S  O  F  T  L  Y         P  O  W  E  R  F  U  L

How to Deal with Extrovert Situations

In this audio you will learn:

  • How to deal with work, parties, presentations, speeches and other externally focused events
  • How to successfully master social situations while staying true to yourself
  • Secrets to feeling more relaxed and centered and see social events as entertaining
  • How to enjoy yourself at social events!

How to Deal with Extrovert Situations

by Michael Mackintosh | Softly Powerful


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unnamedWhat are your top tips and secrets for dealing with overwhelming social situations? How did this audio help you?

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  1. Michael Kiernan

    Enjoyed this very much LOL.. I have worked , Managed and leased bars for most of my life and always wondered how I became so drained from People. Listening to rubbish that I had no interest in was one big problem and unfortunately I couldn’t just tell everyone that I have to leave as I worked there . This resulted in me feeling like I was in a crazy prison that I created for myself.

    Multitasking was something I had to do but got myself in a right mess when I did this. I cant multitask as my mind dosnt work that way. It was interesting when you mentioned drink and how it can actually makes you extrovert somewhat . That was my salvation and without this outlet I would not have coped. As you probably know an introvert with drink can be very funny as they become the person that they have being studying for all of their lives. when I was younger I drank to bring me out of myself and mix with others better. I had more confidence and was the life and soul of any situation. At the same time I found myself in lots of trouble and would never consider doing those things in a sober state of mind.

    It took my quite some time to realize that I was living a life as an extrovert when I was in fact an introvert. I didnt like myself when I was younger and now at an older age I realize why I was doing what I was doing. I think many introverts get caught up in this dilemma and being introvert is very challenging for most people. It is very easily misunderstood and in my youth I was bullied and punished for it.

    I do some of those things that you suggested and found that your advice is on the money. I sometimes go into bars now and picture a scene out of “Benny Hill” in fast motion. I simply look around and watch the madness take place and its very funny when you actually take a good look at it all. I have also just left without saying goodbye .

    My advice is that the majority of introverts should never drink as they do become targets. As you say they do become somewhat extrovert but are always aware of being different and still analyse ( Somethings even more than usual ). This gets them into all sorts of trouble as they stick out like a sore thumb. Everything comes out. They would be classed as the bad drunk ( the guy or girl that cannot handle their drink) . When you meet them the next morning they are a completely different person. practically all of them ( introvert ).

    Finally it is very difficult to get a balance when going out. Going out with a close friend or partner is the best way to balance that. Going out on you own is a NO NO when having a drink. God only knows where you will end up LOL. Most introverts are very aware of themselves and sometimes need to experience the extrovert in order to understand them. I my case I used to do this so that I was in a better position to help . In my ignorance sometimes I got caught up in all the madness or simply say to myself ( Lets join the party and see where it goes) . It can be great fun but I just couldn’t live there in a life that seems programmed for destruction .

    Anyway I enjoyed that and had a good laugh about the methods you have to cope with those rather awkward situations. All of them are correct and I will be trying some of the these out..

    Thank you !!


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