Where are we going?

Sacred Business & Leadership

We provide #1 spiritual leadership and sacred business resources for spiritually minded coaches, authors, speakers, teachers and game changers. Through our work 5 million souls are able to reach their full potential and create real, sustainable, lasting change on the planet by first really changing themselves. We provide the tools they need to become Awakened Leaders in their field of service and transform the lives of 100 million people.


Next Generation Publishing House

We are the world’s leading cutting-edge self-help publishing company for next generation authors and teachers (Atma Publishing). Think Hayhouse + Mindvalley, but for the new generation of game changes who take things to new levels for the new world.


Free Spiritual Education for 1 Billion+ souls

We enable 1 billion people to receive core spiritual education for free, so they can know who they are, connect to Source and awaken their fortune during this precious time. This is done with our own promotion and work as well as with affiliation to other organizations we believe in that we help to reach a bigger audience. This includes giving our marketing courses and information free to the organizations we believe in.