What to do while you wait for your projects?

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Do you have a project that you are working on – but it’s REWARDS are far in the distance – and you’re trying to keep your spirits high? It’s a classic situation and it happens to most of us in the entrepreneurial world.

It turns out that most things take a lot longer than anticipated to actually work. And forcing it doesn’t make it happen any faster. You can’t force a tree to bear fruit and in many cases you can’t make things happen faster than they are meant to. The key is knowing when you need to relax and when you need to act. Some things CAN be speeded up. Others can’t. What are you dealing with?



  • The 3 simple steps you can do to stay focused and excited while you wait
  • The secret to creating the life you love
  • How to get PAID while you are waiting (this is easy)

And see some beautiful shots of Hanalei Bay, Kauai & other cool stuff…

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