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Discover Your Expanded Self
And Total Bliss Beyond Limits

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The Expanded Consciousness Meditation:
Explore a glimpse into the vastness of your soul

The Magical Story Behind This Bliss-Filled Meditation…

One morning I woke up in a state that I can only describe as ecstatic bliss, profound joy and limitless freedom. It was so intense (and enjoyable) I couldn’t get out for bed for 3 hours.

I simply lay there absorbed by this magical experience, in awe and wonder of the potential we all have within us. I had no idea what I did to create this state – but I wanted to have more of it. And so, I managed to stand up and walk into the recording studio in our home and record this ‘expanded consciousness meditation’ as a way to capture this beautiful experience and return to it later on.

When I listen to this meditation now, I can feel the vibrations of that time and it brings me right back into that state (and can for you too). I hope you enjoy it.



This meditation…

• Takes you deep on an inner journey to the depths of your soul

• Totally relaxes your body and mind

• Expands your consciousness to Higher Experiences

• Connects you to the all-loving Source of Creation

• Leaves you with a great sense of personal power and freedom


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