S  O  F  T  L  Y         P  O  W  E  R  F  U  L

Introversion 101 Do’s and Dont’s

In this audio you will learn:

  • The 101 Download for Introverts – What to do and what not to do to maintain inner peace and happiness
  • How avoid overwhelm or uncomfortable situations
  • How to never feel awkward again
  • What to focus on for your own inner joy, peace and wellbeing

Introversion 101 Do's and Dont's

by Michael Mackintosh | Softly Powerful


Right click ‘save as…’ to download to your computer.

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  1. kiki

    ‘Artfelt Mastery Michael’

    Mahalo, for your profound gentle, reminders in being mindfully aware of unconditional self~ loving soulutions each valued principle aligned, in experiencing an upgraded beautiful lifestyle.’

    Blessed, Blessings…
    In the spirit of gratitude!

  2. kiki

    ‘’Artfelt Mastery “
    Mahalo Michael for your
    profound gentle reminders in experiencing an upgraded unconditional self~loving lifestyle.’

    Beautiful Blessings…
    In the spirit of gratitude!

  3. kiki

    Blessings in the spirit of gratitude,

    The artfelt mastery, deeper awareness simple, gentle lifestyle in re~awakening self~nurturing unconditional love … ‘eternal peace1love blessings always’ ~

  4. nancy indiana

    Thank you, Michael. These reminders are soothing.


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