Your Sacred Next Chapter Selected Invite

Watch this special video and listen to the stories below to get a full sense of what you’re personally being invited to. Congratulations and Many Blessings!

Penny's Experience - "A lot of things that intellectually I knew, a lot of things I've talked about, even some things I've experienced in my life, became crystal clear."

by Penny Gamble Williams | Awakened Academy Experience

Rachel's Experience - "I feel like a completely different person... it's weird, I'm living in a different world!"

by Rachel Joy Olsen | Awakened Academy Experience

Your Sacred Next Chapter

This is a doorway into a new world. Like Penny and Rachel shared, what had taken years, will begin manifesting in weeks. Once you’re on your path, deeply connected to your core of self, there is no looking back. This first call with Arielle is the bridge between worlds.

There is no pressure. This call is a gift. Because many women will apply, space is limited. If you’re feeling it, please apply below for your sacred next chapter call. You’ve been invited.

In a safe sacred space, you will explore what is wishing to come forth and express through you, in alignment with the highest good for you and others. When your life is in harmony with your inner truth, wealth, joy, love and beauty pour forth.

This call is the only call to learn more about Awakened Academy Leadership & Sacred Business Training and to be considered for joining. You’ve been chosen out of many. We believe in you.

Whether you’ve been feeling slightly ‘stuck’ or in a place of ‘limbo’, or you’re just starting to enter your ‘next chapter’, we will bring clarity to your path. Share your experience with us below.

Many blessings and Good Wishes,

Arielle & Michael