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The 3 Circles of Influence

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Sharing gifts is essential to your success. The more you share from your heart, the more you touch people’s hearts and the more they want to help you. Long gone are the days of demanding to be paid before you offer value to others. In today’s connection economy, the more you share gifts, the richer you are.

The 3 Circles of Influence


  1. Your Friends

These are your actual friends. The people you personally know and love, and would be happy to go on vacation with, or have watch your home while you’re away.

  1. Your Customers

The people you empower to get results and change their lives. The more you give them blessings and gifts to empower them, the better. Their success is your success.

  1. Your ‘Friendlies’

These are the people in your outer circle, the people you connect with on social media who like and share your stuff. The more you bless this group, the more the friendlies will become customers (and some will also become close friends). SIDE NOTE: Once a customer becomes a friend they won’t be a customer any more. So be very conscious about this.

The more you share, the more impact positive you will make. And the more impact you make, the more you will grow and evolve. Your needs will be met as you help others meet theirs. This is a deep thing that has to be understood.



In this episode, I want to talk to you about the power of giving gifts. Giving gifts is something people have forgotten to do. In our world today, everything has become a monetary exchange. And even if someone gives a gift like “Get this free thing”, what they’re actually saying is “Here’s this free thing but now you gotta buy my stuff.” So this whole thing of giving gifts is actually a lost art. If you give someone for example, a meal, that’s a beautiful gift. You are giving them something for free. If you share love with somebody, that’s a gift. If you smile at somebody, that’s a gift. If you just have a beautiful thought about somebody, that’s a gift.

We’ve somehow lost the art of giving gifts. When we give things or receive things, people often feel obliged or stuck in some contract. So, how can you use this in a benevolent way? This is essential because your job as an entrepreneur is to create art, to do what you are here to do, to share your love, to share your gifts, to share your skills with the world. But of course, you need to get paid.

So, where’s the balance of giving gifts and getting paid?

In Seth Godin’s book “Linchpin”, he said, you got three circles.

First, there’s your inner circle, your family and friends who you wouldn’t charge. You just talk to them and help them out.

The second circle is your customers, they pay for things from you, your clients.

Third circle is your ‘friendlies. Thanks to the internet,rather than being normal friends, these friends are your friendlies. Like Facebook friends. I have 5000 people on my profile. I don’t know who half of these people are. But they’re technically my friends. A lot of people commenting on posts I make, they like me, I like them. But I haven’t actually met them. They’re really not my friends. Would they invite me around their house for a meal? Maybe they would. Would I want to hangout with them? Maybe I would. But I don’t know these people.

But the more you give gifts here, to the friendlies, to the people in this circle give, give, give – some of these people will become your customers easily, naturally. Your job as an entrepreneur, an enlightened entrepreneur is to create your art and give gifts freely, free of charge from your heart without any expectations. I do all these videos, I do all this free stuff. I spent most of my life, at least 80% of my time just doing stuff for free, just giving gifts. Because I actually love giving gifts. It brings me joy to give gifts. It’s actually weird for me to actually charge money to people, I had to overcome that and receive money. It was one of the blocks I used to have. But now I don’t. Giving gifts is a very natural thing.

So, focus on giving gifts to this circle here, to Facebook, YouTube. The internet is just so perfect because gift, gift, gift. Someone who truly has something to offer is gonna give gifts. The sign of a true leader  is someone who is able to give and give and give and give. The more wealthy you are, the more you give.

Think back in the ancient days with kings and queens. The reason why they are kings and queens is because they gave so much. They had so much love to give. They used to give to the people. In the American Indian culture,  they gave a lot. But now, in today’s world people think the game is taking as much as we can. People think that’s success. The more stuff you have , the more you receive, the more successful you are. But that’s nonsense. The law of Karma teaches us that the more we give, the more we get.  So, this is like basic karma, really. We think success is to get, get, get. Me, me, me. That’s just not the way it is.

Nowadays, because of the internet you have the opportunity to create ebooks, audios, podcast, videos, meditations. Endless stuff, free session. Just give, give, give. Give from your heart, share from your heart. You know, it brings so much joy to give, doesn’t it? And those people will really appreciate it. And they’re gonna end up coming to the second circle and giving you money. Karmically, the more you give, the more you will receive.  Just get over this idea that there has to be an equal exchange. You don’t do anything unless you get paid. Give, give, give, give to your friendlies and you will experience the benefits. Your job is to give and the universe’s job is to give back to you karmically. Give from your heart freely. Your best ideas for free, give them all away.  Go for it!

Leave your comment on what you want to give, how effective this is and has this touched your heart and how can you do it. I want to hear it from you about this gift-giving. Share them with me. And also, if you feel someone else has to hear this, give them a gift by clicking on the share buttons. You can give this gift to other people to help them give more gifts. And the whole world has more gifts and everyone is more abundant. Giving gifts makes the world more abundant. And it starts with you, giving gifts and sharing gifts.

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