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Arielle & Michael

Here’s what some of our students say about Awakened Academy

“Since having my call and joining Awakened Academy, I have left my corporate job, written a book, started coaching, bought my dream house (a farm with a salt water swimming pool) in a secluded beautiful scenery,  lost 30 lbs and attracted a loving new relationship, and so much more!” – Rita Andorinho, Portugal

“Since my first call and beginning Awakened Academy, I am now the owner of my time. I have a great return not only financially but most importantly mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My dream came through, as I am able to work from anywhere in the world by being supported by a sustainable online business! This magical journey supported me to deeply serve many clients as a spiritual life coach. It also provided me with the knowledge and confidence needed to publish four online courses, several guided meditations (listened to more than 400K times) and prepare to launch my YouTube channel.” – Lyne Johnson, UK

“Words cannot describe the shifts I’ve experienced and the results I’ve seen in my clients after I completed my Spiritual Life Coaching Certification with Michael and Arielle…Not only are my clients healing at exponential rates through solving their own issues, I too am healing and achieving vibrations in my life, in my body, and my soul I never dreamed possible!” – Christy Sanger, USA

“For me, Michael and Arielle were literally thrown in my path and this program has been an answer to many prayers. I am looking forward to the future, financially, spiritually and physically in ways I didn’t even know existed a few short months ago. I also know that I have lifelong kindred spirits for friends and family and that means so very much to me.” – Wendy Fargo, USA

“Joining Awakened Academy was hands-down one of the best choices I have ever made. This course, Michael & Arielle, the group, and everything involved have truly been magical & life-changing. I’ve launched my website and business, lost 100 pounds and manifested the most amount of money I’ve ever had in savings – and I’m not even complete with the Course yet!” – Cait Stanley, Canada

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