How awesome is your evening?

Being alive in this crazy world can be stressful so by the evening time most people are feeling spent. And that tends to mean that we make the easiest choices, like watching a movie or drinking or just zoning out – or getting lost in Facebook or email or some other low value BS that leave us drained. But what if we could claim back our evenings and make them truly epic?
What if we could actually do meditation in the evening and feel CHARGED, instead of watching a movie and feeling spent?

The secret to a truly epic life…

The Secret to an epic life is…. wait for it… Evening meditation. Why? Evening meditation essential for a remarkable, happy, healthy wealthy life because it’s our chance to break the pattern of endless doing and actually take time to feel awesome, clear the day and set ourselves up for the making tomorrow the best day ever.  Many of us know that an evening meditation routine would benefit us greatly. It’s what’s needed to make for a calm, centered and focused morning. And yet, there’s a challenge to get to bed early enough, to wind down and to relax into rest before the next day. Most of us are go, go, go all day long, using our energy and by the end of the day we’re tired and need a break so we can re-charge and feel good. But instead of doing this, we often keep going or get absorbed in low-value entertainment that leaves us feeling even worse. Without taking time to go deep, we get to bed late, disrupt our beauty sleep and wake up late feeling stressed and behind. Then, we beat ourselves up for being late and charge off on another crazy, draining day.

If we do evening meditation, we can:

1. Clear out all the stress, overwhelm and negative energy we’ve picked up from the day

2. Feel wonderful and give thanks for being alive

3. Prepare ourselves for a good night’s rest

4. Get better, deeper sleep with peaceful dreams and health giving benefits of quality sleep (like looking younger, happier and healthier)

5. We’ll be able to get up early in the morning and start our days successfully

In fact, it could even be said that your evening meditation is the most important thing in your life because your evening affects your morning. Your morning impacts your day and what you do during the day. And what you do each day creates your destiny. So if you want to change your destiny, you need to change your evening. Are you ready? Then let’s get started with what stops us – and then how to overcome all these challenges.

Why is it challenging for us to sustain a healthy evening routine and what can we do about it?

Reason #1: Social Opium. We are influenced by the atmosphere around us.

We’re living in an insane world where doing stuff that’s bad for us is the norm. It’s easy to crack open the wine or smoke a joint or space out in front of the TV because that’s what others are doing. The atmosphere around us is not supportive of an early and relaxing evening routine. Most of the souls surrounding are also not having conscious evening routines, which makes it harder for us to break the vicious cycle too. By understanding this simple truth we can both have compassion for ourselves, and also understand that it is a greater pattern than just in ourselves we are facing to break.

Reason #2: We’re used to doing what we always do.

Habits are powerful, whether positive or negative. Once we get in a certain habit, a pattern of doing and being, the roots of this pattern deepen and become stronger. Then, this pattern is recorded in our subconscious mind, and we begin to repeat it effortlessly. This is good when it is a new pattern we love and wish to keep. However, this is a hard pill to swallow when it’s a pattern or routine that we do not want in our lives. In order to break it, we must forge a new path AND go against the grain of the atmosphere around us. This is why it is so challenging. You can have compassion in realizing, it’s not just you .

Reason #3: We have a big ego who doesn’t like it and want’s to consume, consume, consume!

The ego, the lower self, isn’t normally on board with us doing what’s good for our highest self. If we want to be doing evening meditation and having a nice relaxing closing routine, the ego may have other plans. Have you ever noticed that you set out to do one thing, and the next thing you know, your evening is sabotaged with a phone call, or some worry that comes in the mind, or even a program that comes on tv and captivates you. Next thing you know, you wake up in the morning later than you would have liked, tired and groggy. And if you’re a morning meditator, this can be devastating as you don’t get the spiritual nourishment you need for your day.

How to Create an Evening Routine that Ensures a Productive Morning.

It’s time to start busting myths about evening routines! Most people think that if you’re not the type of person who takes baths and drinks chamomile tea… well then you’re doomed to have an evening ‘slow down’ routine that actually works for you.

The truth is – there IS a routine that will work for you. It’s a combination of activities that you actually enjoy and find relaxing. This is unique to you and they have to be things that are easy for you to do. For example, you may like to soak in a jacuzzi before bed, but if you don’t have one at your house, it’s just not realistic. You may however enjoy listening to guided meditations before bed, and if all it takes is getting it on your i-phone, then you can do that now.

Make it easy. Make it simple.

So what can we do about this?

It’s a powerful time in human history , and we can use all the beneficial help we can get. Souls all over the world are awakening and working through karma. To blaze new pathways for ourselves is a heroic feat. Here are 3 things to do to make it stick:

1. Set up Accountability for yourself to make it inevitable.

One powerful way to do this is to register for the 21 day challenge below (it’s free). You can use the support of this group to hold you accountable to your new evening routine, plus, you’ll begin to establish a strong healthy habit in these 21 days.You’ll be amazed at how much good community and company can give you wings in your new habit and evening wind-down ritual.

2. Know what you’re going to focus on.

When we have a meditation practice, it’s important to keep it fresh, alive and clear. Having a focus each time you sit down is a powerful way to keep yourself engaged and benefiting. ** If you’d like daily support for Creative Meditation and Daily Bliss, Stay Tuned because we are about to release a free daily meditation support practice.

3. When are you going to do it?

Pick a time that you can commit to each evening. It doesn’t have to be super strict, but have a window of say 30 minutes. Know where you’re going to sit, know when, and have the structure of it set in your mind. Make it real.

Awakened Shareable -Evening Routine

What else can you do?

Ask yourself: What helps me to relax?

What’s something simple I could do every evening, that would signal to my mind that it’s time to wind down and get in bed?

Here are some ideas:

Leave work alone until tomorrow

Read a relaxing book


Go for a short, relaxing walk

Listen to your favorite music or guided meditation

Give someone you love a hug

Practice deep breathing, in for 5 counts… out for 5 counts…

Do a brain drain: Write down all the things on your mind, so you’re free and clear to let them go before bed

Change clothes into something super comfy

Remember to let go… there’s no point in holding onto the past (it’s over)

Spend time in nature, go for a short stroll outdoors, breathe in the fresh air

Stargaze, sit quietly and look into the starts (great for calming a busy mind)

Consider what you’re grateful for. What happened today that warmed your heart?

Send blessings: give blessings to people in your life, via your heart and mind (it’s relaxing and heart-warming to send good energy)

Give a loved one a massage, or receive a massage (a little shoulder massage can go a long way : ))

Care for and play with your pet (if you have a cat or dog etc.)

Prepare something nourishing for yourself for breakfast (maybe this means soaking some oatmeal etc.)

Clean up the kitchen and home (a short tidy can make waking up tomorrow super relaxing and fresh)

Connect with God/Divine/Spirit, open your Heart to the Grace…

Enjoy gentle classical music or relaxing music

Let go of computer screen before bed

Have a relaxing conversation with someone you love

Drink warm milk or nut milk

Write a letter to yourself, reflecting on your day

Go over the things of the day… what worked? what didn’t? Consciously release the things that didn’t work, forgive, release, and clear the slate of your mind for the next day.

What else can you do?

When will you do it?

Your life is precious.

Oceans of love,

Arielle & Michael

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