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I had looked at 3-4 life coach training websites and had contacted a couple of them.  One seemed like it relied too much on pop culture and recent books by “spiritual” authors.  I also found one that seemed very good from a practical application perspective, but I wanted something more spiritually based.  When I saw the Awakened Academy website I felt all warm and fuzzy.  It spoke to me on a deeper level.  It seemed to have a deep spiritual aspect to it that the others did not.  I thought this was fantastic since I wanted to be a spiritual life coach with the emphasis on “spiritual.”    

I was very excited and a little nervous before my call with Kathy.  The website brochure said that the call would determine if I and the Academy were a good fit.  Maybe I’m not spiritual enough. Maybe there would be an oral quiz. What if it costs too much?  What if there was a lot of pressure to sign up?  All my concerns were relieved with the first call.  It turns out that part of the training was to explore and deepen my own spirituality!  What followed was a nice conversation (no quiz!) about the program and Kathy was able to answer all of my questions.  I found the program cost was a reasonable investment in myself personally and my future career. Plus, there were payment options that fit my needs.   Over the next few days as more questions arose, I contacted Kathy again and always felt valued.  If you’re interested in Awakened Academy, and truly believe in your heart it is the place for you, you should definitely make the call.  

Mary Ann Maloney


The initial call has been a crucial pillar in my decision making as to whether to onboard the Spiritual Life Coach program offered by Awakened Academy. The conversation I had with Kathy Sherwood has been very pleasant, fair and transparent. She actually gave me the insights I was looking for, as I was not sure yet whether the curriculum of the program would fit my expectations. Kathy explained to me the key content features and the tuition component in a very serene and non-imposing manner. After I have gone through the first program pillars I can only confirm that my positive expectations and feelings after we had the initial call have not been mislead. I am very happy that I took the decision to become an Awakened Leader by Awakened Academy.

 With Metta!

 Frank Weilack


Awakened Academy has been the biggest blessing in my life.  Most of my life has been spent seeking higher spiritual connection.  I have always felt drawn to helping others to find themselves, to help them find their light.  But really did not know how to truly do this as a full time career path.  I had been looking at different life coaching courses out there, none of them truly spoke to me.  I was about to go with one just to get my foot in the door to coaching / teaching.  However, intuition, guidance from the Divine, told me to look one more time at what was out there – and suddenly Awakened Academy appeared.  It truly spoke to me.  I set up my call to find out more and was blessed to talk to Kathy.  She was so genuine, so easy to talk to.  She explained about the program and I instantly felt a connection.  Normally I am one to have to sit and really think about doing something, especially when money is involved…lol.  However, the morning after my call, I called back and signed up.  And it has truly been the most amazing journey, one that I could never have imagined.  Arielle and Michael are truly a gift sent from the Divine.  They are so genuine, so caring and so intuitive.  I have only been taking the classes a relatively short time, yet it feels like I have grown in light years.  I have learned so much about myself, the true me.  I can see my path developing and how my life experiences can help others.  My connection to the Divine grows stronger and stronger every day.  For the first time in a long time I am loving life, even thru some difficult situations.  And the emails from Arielle and Michael are always perfect – they are exactly what I need to hear.  It is like they just know what I need.  Being a part of this family is such a blessing.  I feel such a connection to everyone here as we walk this beautiful spiritual journey together.  I now have the confidence that one day soon, I will be starting my life coaching business, teaching classes on spirituality and writing books, thank you Arielle and Michael, you are true blessings

If you are looking for a course to truly awaken your spirit and follow your true path, Awakened Academy is the way to go.  You will be amazed and inspired.  This is what the world needs.

Light and Love

Cheryl Harris


Hello.  I hope this finds you well, and in good spirits.

If you are reading this, then you have contacted the folk at Awakened Academy and a phone conversation has been scheduled.  I’ve been where you are, minus this letter though.  I had the fortune of a friend applying at the same time, and he was able to de-mystify the experience for me.  So, in some ways, I did have a ‘letter’ per say.

So, if I may, I’d like to de-mystify the experience a bit for you.  What can you expect during your call with Awakened Academy.

First, understand that what AA brings to the table is life-altering on profound levels.  For me, personally, I’ve been on my spiritual journey for over 35 years.  During those years I was bouncing all over the place finding teachers and wisdom to guide my journey.  Some of the teachers were great, others lead me off course… but when you’re on your own, you do what you can with what you have.  I learned a lot, but can honestly say in the first month of Awakened Academy felt like I was going after an advanced degree.  It goes without saying, your mileage may vary.  Awakened Academy has introduced me to a structured, self-paced, method of learning.

The phone call is as much for you, as it is for Awakened Academy.  This is an investment of time and money.  It would be in bad form to have you sign up, pay and then be disappointed in the offerings.  The phone call is a time to allow Kathy to get to know you, and your journey.  To ask questions to allow you to express yourself in a way to see if this is truly a good fit for you.  Are you open to change, allowing the wisdom of the instructors to challenge you on levels, and introduce change?

There is a lesson, in the first pillar, that to this day I still am chewing on.  I had to listen to it multiple times.  It was tough, truly, tough.  I fought it, argued with it, debated it with my friend and argued it some more.  Then, as life often does, I had a moment in my life where I had to ‘speak my truth’ and that lesson came rushing forward.  I found myself facing a situation where the one lesson I argued and, dare I say, hated… was now the structure I’d use to navigate what was before me.  I adapted what I had learned, and used what I was taught to find the path in the storm and allow myself to come through to the other side.

That is just one example out of many… and it all started with my conversation with Kathy.  She saw in me what I hadn’t seen in myself, that my journey of my spiritual awakening wasn’t ending… but truly just beginning.  Everything I had learned up to that moment wasn’t for naught, as it provided a good base and understanding of what I am capable of.  I would encourage you to just relax and be yourself.  This isn’t a time to impress, but rather a time to just allow yourself to just be… and enjoy the process set before you.

Heath Crumbacker


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