesn’t tend to lead to you, connecting with the right clients, with your ideal clients and.

in worst case scenarios, I’ve noticed it can end up being very overwhelming for people. There can be a lot of energy. There, there are a lot of other practitioners and modalities, a lot of people coming in who. probably aren’t align with what you have to offer. And so that can be a lot to navigate.

What’s better ultimately, and more ideal is for you to really hone in and get really clear about who the souls are. You are here to serve and tune in with where are they? do those people go to these events, do these people, are they on a certain social media channel? And I’ll give you an example of a beautiful student of ours who really aligned with and called in her ideal client to her.

So it’s there’s a difference between going out to find them. And staying in and really being of magnet for your ideal clients to find you, and also being clear about where they’ll find you and making sure you have content, you have your presence, where it needs to be. So this one lovely client of hours, she had the intention to work with a woman who.

has plenty of money in her life. Plenty, plenty of success in her work career. However, she feels stressed. She feels out of alignment with herself. She doesn’t feel in touch with her heart. She doesn’t feel happy. She doesn’t feel connected to a higher power. So our student was really clear about who this woman was.

She wrote out in detail. Everything she could think of about this woman. She wrote out the coaching package. She would like to offer her the pricing and she set that price nice and high for a high paying client. And this particular student she’s quite active on Instagram. and I believe she must have put out a post, on Instagram about this offering.

And literally she told us that within 24 hours, this exact woman who she described on paper found her signed up to work with her that day. Anne left her a $444 tip for their intro session. so that’s an example of like less energy expenditure on your part and much greater result. There’s a spiritual slogan, less expenditure, more splendor, right?

You wanna. You wanna make yourself available in the spaces that your ideal clients are in a way that feels aligned for you rather than going into a space where you might feel overextended and drained and perhaps not aligned with the right people.

One easy thing you can do is simply to get a piece of paper and a pen.

And take a moment to really breathe in deep and visualize who is your ideal client? Who would you love to work with? And just write down whatever comes to mind. Like our student we’re telling you about she, she wrote down in great detail, this person on a piece of paper, we’ve been telling her to do this actually for a long time.

And she just had put it off. And once she finally did it, then all sorts of miracles and wonders happened. It makes such a big difference when you know, extremely clearly who you’re here to help and what you can do to help them. Very simple thing is just write it all down. And then you just hold that vision, just hold the vision.

Imagine that this person or these people perfect person for you to work with has come into your field, into your work. They’re grateful. They’re happy. They’re inspired. They’re paying you really. and it’s just a beautiful experience and you see them, transforming their life and you get to have that satisfaction that you are really making a difference in the world.

So you wanna tune in with where are these people, where are these souls who you’re here to serve and to align yourself with being present in those spaces, whether physical or online. that’s going to be the best use of your energy, rather than going into a space where there’s a whole mix of all types of people.

And as someone who’s sensitive as someone who’s empathic that can really just end up being too much end up being draining and even discourage you. And we certainly don’t want that. If you loved this video, please subscribe, share it with our divine family of other light workers, healers, coaches, teachers, leaders, we all are in this together, and we need each other in this time of this great awakening.

and subscribe. If you haven’t already, it is an honor to connect with you. Thank you for your courage, for your light, for your strength, and may every blessing be upon you and your sacred work in our world. Thank you.

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Few facts about Soma medicine

Although the probabilities of these opposed effects occurring are larger in those that have pre-existing heart situations, it can occur even in those with no history of heart disease. Carisoprodol , a nonscheduled prescription treatment, is a centrally acting artificial skeletal muscle relaxant structurally and pharmacologically associated to meprobamate.This is a doubtlessly addictive agent. For instance, there have been uncommon circumstances of serious liver harm associated with chlorzoxazone, so this medication shouldn’t be prescribed to individuals with liver disease or hepatitis. The bundle insert for each medicine lists the Soma side effects, and you can also ask your doctor or pharmacist. If you’ve ever had a again or neck muscle spasm, you understand it could be exceptionally painful, and even debilitating.

Safest method to buy Soma online

Clinical studies have shown that this drug causes impairment of psychomotor performance in neuropsychological tests 5,10. Recent literature analyzing the prevalence of muscle relaxant use is scarce. Some clinicians would agree that the medicines on this class are typically used more regularly than necessary, however clear data are lacking. In addition, the examine confirmed that forty four.5% of customers took muscle relaxants for greater than a year (95% CI, 35.7%–53.3%). This finding is of concern as a outcome of every agent is recommended only for short-term use and has but to be studied in continual management buying Soma online.

The data we provide just isn’t intended to be a substitute for skilled medical recommendation, prognosis or therapy. It should not be used instead of the recommendation of your physician or different certified healthcare provider. Carisoprodol, a sedative prescribed as a muscle relaxant, has been subject to abuse . DEA placed it in Schedule IV in 2012 , although 4 states had both scheduled it or monitored it through their state PDMPs previously .

The Tapentadol are mostly being shipped from India, are available various dosages, and are destined for address across the us During the primary few days of July, CBP officers intercepted a package deal arriving from India containing 3,a hundred pills. Considering that carisoprodol was primarily developed to treat anxiousness; then sure, carisoprodol can help to alleviate ache. Anxiety, worry and stress are the largest amplifiers of ache severity. [newline]Relieving nervousness, worry and stress can most actually help to relieve ache too.

A Guide to Spiritual Life Coaching

A Guide to Spiritual Life Coaching

As the world is shifting at such a rapid pace, many people are feeling called to make significant changes in their lives. Unfulfilling jobs are falling away, houses and cities are being changed, and overall, there is an undercurrent that now is a time when people are seeking something different.

So, it’s no surprise that Spiritual Life Coaching has piqued the interest of so many.

You might be feeling the call; the pull to drastically change your life. Perhaps you already know that you feel best when connecting with people and helping them create their dream life. Have you desired more connection with The Divine, more time in nature, and more freedom to live the life of your dreams? If this feels resonant for you, then perhaps Spiritual Life Coaching is the next step on your journey.

Here you will find the multitude of ways that becoming a Spiritual Life Coach may help serve your highest intentions by assisting others in unlocking their fullest potential.


What is a Spiritual Life Coach?

There are so many different types of coaches, so what exactly is a Spiritual Life Coach? Well, the answer is actually within you. How you sincerely wish to connect with people and the world is the real key to being a successful Spiritual Life Coach.

A Spiritual Life Coach is a guide through this wild and beautiful life. Someone that can mentor you through major transitions and gently assist you in staying on your highest path. People may be looking for a spiritual life coach because they want the wise counsel of a coach or mentor with a spiritual background. They may wish to deepen their own spiritual practice. Or look at their challenges more authentically and holistically.

The nice thing about Spiritual Life Coaching is how all-encompassing it can be for helping people find and walk their most authentic path. You have the freedom to tap into your intuition and decide what way feels most supportive to be of service to your potential students and clients.

Artists, health coaches, yoga or movement teachers, meditation teachers, spiritual business owners, entrepreneurs, and more may all benefit from operating their business with the knowledge from a Spiritual Life Coaching Certification. That’s the true beauty; you take the tools and then create your dream vision.


What Can A Spiritual Life Coach Help With?

Spiritual Life Coaches help their clients with a vast array of life experiences. That means that Spiritual Life Coaching is an entirely open field of possibilities concerning connecting with and guiding your clients. Spiritual Life Coaches can offer direction on business moves, healing practices or combine spiritual life coaching with other guidance practices such as health and wellness or business coaching. Spiritual Life Coaches can help their clients earn more money, find the freedom to follow their dreams, and tap into a deep connection with The Divine.

There are many coaches out there right now. And honestly, that is wonderful because it means that we are seeking our most significant expression as a human race. However, not all coaching programs offer spiritual teachings and a holistic approach to mentoring. 

You may feel that coaching from a spiritual place feels essential to you. How else can you truly guide someone if not from that deep and infinite place of the beauty of The Divine? Spiritual Life Coaches lovingly inspire people to become the best versions of themselves.


Meditation Coaching

With the scientific research mounting and millions of people downloading mediation apps, Mediation is officially mainstream. There is a real need for meditation instruction for beginners and pros alike. Combining the aspects of creating a daily mediation practice and coaching someone is a powerful force. 

When we can offer mediations to our clients to drop into their bodies and simply allow thoughts to arise and be, we can unlock a real power beyond the thinking mind. Mediation coaching is a beautiful way to work as a Spiritual Life Coach. Perhaps you’ve seen first hand in your life the transformational power of meditation, and you wish to share it with others.

Meditation is an influential and integral part of Spiritual Life Coaching because it honors where the client is while giving them the keys to open their intuition and move beyond fear of the past or future. Teaching people to find the here and now, again and again, can indeed invoke magic into everyday life.

 If meditation is an integral part of your spiritual practice, you may be called to deepen your knowledge of meditation and take the teacher’s path. Meditation Teachers and Coaches are so needed in our world today, and becoming a Meditation Teacher or Coach can significantly impact your clients and their success. 


Manifestation Coaching

Most clients seek out coaching because they want something different in their lives or they are looking to expand: a new job, health changes, greater abundance, lifestyle upgrades, healing, more freedom, etc. Spiritual coaches can greatly impact these shifts by sharing manifestation techniques to help align their clients with what they want. 

Manifestation Coaching enables clients to get in touch with their subconscious limiting beliefs and then transform these outdated patterns to write a new life story going forward. It’s all about helping guide clients to what’s in the highest good for all, which includes them living in their true authentic worth.

As a Spiritual Life Coach, you can tap into this and share with others; you have a simple but effective tool to make dreams come true. “Trust and believe, and you shall receive,” is a beautiful mantra. Without an inner knowing of worth and grace, it is merely a lovely saying. That’s where you come in, nudging in the direction of the glorious truth that is within your clients. When we are open to receiving the most profound and most awe-inspiring things that this life has to offer, manifestation becomes natural.


Unlocking Your Potential 

A quality Spiritual Life Coach has the grounding and nurturing ability to help clients unlock their most genuine potential. Fear has been fed into us through media, school systems, political systems, and generational trauma. So, it’s no wonder that this fear can keep us locked into a place of smallness. A place of smallness is a challenging place to launch big dreams and make significant life shifts from

Fortunately, with consistency, dedication, and inward focus, you can help your clients move from that place of fear into the light to share their unique vision with the world. From creating a daily spiritual practice, maintaining self-care rituals, and honoring and holding reverence for nature, there are a multitude of ways a Spiritual Life Coach can guide us to our most authentic and highest potential. You can help your clients see how truly gifted and supported they are. And help them get out of their own way by sidestepping false starts and self-imposed limits.



Consciousness Coaching

There is no past, no future, only now.

Becoming conscious of our habitual patterns opens up the beautiful door of CHOICE. When we are aware, we get to CHOOSE how to move through the world and CHOOSE how we respond. And when we inevitably slip out of consciousness, we again get to CHOOSE to come back. A beautiful practice, like a tree moving with the wind; remaining steady and allowing the wind to pass through the leaves. A Spiritual Life Coach can assist in the continual coming back into the here and now.

Becoming conscious is not a one-time thing but a daily practice. A quality coach can help us remember that having forward momentum and awareness can change those learned patterns. And that we have the power of choice to be here, right now.


Improving Your Relationships

One of the most essential parts of being a Spiritual Life Coach is helping clients affect positive change in their relationships.

We are all humans; we are meant to have a sensory experience here together. However, we often become disconnected while focusing on the outside world; carrying shame, blame, and guilt, and building walls around us to protect ourselves. Coaches can act as guardians, creating a safe space to be seen as our authentic selves. 

When we live our genuine expressions, our relationships will start to blossom and bloom in ways we didn’t know possible. With a connection to The Divine and a regular consciousness practice, we can communicate from our hearts openly. And when we are living in our hearts, we can start to take down those walls of protection.

Spiritual Life Coaches know that living and speaking from your heart’s center opens up this magnificent possibility of connecting with others. Which is not only for romantic relationships! Imagine communicating with your children or your circle of trusted friends from your heart, your most genuine intention. When we see and express ourselves, we can give the same space and grace to others.

It’s said that money and love are connected. So, as we guide our clients to improve their relationships, it’s not surprising that there is also growth and movement in their openness to receive abundance. Relationships and how we connect with other humans are a true key to overall success and contentment.


Connecting with the Divine

A significant difference between a traditional Life Coach and a Spiritual Life Coach is the stable and consistent connection with the Divine that Spiritual Life Coaching supports. Not only is it immensely beneficial for clients to craft their daily spiritual practice, daily spiritual practice is of utmost importance for Spiritual Life Coaches themselves to stay sharp and focused, yet soft and adaptable.

Connection with the Divine can be found through organized religion, a spiritual path, a deep reverence for Mother Earth, or an innate knowing of the indescribable, untouchable divinity within. There are so many ways to connect to The Divine and open up that connection for others. When clients work with a consistent connection with the Divine, they can let go of fears and habits that may be keeping them stuck in unworthiness. 

Healers, Breathwork Practitioners, Movement Teachers, Meditation Teachers, Authors, and Entrepreneurs can benefit from learning Spiritual Life Coaching to include in their practice —  cultivating a deeper connection with The Divine, and serving their clients more deeply.


Finding Inner Peace

Many clients seek out the counsel of a Spiritual Life Coach because they feel a near-constant inner turmoil. A questioning and spinning out of control due to the ongoing stresses of daily life. Directing these clients to unearth their inner peace is genuinely transformative. Inner peace is the innate knowledge, the stillness within when everything feels stormy.

When guiding students through a visualization, I find it helpful to describe this inner peace as a golden thread, through my own heart, connecting to theirs and then going out to all beings and touching their hearts. Extending further still, this thread touches earth, becoming thick roots. Touches water, becoming moveable, swirling. And moving further out into the air, into space, becoming like the wind. That’s how I find my peace, in knowing that I am connected to all of life. 

Other coaches and teachers have their own practices, each unique and beautiful. Again, that’s what makes Spiritual Life Coaching so wonderful. It’s open to your unique signature and style.

Tending to and maintaining inner peace is a daily practice. A regular coming back. And the practice is the goal.


Finding and Understanding YOUR Purpose

Spiritual Life Coaches can act as a guide in finding and understanding your purpose. Helping people unlock their dharma is so powerful and rewarding. Finding and living your purpose unlocks the mystery of being and raises the vibration of the entire planet.

Your client may already be in tune with their purpose, or they may need a little more time to really touch in. Contradictory to what modern society may have us believe, your purpose is not merely a career path. It’s what lights you up so honestly and authentically. And usually, it’s what scares us to death when we think about doing it! Spiritual Life Coaches can act as that touchpoint for people, to come back to when any fear pops up, and help clients remember why they are here.

When narrowing down a client’s purpose, it’s best to look at the aspects of their life which have been common themes throughout and the things that genuinely bring absolute joy.

Your purpose is your truest, most authentic expression. It’s already within your being.


Mindset Coaching

Many folks are seeking coaching so they can find the answers within themselves. This is where mindset coaching has an extraordinary impact. Mindset coaches act as a guide, but what sets them apart is that they forgo attempting to steer the student in any particular direction. With mindset coaching, we are rewiring the client’s mindset to unlock their most actual potential from within.

This flows beautifully with Spiritual Coaching because we can see that a connection to The Divine connects us deeper with our intuition and aids us in following our inner compass. Coaching is not about creating mini versions of ourselves. It’s about gently nudging our clients into their fullest, most realized potential and basking in the glory of a more authentic and alive world!


Were You Meant to Be a Spiritual Life Coach?

Knowing how genuinely versatile and expansive the path of a Spiritual Life Coach can be and reading through these coaching examples, is there something pulling your soul towards coaching? Are you meant to help connect people with their deepest desires and help them wake up to the beauty within themselves?

If you feel called to share your authentic message with others, you can see how becoming a Spiritual Life Coach yourself can aid in that vision. You can see how Spiritual Life Coaching is an opportunity to exceptionally up level and expand your own life. When you break free of the soul-crushing jobs, the stress of bills, and the struggle of working outside of your unique purpose, you will be afforded the luxury of using your wealth and energy to uplift the world.

If this feels aligned for you, Awakened Academy has the most transformative and supportive spiritual life coach certification program available. You can receive expert training from spiritually dedicated souls with over 20 years of combined training, and a deep foundation in spiritual teaching and meditation.



How to Start Your Spiritual Life Coaching Business

You may be now wondering just where to begin to start your own Spiritual Life Coaching business. Simply put, you will need dedication, a beginner’s mind, skilled teachers and mentors, and the openness to stay curious throughout the process of learning the tools of the trade. 

Fortunately, Awakened Academy gives you the playbook on how to succeed in setting up your business. Upon completing the course, you will have the precise tools and map to create an abundant and deeply fulfilling coaching practice.


How to Market Your Spiritual Life Coaching Business

To most successfully market your business, you need to connect with what your potential clients seek. Whether it is freedom, health, abundance, or anything else, your audience has a deep desire that they want help fulfilling. They need guidance, and you will be where they will find the answer to what they seek.  

It may seem that marketing involves selling yourself. That you are the product. However, to honor your highest alignment, don’t think of yourself as the product. Find the need that your potential clients have and market towards that!


Getting Clear About Your Messaging

What is your highest intention as a spiritual coach? Getting crystal clear about your messaging is key to attracting your aligned clients and to honoring your truth. Since we are all connected through The Divine but have our own unique experience, there is no limit to how much you can refine and mold your messaging. 

To get clear about your messaging, you must first need to know what you truly LOVE doing and then align your messaging behind that LOVE. You can model your business after someone else’s who seems to have it all, but if it’s not part of your authentic expression of authenticity, then it might not go far. 

What is it that you feel deeply connected with? What is it that has helped you along the way? What do you truly love learning about and sharing with the world? Take time to get crystal clear on this, and your messaging will flow naturally. 

There’s a successful path for you as long as you are honoring what you truly love!


Attracting Clients

Attracting clients can seem a bit overwhelming. How will you find these people? 

Attracting the most aligned clients will come from narrowing down your niche and diving into what you truly know you are good at and what you have fun doing. 

You want to attract clients by connecting with them deeply and empathetically and tuning into their biggest dreams to help make them a reality. Get really specific with the person you want to attract. Who are they, and what are they looking for? 

Once you have a clear idea of who your coaching is geared for, begin crafting your messaging and marketing speaking directly to them. Your coaching and courses won’t be for everyone, and that’s okay! It’s better to know at the beginning who you are wanting to serve and seeking those people out, rather than watering down your unique knowledge and gifts. 


How to Be Seen as an Expert

The world is filled with so many so-called experts that it can be overwhelming for spiritual and mindset coaches. How can we operate in new territory and be seen as experts? Well, the answer is simple, really. You are an expert in the field. No one has ever lived life like you, so you have a unique take on the world that no doubt will help others move through the challenges they face.


Common Pitfalls and Other Traps to Watch Out For


Being too scared to Begin

Okay, so you’ve completed the Course, gained so much knowledge, and you are solid in your daily spiritual and self-care practices. Now, this is where many can fall into the first trap: being too scared to move forward once they’ve completed training. I understand! However, you are here for a reason. Your experience and being are entirely unique, meaning NO ONE is telling your story yet. No one can share your amazing and divine knowledge. You may never do it “perfectly,” but you are always you perfectly. 

When I completed my first mediation teacher training, I was SO nervous to begin. I was leaving my known field of over 16 years to venture into new territory, and I was experiencing major imposter syndrome. My teacher gave me some of the best advice I had received, which is, within the first week of completing training and graduating, set up an email list of everyone you know and let them know about your new services. I nervously took that advice and sent out a heartfelt and honest email about my new services, and I got students almost immediately! The same rule of thumb goes for beginning to work with clients as a spiritual coach. The best place to begin is right where you are. 

You have something special to share with this world, and we need your light.


Giving Too Much Away

I believe that giving our time and energy as an act of service is a beautiful and needed practice for abundance. However, many coaches can get trapped in the mindset of offering more services for free or very low cost because they don’t see themselves yet as experts. This really comes down to an issue of self-worth. It can be natural to second guess ourselves. 

However, once you have put in the work to become a spiritual life coach, one of the best pieces of advice is to set your prices according to their true worth and not to sell yourself short. To honor the part of you that wants to help people in need, you can create a monthly allotment of time and energy that you will give freely in various ways. 

These might be free meditations through a social media outlet. Free services for people in your area in need. Or acting as a mentor free of charge to someone you truly believe in. A couple hours a week devoted to giving freely in a way that feels truly aligned with The Divine is far better spent than selling yourself short by not charging what you are entirely worth. 


Mirroring Others

Of course, when we are on the path towards living our most authentic expression, there can be curveballs and pitfalls to watch for. With social media so present in our culture, it can be easy to make your coaching look like someone else’s. But, the easiest way for you to attract your most aligned clients is to honor your authentic self. 

Making your business look like someone else’s because that’s how you’ve been told you’ll succeed is a sure way to fall flat. Trust yourself that you are meant to be here, meant to connect with your people, and meant to share your truth. 


Are you ready?

Does reading this get you excited and nervous because it feels aligned with your true purpose? Can you feel in your body the call to move forward in intentional action to the next step on your path?

If you’d love to learn more, you may schedule an altogether no strings attached complimentary session with a coaching expert to see if Awakened Academy is a great fit and begin your sacred journey as a Spiritual Life Coach or a Meditation Coach.

8 Ways on How to Improve Spiritual Health and Wellness

8 Ways to Improve Spiritual Health and Wellness

In the busyness of this fast-paced world, it can be easy to let our spiritual health sit by the wayside while we forge ahead through planning, competing, and doing. We can allow ourselves to get so caught up in our doing that we forget that we are human beings, not human doings. And in this constant striving and the hustle and bustle, we may lose touch with our inner knowing of the connection to something greater.

Whether you refer to this greater being as God, The Divine, The One, The Creator, or so on, remembering to connect to our spiritual anchor can significantly improve our Spiritual Health and Wellness. Below you’ll find 8 beautiful ways to strengthen Spiritual Health and Wellness that can bring us back to presence and allow for a deeper connection.


Connect with Nature

Connection with nature is a beautiful way to improve your spiritual health. Regular time spent in nature enhances emotional health. Many scientific studies prove that time spent in nature adds to your physical well-being.

Nature acts as a window into the Divine, and being in nature aids us in the remembering of our incredible connection to all things. Allow your body to come into contact with nature through grounding your bare feet to the Earth, or touching a tree or plant, or swimming in natural water sources.

Of course, a hike by a river or up a mountain is lovely. We can also find nature available to us right outside our homes, whether at a park or in our backyards. Make connecting with nature a part of your daily routine, commit to time in nature every day and watch as the benefits unfold in your spiritual life.



Breathing and Spirituality


Awareness of breath is a profound tool for increasing our spiritual well-being. The breath can act as an anchor, pulling us out of the trance of our ongoing thoughts and back into our presence. The breath is always available for us to return. And we don’t have to do anything; we simply need to remember to come home to our breath, in addition to using the natural breath as an anchor.

Breathwork is intentionally changing our breathing pattern to bring about increased calm, vitality, clarity, and energy. Through intentional, deep belly breathing, we can come out of fight or flight of the sympathetic nervous system and activate our parasympathetic nervous system, which controls our body’s rest and digest functions. From this place of internal calm, we can access our spiritual connection with greater ease.

One of my favorite simple breathwork practices is Alternate Nostril Pranayama. During alternate nostril pranayama, you alternate between breathing in and out of the left or right nostril for several minutes. This practice helps balance the body’s energy, increases focus and lessens anxiety and stress. A daily breathwork practice can be added to a meditation practice before yoga or called on throughout your day. With regular exercise, breathwork can lead to profound spiritual insights.


Keep a Spiritual Journal

Journaling is another excellent way to improve your spiritual health. Journaling opens up our subconscious minds to uncover our greatest dreams, areas that might need healing, and our connection to The Divine. Journaling gives us greater access to empathy and compassion. It can also give us greater insight into old blocks and patterns that may be holding us back. I love journaling as part of my daily spiritual practice. Each morning I free-write about my manifestations, desires, and insights into any old stress or wounding that may come up for me. I write out a daily gratitude list and affirmations that I carry with me throughout my day. This simple act may significantly deepen your connection with The Divine.

Keep your journal handy when you are just finished with a meditation practice, when you are in nature, or at the beginning and end of each day. There may be key insights you want to remember.



Meditate to Improve Spiritual Health


Meditation is probably the first way that many think of improving their spiritual wellness. Meditation has been used for thousands of years to connect with oneself and with the universe. Meditation allows space for acceptance and understanding of the self. And the more profound experience we have of ourselves, the more precise our path to our spiritual connection. Meditation also allows us to accept our thoughts and feelings. The more we work with our thoughts and feelings, the freer we become. Thinking happens without us trying to make anything happen. Thoughts are just like clouds passing in the sky. And the understanding of that can help us lessen the grip our thoughts can have on us. With that freedom, we have more room to connect deeper with our spirituality. To see the complex synchronicities and links that are present in our lives.

The beautiful thing about meditation is that it truly is available to begin wherever you are. You can start with a simple daily practice of 5 minutes a day. This sense of allowing what is to be and unfold naturally grows as your practice grows. As we continue with a mediation practice, the clarity and space that becomes naturally available make a deeper connection with the Divine more readily available. Meditation can also happen outside of formal practice. Informal meditation practice can take place at any moment when we can drop into our entire presence. And that presence of being can open us up to the feeling of connection with all beings.

For a free course in spiritual meditation and connection to the Divine, this one is very helpful.

Love and Spirituality

Love is a cornerstone of strengthening our spiritual health and well-being. We have all heard the saying that God Is Love. Unfortunately, many can forget love for all beings, especially when we are overworked and buying into old power structures and belief paradigms. The act of unconditionally loving ourselves and others is truly the path to freedom. The task is simple but not easy. It is a continual coming back to remembering love. Then love becomes less of an act and more of a state of being. You are not in love. You simply ARE love.


Love Ourselves

The first step to a practice of unconditional love is loving ourselves. I have previously spent many years in shame and blame for mistakes I have made. When I started to love those parts of me as essential and integral parts of my being, I really could open up to a more fulfilling spiritual life. Everyone has those parts we wish were different. Whether they are aspects of the physical body, “shouldas” and “couldas” we place on ourselves, or mistakes we hope would disappear. Our ego has a job to keep us safe and alive, which sometimes means striving towards some unattainable level of perfection and correction. However, the radical act of unconditional love of self sets us free.

To begin working with the unconditional love of self, set aside some time each day to honor and love every part of you, even those that you may not particularly like right now. When a thought of not-enough-ness comes knocking, bring awareness to it. It may feel cumbersome at first, but with regular practice, a heightened sense of love will wash over you. Love even the thought.

Remember, you are not a mistake. You are a beautiful divine soul.


Love Others

With unconditional love for self comes unconditional love for others. Just as you are a soul worthy of love, so is every other being on Earth. Love for others enhances our spiritual health by removing the blocks that separate us as beings. With those blocks removed, we can see the golden thread connecting all of us, to each other, to the planet, and to The Creator.

One way I have found helpful to coming back to loving others is a simple practice of Metta. Metta is a Pali word. Pali is the Sanskrit language that the Buddha spoke. Metta translates to mean loving kindness and good-heartedness towards self and others. There are many Metta phrases to explore. Some include:

“May you be happy.”

“May you be healthy.”

“May you be free from pain.”

“May you be filled with lovingkindness.”

Feel free to use these or come up with a phrase that feels like an authentic expression of your love. The practice of Metta can be used formally as meditation or just as you go about your day interacting with other beings. You can practice these phrases silently while waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store. Imagine the peace that can come over you if you wish health, happiness, and love to all those you encounter! Metta can be mighty when interacting with those that we find difficult. Try a daily practice of offering unconditional love and lovingkindness to those you meet, and watch as your spiritual health transforms.



Yoga for Spirituality

Movement is an integral part of a solid spiritual practice. And yoga is a foundational practice for growth in spirituality and wellness. Through the connection of breath and movement, yoga unites the body, mind, and spirit. We can access greater confidence in our beings with continued practice. Yoga benefits our physical bodies. It aids in improving our focus, allowing us to be more present. With improved focus and concentration, we can easily find calm and joy in our lives. Yoga is a space to care for our physical being through the movement of our bodies while opening up our limitless connection to the Divine.



Be Intentional With Your Spiritual Practices


Setting intentions is immeasurably valuable to sticking with your spiritual practices and deepening those practices. To be intentional, we should first know our WHY? Why are you called to your spiritual practice, and why do you keep coming back? Why do you wish to connect with this place beyond yourself that is also inside of yourself? I love the saying, “We get good at anything we practice, whether we mean to or not.” So, what is your intention for your spiritual health? And is your intention backed by your regular, intentional action? Daily, you can decide to be intentional with how you spend your time and cultivate your spirituality.



Gratitude and Spirituality

A gratitude practice is, for many, the foundation of their spiritual health and wellness. We’ve all heard stories of very successful people who were still unhappy, addicted, overworked, and lacking in love. Could this be because they lacked gratitude? Gratitude is available to us no matter where we are on our journey. And no matter where we wish to go. A little appreciation can go a long way! With gratitude, you may soon find yourself simply amazed and overcome with gratitude for the abundance available to you in every moment.

Appreciation for this present moment, this circumstance, this lesson, can alter our perception of life and give us a path towards spiritual freedom.





There are many ways to increase our spiritual health and wellness. When used as a regular practice, these simple tools can transform our lives and open us to all that is possible. As you continue on your spiritual path, you may feel called to begin helping others on their own journeys. As we grow and shift, we seek more meaningful work and relationships. Perhaps you want to find your community of like-minded beings to share and grow alongside. If so, it might be that becoming a Spiritual Life Coach is part of your calling. Teaching and guiding others can significantly improve our spiritual health. Becoming a Spiritual Life Coach is a way to add value to the world through your work while still having lots of time for your own spiritual practice and doing what you truly love.

Awakened Academy has fostered spiritual health, wellness, and expansion for many students. If this resonates with you, download our brochure here to learn more about our offerings.

There is unlimited support and love from the Creator, holding us in each moment.

Written by Lindsey Akey
Awakened Academy