Spiritual Mentoring Experience

Advanced Growth and Development For Spiritually-Minded Souls

Awakened Academy Spiritual Mentoring Experience
is a sacred opportunity.

Research tells us, in order to create new results in your life, you need a consistent program of study with an experienced mentor, over a sustained period of time.

If we keep thinking the same thoughts and taking the same actions, we will get the same results we always have. In order to ascend to a higher level in our lives, we must think, speak and act in a new way. To do so, we need new knowledge, inspiration and awakening on a regular basis.

Surrounding yourself with the supportive company of uplifting mentors and spiritual community, while being accountable to thinking, speaking and acting in a new way, is an environment where real change can finally happen.

No matter what obstacles you face, or how many times you’ve failed in the past, Arielle and Michael know first hand how to help you break through and create the results you want in your life. 

They know how to support you in raising your level of consciousness and becoming your higher self.

We believe you are a special soul with precious gifts within you.

Spiritual Mentoring helps you to elevate every area of your life, be in tune spiritually and help others in a meaningful way.

Congratulations for finding your way here. You are an amazing soul.

Spiritual Mentoring Experience

Find out how this can serve your divine intentions