Spiritual Coaching From Awakened Academy

You Deserve Freedom.

Claim back your life, do what you love and get paid. Experience personal guidance to destroy obstacles for good and live your authentic awakened life.

Catapult forward with the support of someone who has ‘been there,’ and can help you break through your barriers.

Personalized spiritual coaching is the most effective way to gain the insights, and individualized support, you need to break out of whatever is holding you back – so you can fully embrace your next chapter.

When you work directly with us you can 10x your abilities – supercharging your life and saving years of wasted time that would otherwise be spent stressing and worrying about things while getting nowhere.

Are you ready for the fast track to freedom?

Over the last 20 years combined, we’ve supported literally thousands of people from all walks of life – from high-level entrepreneurs and multi-millionaires to beginner entrepreneurs, parents, grandparents, college students, spiritual teachers and almost everyone in between who was in need of direction.

It’s been a wonderful experience, that’s confirmed to us how very different we all are. Each soul is unique, and therefore needs to follow a unique path, that is aligned with their soul purpose, in order to thrive in life.

Spiritual coaching is an easy way to understand yourself deeply and create amazing transformations in your life with the least amount of time and energy.

Coaching gets you unstuck – fast.

Coaching gives you the power and insights you need to break-free – and then sustain the changes you make until they stick.

And that’s why we LOVE spiritual coaching – because it works!

We offer personal coaching, group coaching and coaching in-person retreats in the beautiful Sedona, Arizona. All of our coaching opportunities fill up quickly each year, so make sure to fill in your application here to get on the waiting list now. You can also check out our spiritual coaching program.

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