All About You

Experience A Complimentary Session With Our Awakened Coaches To Enjoy More Freedom, Creativity &  Wealth

Sometimes you just need to connect with someone who ‘gets’ you.

You are a unique being in all the universe.

You have something amazing to share. We’re here to help make it happen.

Your dreams and challenges are unlike anyone else’s because you are a unique soul, with unique gifts and abilities.

That’s why we don’t think there is a ‘one size fits all’ approach to success in life.

There is not one diet for everyone. Unlike most business and personal growth companies, we don’t believe there is one same path for everyone.

We recognize that your needs are unique and you need custom support on your journey that will work for YOU based on who you are and where you’re at.

Would you love to connect with someone who gets you?

We offer complimentary coaching sessions to support your unique path.

In your complimentary transformation session with our Awakened Coach you will get:

  1. An opportunity to share what’s really going on in your life with someone who can hold space and really listen – so you feel seen and heard
  2. Compassion, understanding and non-judgment. Sometimes just sharing helps release the weight and lighten the load
  3. Specialized, personal support and guidance on some of the next steps you can take to overcome challenges and move into a higher level of success

Set your session in just 1 simple step:

Choose a day/time that works well for you. Remember to mark this in your calendar and show up on time. Our Awakened Coaches will confirm and you will experience a powerful and helpful session

That’s it.

Set Up Your Session


“I feel so electrified after speaking with you!  I am ready to take it to the next level!” – Myriam Conroy

“Thank you so much for your compassion, presence and kind heart. It is truly felt and appreciated.  I can literally feel the love coming from you.  I haven’t felt this wrapped in love for a long time.  I feel so much more hopeful and inspired.” – Kristal

“Thank you so much for all your (personal) attention.  I can’t tell you how happy I am, since I spoke to Kathy.  I am really looking forward to all that is going to happen in my life.  So, thank you for all that you are…Lots of love… Bianca Wilting”

“I actually feel like I can accomplish this goal.  Thank you for helping me put these achievable steps in place.” – Greg

“Ok!  I’ll do it!  I am inspired to make this happen!  Thank you for your guidance, (and the kick in the rear end that I needed!)” – Andrew

“I loved the 80/20 book of Michael’s and am very excited to start implementing it in my life. Thanks Paul! Just wanted to update you all – I got the job!!!! Thank you, Kathy and Paul, and of course Michael and Arielle – I feel the ‘I am Wealth’ opened up this opportunity for me.” – Kristin Mothersbaugh