It’s everywhere. Rip-off products, rip off songs, websites that all look alike, selling rip offs of other rip offs.  The world is full of the same old, same old crap, hurting our eyes, insulting our taste buds and polluting our minds with thoughtless copies of copies of copies. Everyone looking at everyone else to figure out what to do and ignoring the limitless, pulsating power thats here right now. It’s here right now inside you. But look around and witness the sea of sameness. Same old boring rip-offs. Why?

Safety in numbers

It seems safer to look around and see if anyone else is in the water first before jumping in. It seems better to check the market and not be to brash or bold and to do something different. Being an innovator is scary. You could fail. You could be laughed at. People may ignore you. Or, worse of all, you could be expelled from the tribe and burned alive. That’s what the ego thinks, so it plays it safe and copies and settles and does the least possible. Let’s just be small and be politically correct and be nice and watch TV and talk about other people’s lives…

Enough is enough

Please, please, please do us all a favor and live your own life and make you own art. Please, please, please be awesome and do your own thing and bring something new to the world. We don’t need a copy of a copy of a copy. We’re all bored and sick enough already. You are too. Do you want another boring, lifeless attempt at a copy?

What do you personally love?

The music that’s truly heart-felt and magical – or yet another cheesy pop song? Why do you love the music, people, companies, restaurants, books you love? Why them and not all the other BS? You love it because these people stopped looking around and listened to the genius within.

The Genius Within

Look within and you’ll find a genius winking at you. Go spend a day with your genius. Take her out for tea or for a walk and listen to what she’s got to say. Ask her what ideas she has. Listen closely. She is bursting with ideas. You are packed with life. You are limitless. It’s all there. But you just need to pull in the reigns, stop looking outside, stop comparing yourself to others and listen to your genius. She is talking right now.

What’s your genius saying?

Go do something epic. And wake others up. You’re awesome.

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