I t’s a dark shadow that plagues too many of us. You think you’re alone. You think you’re the only one struggling.

But, you’re not. The shocking truth is that most women you would ask, would tell you they have had an experience with food and body image hell. Some of us have experienced it more than others, but nevertheless, the walls of this dark place do not go unseen. So what is the way out?

It seems we live in a day in age when souls are checking into eating disorder clinics by the hundreds, and then, there’s a large portion of souls who are suffering silently alone, in the dark nights of the soul, promising, each binge, purge or starvation cycle, that they will not do it again… until the sheer force of this pattern comes back to haunt them, for another visit.

I’d like to start by emphasizing, you are not alone.

This is not just happening to you. It is happening to many, many of your sisters (and brothers). We live in a time of great separation from our bodies, and more importantly, from ourselves and the Divine.

The clear Truth of this came to me recently in these words, “There is only One Illness and One Illness alone, and that is our Separation from God.” This Illness comes in many forms, and one of them, is disordered eating.

The Guidance came recently in meditation to begin a Course on this, A Course in Spiritual Freedom from Disordered Eating.

It would be a channeled course coming from the Spiritual Core, to bring True & Permanent Healing to the Souls involved. This course will be based on years of experience, too, conquering this eating disorder demon and coming to my freedom. It will be in the format of a small group, 3 others souls alongside me, going deep into the the core of the illness, and emerging free, healed and whole. Yes, it sounds like a big aim, and it is, yet, with the Power of God, anything is possible. And I do believe and know deep within me that freedom is your true birthright.

I, myself, have experienced a miraculous healing from many years of Anorexia Nervosa. It isn’t that the patterns are dissolved forever, however, they do lay dormant in my soul, and I am FREE to act in accordance with Health and Wellbeing in my relationship to my body and food.
I am FREE to embrace and live in and out the true Beauty of my soul.
I am FREE to have the love, success and joy in my life that is truthful.
And most, significantly, and ever Precious, is that I am FREE to be One with the Divine. I don’t ever have to do anything on my own ever again, for I am in His/Her company, forevermore.

And that’s what I want for you too. I want you to be FREE.

Not just “kind of” free from food addiction and obsession, but REALLY FREE. Free from the torments of the dark side, free to be supported by the Divine, free to be healthy, wealthy and happy.

It’s TIME! It’s your time. It’s time we all remember and reclaim our Freedom. As you can tell… this is not a Course for someone who is not willing to turn their life over to a Higher Power.
It is not for someone who is not willing to develop a relationship, a real one, with the Divine.
It is not for someone who does not believe in a Higher Power.
It is not for someone who is not humble enough to recognize the captivity they’ve been kept under by the Force of Fear.

This is a Spiritual Course in Freedom from from Disordered Eating, to the Heaven of Freedom & Beauty. This is a call to your soul. Do you hear it? Is this for you?

I’m going to be guiding a group of 3 souls in this Course of Spiritual Freedom from Disordered Eating.

I think I can manage 2 groups, and it’s possible, 2 spots are already taken, leaving 4. This opportunity is a special one.

Following this Course, it is likely I will systemize the Course to be available for more souls, yet, it won’t and can’t be as intimate as this will be, merely because there is only 1 of me, and MANY souls who need this help.

I’d like for you to be very honest with yourself if this is for you. If it is, please email me at:


And tell me why you want to join this Course in Spiritual Freedom from Disordered Eating. Feel free to share anything with me you feel is relevant, and why you feel you need this now.

I’d like to start this Course with the beginning of the New Year. New Beginnings, New Possibilities, New LIGHT. The course will be at least 3 months, and not longer than 6 months. There will be a financial investment for this Course, and it’s as low as will be supportive for me in putting this together, and supporting your commitment. Once I hear from you, we will discuss more details and assess if this is a right fit for you now.

To YOUR Freedom.

Sending you so much love.

Oceans of Appreciation,


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