S  O  F  T  L  Y         P  O  W  E  R  F  U  L

What to do when you’re feeling down

What does it mean to be ‘softly powerful?’

What to do when you're feeling down

by Michael Mackintosh | Softly Powerful


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  1. Donna

    Thank you. I have ptsd. This is helpful as I don’t have funds to get therapy, etc.


    Thanks a lot.I already feel lighter.I am getting through a painful situation with my divorce process.So I realise that if you stay a lot in the feeling of pain you are used to it and the Ego wants you to stay there for a long time.So I am going to ask myself these two questions:What I am getting from this negativity?I allow myself to feel the pain but I SAY TO MYSELF I AM SAFE AND ETERNAL.I see my life as a joyrney towards a higher consciousness and I realise this pain as a resistance AGAINST the change.
    So, for how long am I willing to be a victim of the pain?LIFE WILL WIN.


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