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Spiritual Life Coach Certification and Sacred Online Business Academy

The Awakened Academy is a one-of-a-kind educational institute. It is our mission to improve the landscape of business by changing the way the world understands the importance of incorporating spirituality within business. We provide educational opportunities for entrepreneurs and professionals (beginning and experienced) as well as programs for those wanting to enrich, simplify and awaken their lives. We host online events and live workshops, and offer plenty of free online content, knowledge and inspiration. At Awakened Academy, we are dedicated to providing a holistic approach to spiritually-based business and life coaching in an awakened perspective and positive atmosphere of real change.

Much More Than Just Another Life Coach or
Online Business/Marketing Training…

Our professional certification program, the Spiritual Life Coach Certification and Sacred Online Business Academy is completely unique. It is a distance learning program, comprised of a comprehensive, 325 hour online learning environment, that can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world.

In this unique program, we cover an evolved online business and marketing model to fuel higher profits and purpose. Our holistic approach to business is whole in and of itself. On top of that we work with people from a deeply spiritual perspective, getting to the root causes of underlying issues, pains and challenges. It all starts with you, as you take a journey deeper into your own self to heal, transform and emerge the Awakened Leader you came here to be. Awakened Academy’s approach to spiritual life coaching and business is changing the landscape of how practitioners work with themselves and clients by having a strong connection to a Higher Power first and foremost.

Our cutting-edge curriculum includes in-depth study on the self, dharma (unique soul purpose), effective teaching, love/relationships, health, wealth, business success systems and more. Because we know we are spiritual beings having a multi-faceted human experience, the tools and protocols we teach embrace all of who we are, and therefore provide the most powerfully effective, results-based training there is. If we want to truly go the the next level in our lives, and help our clients do the same, we must approach our circumstances from a higher level of consciousness than that which created them.

If you’re looking to truly serve others while transforming yourself and creating a wealthy practice or business, then the Awakened Academy Spiritual Life Coach Certification and Online Business Training is for you.  This a one-of-a-kind educational opportunity unlike any other. To learn more about stepping into a brand new career that pays you well, or massively enhancing your enjoyment of your current business, simply email us at, or call 928-719-7728.

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Beyond Certification and Training:
Your Awakening

Awakened Academy was born from a growing awareness of the need to offer practical means of incorporating meaningful spiritual practice to an ever-increasing population of unhappy, confused people seeking meaning in their lives. Understanding that true success and happiness in any endeavour comes first from the inner landscape, we remain committed to spiritual and personal development. As such, we offer our first Pillar of Awakened Academy, Awakened You, for anyone looking to take a big leap forward in their lives and spiritual practice, who may be undecided as to whether or not they want to make a career out of mentoring, teaching, speaking, writing or facilitating courses. This transformational program provides the basis of all future and lasting success and is therefore required learning for all our students. The Awakened You Pillar is complete with 9 modules to awaken your lifestyle, release the clutter and burden in your life and forge a strong spiritual connection – and we’re offering you the option to receive this life-changing transformation as a stand-alone course.  Awakened You is designed to help participants find genuine freedom and spiritual connection, while arranging and ordering their lives in alignment with their highest goals and ideals.

Awakened You, like all our programs, comes to you via an online platform that is easy to use, and leads you to recreate your life in a whole new, holistically aligned, way.  This training provides just the right blend of hands-on techniques to put to the test, and intuitive and introspective practices to take the material deeper. If you’re finally ready to learn the tools that really change your experience for the better around routine, relationships, meditation and happiness, then we invite you to learn more by scheduling a call with our team. Isn’t it time to let go of the constant struggle you’re having in life and embrace a whole new world?

We also have numerous mini-courses for you to enjoy and experience profound shifts, on topics from Creating Wealth to Improving your Inner Self-Image to Finding a Perfectly Aligned Relationship. Check them out here:

Finally – An Innovative and Effective Spiritually-Based Approach to Life Purpose

Our work at Awakened Academy is based on a powerful approach we developed, Unique Soul Purpose, that creates a union of spirituality and purpose, and in turn provides the missing link when it comes to aligning so many of our passions, goals and abilities – with who we are at the core and who we are here to serve.

The world we live in, and the challenges it brings regarding finding one’s true purpose in life, amidst the myriad of distractions, pressures and influences, made the development of the Unique Soul Purpose a must. With this approach we are able to help our clients discover exactly what they’re here to do. People everywhere are looking for real answers and clarity when it comes life purpose and vocation, and are negatively judging themselves for not already knowing their true calling. With Unique Soul Purpose, clarity around aligned career happens rapidly, opening the doors immediately to get on with earning an amazing income with a meaningful and purposeful career.

Now is the time for an innovative and customized way of discovering real answers to the ‘what do I do with my life’ challenge. It’s time to learn how to make positive changes that last, and align with your inner being and life path in an authentic, empowering way.

The Awakened Academy is instrumental in bringing forth education and professional training that is not only changing individual lives, but the worlds in which those lives revolve!  Our Spiritual Life Coach Certification and Sacred Online Business Academy is at the cutting edge and appeals to those of you who want to be at the forefront of making great change in the world, through one genuinely happy client at a time.

Making Your Success Inevitable with our Revolutionary Approach

At Awakened Academy, we don’t believe in leaving your success to chance. We take a higher consciousness approach to your big vision and planning, and when it comes to taking action (where most people get stuck) we make 100% sure you don’t get trapped by the ego, perfectionism or procrastination. We’ve developed unique “21 Day Challenges” to empower you during your Certification and Training, activating you with a fun and unsurpassed level of accountability and success.. We learned these techniques from several of the world’s most successful and effective people, and put together the best of the best to form our own signature Inevitable Success System. We can assure you that you will grow leaps and bounds and be amazed at your progress. If you’ve done other courses, only to find you couldn’t actually get yourself to study the course – you won’t have that problem here. We are the only Academy we know of that offers an immense level of supportive accountability that is fun, exciting and completely effective.

An Opportunity to be on the Awakened Academy Team of Certified Spiritual Life Coaches

Awakened Academy is a Spiritual Life Coach Company that is proud to endorse the work of Certified Spiritual Life Coaches from around the world. Our coaches are all graduates of our Certification Training and have specialized in a particular area to help relieve pain, suffering and blocks for a wide array of problems. If you, too, are someone who would like to become a spiritual life coach, yet do not want to start your own business, there is the opportunity to work with our amazing team and family.

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