Why do only some people have awesome lives? Why is it so easy to get off track? The ego is a monster that loves to be lazy and put off all the stuff that makes our lives great. Our lower self / ego / crazy person inside us – is on a mission to destroy our lives so we settle for less and live out a boring life of indulgence. And by the looks of it, this ego is doing pretty well!

But you didn’t come here for that, did you?

You came here to reach your full potential and enjoy it. But to have a great life we need to focus.

Life is easy when we do the hard stuff that makes us feel awesome. But if we get a bit slack the old habits come back and it’s not so fun and magical.

So what are the TOP things that make life awesome?

In over 18 years as a spiritual teacher I’ve found there are not many things. But if we do the few things that matter we can move ahead easily. If you do these 5 things your life will be awesome. Guaranteed. If you don’t then you’ll know why your life isn’t awesome.

1. Do you have a solid morning meditation practice that gives you peace, power and clarity?

How you feel about yourself and life effects everything. Getting a powerful practice that actually works is the #1 thing to keep moving forward. There are many practices. The important thing is it works – for YOU. Whatever does it for you – do that. And do it a lot!

2. Are you focused on the top 1-20% activities that have the greatest impact for your service/business each day?

Not everything you do is effective. But it doesn’t matter. Just figure out the FEW things that move you forward and do them. The rest doesn’t really matter. For example, if you’re an author – WRITE every day. If you’re a sales person, get on the phone and make the calls. If you don’t know what those few things are – read this book. Do less and achieve more.

3. Do you have deadlines and finishing dates for your work/projects?

If you want to move forward in life it’s essential you develop the habit of finishing stuff. Everyone has ideas and can start a project. But the winners are the ones who FINISH. If you don’t already, get yourself a calendar, put it on the wall and put all your deadlines on it. Finish, finish, finish. Become a master finisher. This one habit will change your life forever.

4. Do you have accountability support to make it 1000% inevitable you succeed?

We all need help. We don’t need people to hold our hand, but we do need people to hold us to high standards and make sure we finish the stuff we say and do the stuff we know is good for us. Who can hold you accountable? It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can just talk with someone once a week and let them know how you’re doing. How can you be held accountable so you make 1000% sure you do what you say you’re going to do?

If you have a mastermind, use it as a way to keep you accountable. Spend time with people who want to see you succeed.

5. Are you looking after your health and wellbeing so you can show up fully?

If you want to feel good, it’s essential you look after your wellbeing. Are you eating enough? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you spending time with yourself? Are you taking the time to just ‘be’? The more you look after yourself, the better you will feel. It sounds simple… and it is but the real question is…

Are you actually doing it?

Even if you know all this stuff, if you’re not doing it your life won’t be as awesome as it could be.

Are you willing to stop blocking higher consciousness, LET GO and surrender negative emotions? Are you willing to do what brings you joy?

You are an eternal, beautiful soul. You came here to enjoy life. You are great. I believe in you.

What can you do to make your life great today?

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