Special Thanks and Appreciation

I feel it’s important to share the source of many of our inspirations for out work.
And also, to say THANK YOU to those who have helped us along the way. Below is a list of THANKS and CREDIT.


First and foremost, I’d like to acknowledge God, The One, The Ocean of Peace and Bliss for all your love, support and guidance. Without you, none of this would have ever happened. I’m constantly amazed and in wonder about how many ideas appear in my mind and how many things happen, seemingly effortlessly – with your Grace.

I’d like to thank those who taught me Raja Yoga meditation at the Brahma Kumaris for all the powerful insights, wonderful family vibes and blessings. Life Changing. There is still nothing quite like it anywhere.

Massive appreciation to David Hawkins and his books and courses for powerful additional insights about the nature of the mind, ego and consciousness.

To Sam Carpenter for your great book, Work the System. That really got us into gear, Thank God.

Blessings to the following business and marketing teachers. I’ve not met you all personally, but your courses have allowed me to build a company that wouldn’t have been possible without your. Eben Pagan, my go to guy for all things related to being an entrepreneur. And, I’m surprised to say how much good personal development goodies I’ve learned from you. Thanks to Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Michael Cage (my first business course), Andrew Lock, Vrinda Norman (The boat concept has been highly valuable to me) and I appreciate your Virtual Retreat concept. Thanks to all those out there sharing information and videos for free, too many to remember and name, but I’m sure I’ve gleaned some great ideas subconsciously over the years.

Big thanks to Seth Godin for his fun books and videos on marketing and creativity and to Stephen Pressfield for his passionate writing on the resistance. You’ve been through it and come back with the light. To Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler for their work on the hero’s journey. Truly remarkable. 

Thank you for the Bhagwad Gita, The Righu Gita and the DharmaPada.





We all have a unique journey and none of us could make it to where we are without the help and support of others. Here’s my list of thanks for those who’ve served me along the way.

First, thanks to God, the Ocean of Love. Truly, without your love and knowedlge, I’d be trapped. The power of spiritual union has changed everything. Thanks to the brothers and sisters who taught me Raja Yoga at the Brahma Kumaris. Those years have made me what I am today. I am forever grateful. Special blessings to Prashant, Sheila, Tim, Maureen and all the brothers and sisters in Cambridge not to mention everyone else I know from all over.

To Arielle, for coming into my life at the perfect time and reminding me of how relationships are meant to be.

To my mother and Father, Wendy and Rob Mackintosh for giving me a spiritual upbringing and making me a world traveller. To my brother Todd, for the fun times we had.

To Richard, James, Max, Loucas, Greg for holding it down and being hard core, setting up the Ashram and being an inspiration. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. We’ve had quite some impactful times. To Amanda for being a truly wonderful, deep soul.

Superhero Shoutout to Nick Good, for starting a ruckus and us doing all the cool things we’ve done since we met. What a powerful force for good. Best ever. To David Wolfe, Noni land brothers and sisters for being so on it with the mission.

To Lisa Lemley for loving me and setting up our live here. You’re such a sweet soul, never forget it. To Michelle Pierson for being a blazing fire that burns thought resistance – stay in your joy. To Lisa Seed for reminding me of what’s possible and being magical.

To Adam and Joshua for your ongoing support and mastermind genius – a regular blessing!

To Dodee Ji for your love and support editing and blessing. To Tom, for holding it down and not messing around. To Anne for your love and care. It really makes a difference.

To Karl, for being a ROCK and making sure everything works. To Vic for doing what you did at a time of need. To Regina for telling us about Work the System.

To everyone who has helped support our work over the years in big and small ways: Roberta, Elena, Kristal and everyone else.