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This powerful meditation & audio have been used by thousands of people all over the world to relax, get centered and get clear. The Hand of Blessings takes you into the heart of your Higher Purpose here. The Upper Limit Problem audio helps you transcend your glass ceiling and go beyond all limits.

Hand of Blessings

by Arielle Hecht | Awaken to Your Bliss

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This audio is part of the Awakened Academy Spiritual Coach Certification and Online Business Training (2016 Enrollment Opens this Fall, Early Access Opens Very Soon).

The Upper Limit Problem (Essential)

by Michael Mackintosh & Arielle Hecht | Awaken to Your Bliss

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How will this session make your life better?

This session is about Transcending Your Limits.

It’s about realizing the vastness of possibility available to you right now, and being open to let in your divine and high destiny. Ironically, as Marianne Williamson says, It is our LIGHT that most frightens us, not our darkness.

And so strange as it may seem, we have fears of letting ‘too much light’ shine.

What will you learn?

• What is holding you back from joy, freedom, bliss, love and all things good
• The upper limit problem – what it is, how it works and how to overcome it
• The question you need to ask yourself repeatedly, in order to go beyond your current level of success, health, happiness and wealth
• The secret key to unlocking the treasure store of your fortune
• How to live in the flow of bliss on tap, and keep letting it in

I couldn’t bare to think of my life without Awakened Academy input, influence, wisdom and love.

They provide the building blocks to freedom.

Freedom from drudgery, freedom from our limiting beliefs, freedom from the lies that we have agreed to.

Awakened Academy has changed my life so dramatically but in a quiet, loving, consistent and constant manner. Deeply kind and practical there is no where else you need to go – it is all here – all bases are covered and the root and most important base is covered consistently.

AMAZING IS truly the word. Their service is exceptionally high and the best company you could wish to keep. Awakened Academy helps you uncover the best in you so you can stand up and make a difference in a way that brings you the sweetest joy.

Life can be fulfilling and beautiful – Awakened Academy leads by example.

I am forever grateful for Awakened Academy being in my life.
Thank you.

Cindy Aikman

Yoga Teacher & Entrepreneur