Spiritual Awakening and Sacred Business Academy
For Next Generation Evolutionary Leaders


Attain Everything

A Practical Spiritual Awakening Course for Deep Souls

A Practical Spiritual Awakening Course to Raise Your Level of Consciousness, and Thereby Transform Your Entire Life Experience. 

Do you feel unsatisfied with traditional spiritual growth information? Still feeling yourself coming up empty from all the New Age practices?

The Attain Everything Ascension Toolkit Series is for deeper, older souls who have a keen b.s. detector, and are simply searching for the Truth.

Try it out for yourself, this series of audios and meditations are deeply nourishing to the soul.

Softly Powerful
– The Awakened Introvert’s Guide to Success

The essential insights for highly empathic and sensitive souls… Create a Successful Life, While Staying True to Your more Sensitive Nature. Discover where you fall on the scale of Extrovert, Introvert and Ambivert.

Have you ever wondered why you feel so overwhelmed in social situations? Have you ever secretly wished you could skip the party, the date, the social event? You’re not alone. We get you. Receive this free course on how to stay true to yourself and overcome overwhelm and social anxiety.


Spiritual Powers of the Soul

A heart-centered, essence-full weekly note about each spiritual power of the soul. An opportunity to go deep, receive true nourishment and strengthen your authentic powers.

An essence-full weekly blessings of spiritual sustenance.

Churned jewels of knowledge and wisdom and points for deep reflection. This is a special series of weekly spiritual sustenance. Essence-full. Pure. Loving. Powerful.