Are You Ready for
Your Best Year Yet?


Awakened Academy is the only spiritual leadership and sacred business academy for highly empathic, spiritual women in their next chapter.

Awakened Academy is for women who are ready to make 2015 the year they stop making excuses, and really make it happen.

This is the year to make thoughts and ideas, inner callings and intuitions… a REALITY.

We specialize in awakening your true calling, deepening your spiritual connection and teaching you how to powerfully and successfully share your unique gifts with the world.

The world is crying out for your help. There is an imminent need for you to contribute your heart’s authentic gifts and help those who are waiting for you to come forward and serve. And if you’re willing to show up – the universe will bless you with dreams beyond dreams.

By you being all you can be – your life will become a magical adventure that just keeps getting more amazing by the day.

Are you ready to make 2015 the year it all started? The year you surrendered having to do everyone on your own, received help, connected with your best soul sister friends worldwide… and actually brought your soul-calling and purpose to life.

In 9 months, you can be the highest expression of yourself. You can be serving others, making an income, and smiling on your life with great contentment.



It’s your time to come onto the stage and share your gifts.



Who are you becoming? Would you love help getting clear?

Would you love help making the transition easy?

Are you ready to feel confident moving forward on your true path, and authentically sharing your message with others?

Would you love to get practical, proven tools to bring your contribution to the world and make money sharing your unique gifts?

Would you love to focus on what you need to do and let others take care of the tedious, complex technical details for you, so you are free to shine?


“It’s Your time
to Fly.”

If you’re ready for your Next Chapter, and you would like to learn more about how you can join Awakened Academy, The World’s Only Awakened Leadership and Sacred Business Certification and Training, we’re offering you a very rare and special opportunity to connect with our team personally.

This session is valued at $500+, and we can assure you breakthroughs and miracles.

In your complimentary Awakening Your Sacred Next Chapter Session, you will get clear on what’s next, what’s holding you back and how to birth through into the new you.

The you that came here to lead in these remarkable times.


This is a complimentary session reserved for dedicated women who are seeking support and community for birthing a new life and serving the world in this new year and beyond.


On this call you will discover:

1. What are the signs and synchronicities in your life telling you?

2. What’s your highest vision, your big dream, the calling deep in your heart?

3. What’s holding you back from your freedom and contribution?

4. What support do you need to go from where you are now to where you are meant to be?


We will help you find your unique path to get from where you are right now – to where you want to be. And, if you’re ready, we will give you a VIP insiders only access into the World’s Only Awakened Leadership and Sacred Business Certification for Empathic Women that has already begun for a select group of Awakening Women. To find out more about how you can awaken the spiritual leader within – sign up for your Sacred Next Chapter Session below:

(NOTE: The ONLY way to join Awakened Academy Leadership & Sacred Business Certification is by applying below.)

Please note these sessions are reserved for appropriate and serious dedicated women only… If you’re ready to bring yourself fully into your next chapter and leave your life legacy – we’d love to help you birth the new you and start changing the lives of those who need your help.



Now is your chance to leave the waiting room behind. It’s your time to start again.



It’s your time to re-envision the way we can live, work and thrive in this new era of feminine power, and how you can be an awakened example of it. Your life has brought you to this point. You attracted all the support you need. And here is an invitation to you. Are you ready? We look forward to your awakened success.

In service and love,

Arielle and Michael

Awakened Academy – International Spiritual Leadership & Sacred Business Academy