Dear Empathic, Spiritually Minded Soul

Are you feeling the call to be part of a whole new generation of spiritual leaders as a spiritual coach, teacher and guide?

How can you live a spiritual life, do meaningful work and make a great living – on your own terms?

I know what having an inspiration to help others is like. I also know what being stuck and not knowing how you can ever make real differences in the lives of others is like. You can feel like you are wasting your life in unfulfilling jobs and relationships.

Feeling unfulfilled, having more to give, and standing at a crossroads are common experiences. It’s a powerful moment when you realize there’s so much more you want to contribute, yet you haven’t set the wheels in motion. You might feel like you have so much to offer, but haven’t allowed yourself to truly honor that potential.

You may have spent years caring for others, putting your own dreams on hold, and now find yourself with time on your hands, wondering how to step into your power. The feeling of being at a crossroads, deciding whether to continue drifting or to finally take the wheel and drive your own destiny, can be both daunting and exhilarating. You want to fill your heart and life with purpose, but are unsure of where to start.

When I Was 18 Years Old, I Had An Unexpected Spiritual Awakening That Changed My Life Forever

At 18 I was feeling lost, depressed and confused about life. Then one cold November evening I saw a flier for a meditation class.

The teacher explained that we are eternal spiritual beings in a human body. And we are here on this planet as guests to experience being alive.

At the end of the class, we sat in silence to practice meditation.

I closed my eyes…. In an instant I was pulled out of my body. I found myself walking along a path in a world of white light. Soon the path split into two – and I could see two future timelines. On one timeline I saw myself  2 years in the future. I was doing the same things I had been – lost, confused, wasting my life.

Then I looked up ahead and discovered a whole new path that had opened up. On this new timeline I saw myself radiant, full of happiness, love, freedom and abundance. I was glowing from the inside. Smiling and free.

I needed to make a choice that would seal my destiny.

I stood there at that fork in the path for what seemed like an eternity.

Which path would I take?

The path I knew? Or take a risk and embrace the unknown?

This choice would define my future.

So on that fateful day, I took my first step on this new path… and was instantly pulled back into my body.

And from that moment, everything changed. I was happier than ever before. I left the room a different person. I performed meditation every day. 

Old habits seemed to just fall away. I felt happy for no reason. And soon I began to teach meditation and dedicated my life to learning, practicing and serving others.

A few years later, I even invented a type of spiritual life coaching (before there was a name for it) as a way to help my mediation students solve their real life problems.

It was all wonderful…

…except one thing.

I was broke. I never charged anything for my work and I had no idea how to make money doing what I loved.

The Universe Answered My Prayer

About 3 months after holding this vision, the inner images in my mind and heart began to materialize before my eyes.

The first miracle was when I received an unexpected ticket to go to Hawaii. An old friend invited me to help him with his new spiritual company in Hawaii.

Just 10 short days after receiving that email, I found myself halfway across the globe, sitting on a beach, sipping fresh coconut water on the North Shore of Kauai.

What I experienced with my own eyes was so close to my visions that for a few weeks I genuinely wasn’t sure if I was awake or dreaming…

But how to create a sustainable business so I could serve others, enjoy my life and get paid?

Reality came crashing down when I realized I will still be broke and if I didn’t find a way to make some money doing what I loved, I’d be forced to go back to my old, unfulfilled life in England.

I was 100% committed to my success and kept holding my vision and soon attracted an online course that taught me how to turn my knowledge into courses, books, and coaching packages.

To pay for this course, I literally sold all my belongings in the UK on Ebay. I had just 5 weeks to go before my plane back to the UK departed. I needed to make this happen or I’d need to leave.

For the next month, I studied this course with deep dedication, putting all the ideas into practice – and just 1 week before my flight left we lauded our first course.

And it was a success…..

We’d make over $14,000 (which was a lot of money for us at the time).

And more importantly, this modest infusion of cash allowed me to stay in Kauai, help more people all over the world, invest in more courses, and more people making a bigger impact and creating financial freedom.

As the months and years passed, I went on to write best selling books, create high end coaching packages, do retreats, create courses and eventually set up a reliable system where I was getting paid every day while I slept.

It was like a dream.

I couldn’t believe that I was actually living on a paradise island doing exactly what I loved to do every day and making a real positive difference in the world.

But the best was yet to come.

The Journey To Becoming Whole And Wealthy

For the first 10 years after my awakening, my life was split between my ‘free spiritual work’  (my passion) – and my other life where I worked in unpleasant places just to pay the bills.

I felt unsettled and fragmented. I craved to feel complete and fully aligned on all levels of my life. To have one life and do what I loved all the time, every day.

One day, after an especially challenging day at work, I finally decided to make the great leap and become a master of my life –  and do what I loved full time.

I set up a vision board of exactly what I wanted: To live in a beautiful place, have a spiritual life, feel free, help people all over the world and get paid a great living.

I meditated in front of this vision board every morning at 4am and focused on feeling I had attained everything now. 

I let go, and surrendered. I experience a huge inner shift in my being. I was open to whatever would lead me into this new reality.

One day I noticed that lots of our students were all asking the same questions.

How did you do this?

How can I become a spiritual life coach like you?

How can I create my own online courses, live anywhere, and get paid while I sleep?

How can I write my book?

How can I help more people and do meaningful work?

Life was giving me the message to teach spiritual people how to live a spiritual life and become a high paid life coach, author and course creator. As these messages kept coming, I realized that a new path was opening up

Awakened Academy was born

This powerful event was clearly a sign to do something new and different.

From that moment, we canceled our old work and focused on creating the world’s #1 spiritual life coach certification for empathic spiritual people.

Over The Last 10 Years We Created The World’s #1 Training To Give You A Successful Career And Spiritual Life

The spiritual life coach certification and sacred online business Academy exceeds the limits of basic spiritual life coach certifications or online business and marketing courses.

This training is an adventure to claim back your freedom, do meaningful work and learn to make a great nourishing income from home.

This life-transforming spiritual life coaching certification program transforms you from the inside out, qualifying you as a spiritually-based life coach, a published author, speaker, teacher, mentor and course facilitator.

By completing this exciting adventure into a new realm of awakening, you’ll enjoy a freedom-based lifestyle where you can travel anywhere in the world and make money online from home, doing what you love in life.

Awakened Academy gives you back freedom in your life while empowering you to make a meaningful impact serving from your heart. We love empowering you, the empathic, spiritual soul.

We believe you’re here for great things.

With Awakened Academy You Get 25+ Years Experience, and More Then $100,000 Worth Of Training And Education

When I started there wasn’t any one place to offer all the insights and tools needed to become a high paid spiritual life coach, author and creator.

So we needed to seek out experts, courses, training (which took years of our time and thousands of dollars). And then once we got the information, we needed to try it out, find out what really worked – and discard the rest.

This is a time consuming process we don’t wish on anyone. But now that we’ve done this, you don’t have to!

When you join Awakened Academy, you save over $100K worth of training and courses and countless hours wasted time so you can just enjoy the best, most effective coaching and business tools that work.

We cut down your learning curve and make it easy to move forward – so you don’t need to spend countless years and tens of thousands of dollars learning all the different things from all the different places.

Awakened Academy Is What I Wish I Had When I Started Out

As much as I have enjoyed my life and path, I really wish I had something like Awakened Academy when I started out because it would have made my life so much easier.

Our aim is to give our students the best of the best tools, knowledge and templates to change their own life and start helping others as soon as possible.

We also offer the experience from over 35 years of meditation practice, and 20 years business experience. Over 1000+ books on success and endless training, and experiences.

Why Is Awakened Academy Unique?

Authentic Spiritual Life Coach Certification

What sets us apart is the foundation of a deep spiritual basis.

As internationally renowned meditation teachers with decades of practice, spirituality is our foundation, and it is woven into everything we share. Because of this, Awakened Academy is also a deep self-healing and spiritual journey in itself

As one of our students shares,

“I appreciate how Awakened Academy is more than just a coaching business course, it’s a Self-Healing Journey. I’m in the coaching section now… and I keep saying: This is the best gift I ever gave to myself.”

We are here for spiritually-minded people who want to create meaningful work in the world, make a profound difference and receive a great living doing it.

That truly value spiritual life at the core, and are here to support a new generation of Awakened Leaders.

Leaders who lead from a place of inner truth. This is who we’re here for – and this is what we care about. We care about you, the empathic, spiritual soul.

We are unique in that we bring all of these essential aspects – spiritual coaching certification, author and online course creator training, real spirituality and higher consciousness,

life-changing personal development and empowered business and marketing training – all together in ONE place, for the emerging Awakened Leader.

Unlike most online training, we are actually spiritual teachers with years of experience and have come from a spiritual perspective.

We are first and foremost spiritual people who just want to help the world – and we learned the business side of things later in order to make a bigger impact and create abundance.

So we bring a unique balance of spirituality and wealth, heart-felt service with grounded tools and methods that spiritual people can use to make money doing something truly aligned.

You learn how to coach from your heart, do what is true for you, help your ideal clients and get paid more than enough to enjoy your life fully.

It’s about time that spiritual people fully own their power, do their great work and receive the wealth and abundance they deserve.

We help our students overcome money blocks, gain confidence and learn the insider secrets to success. And we share how you do your spiritual work in a way that feels good to your heart and soul.

Succeed With A Competitive Edge

The Awakened Academy program is unique. Not only will we show you how to stand out in a highly competitive marketplace, you will also be prepared with the most effective methods to support lasting development in your coaching clients’ lives.

We’re the only training program in the world that is teaching practitioners in a spiritually-based and results-oriented coaching; A teaching approach so you can truly change lives and be paid well as a certified coach.

Awakened Academy Makes This Easy For You with a Freedom-Based Learning Format for Busy People

Do you already have a full-time career that you’d like to move out of?

Are you a busy parent with an unreliable schedule?

Are you in transition with unpredictable availability to study?

No problem, we’ve carefully designed this spiritual coach program to easily fit any person’s life, so it requires little additional resources to receive the most out of it.

All that is needed is an internet connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Our platform makes learning easy and fun and provides you the ultimate freedom, to study at your own convenience, at your own pace, in your own time, among an awakened, supportive online community who is always there to hold you accountable,

all the way through to your coaching certification and spiritual coach development success!

Many create a ritual where they make their tea or coffee or favorite drink and then enjoy the wonderful feeling of learning and growing each day.

With Awakened Academy you will make progress every day – and experience growth on all levels of your life.

This program is not theoretical – it’s experiential.

It’s not just ideas. You learn things that make you feel happier, lighter and more confident. And whatever you learn, you can also share it with people in life, thereby making the world a better place right away.

Experience Transformation Right Away

Join the New Generation of Awakened Authors, Teachers & Coaches

As soon as you join, you’ll feel relief and inspiration to be moving forward on your path each morning you’ll feel inspired to get up and embrace your new life.

You can feel happier, lighter and more clear about your future.

You’ll experience the secret to pull the future back into the present so you feel you have already attained everything now.

And you learn how to celebrate all the little wins and so you enjoy life at each step.

  • Within 30 days you will know the core secrets to help other people and make a difference
  • Within 60 days you will become an official certified spiritual life coach and start taking clients.
  • Within 90 days you will learn the secrets to become an Advanced  level Spiritual Life Coach
  • Within 6 months you will have your book written and create your first course.

You will have a thriving business doing what you love, helping people all over the world and getting paid.

The process is fun, easy and enjoyable because when you live your true path and doing what you’re meant to do, everything becomes easier.

Deep Relief And Peace

Many of our students tell us that just minutes after they joined the program they felt deep relief because they are now ‘on the path’-  and committing to their future self.

Because once you are on the right path, everything else just falls into place.

All it takes to begin is to simply book a free call with our career coaches – and you can get started today.

Quickly Feel Inspired, A New Sense Of Freedom, And Discover The Path To Your Authentic Purpose

At Awakened Academy, you learn an ancient, time-tested method to ‘draw’ your future self into your life right now so you can feel inspired, happy, free, wealthy and satisfied – today.

By experiencing your Higher Self in the present – you will enjoy the feelings of having attained everything you want – now.

So many people waste their whole life feeling ‘lack’ and even when they get what they want – they still aren’t happy.

There is a much more enjoyable way to live and you can start living in this new way – on day one.

With this new way of being, there is no need to struggle and stress out about what you don’t have. Instead you can step into the feeling you already have all attainments now.

And then from that feeling of fullness, you will attract towards you the situations and opportunities to manifest what you want.

How Is Your Success Possible?

Over the years we’ve found that with a simple change in your awareness, you can save yourself countless months and years of struggle and instead find the shortcut to feel and have most of the things you desire – on some level – right now.

So instead of living in lack and hoping things will get better ‘one day’ you feel full, take complete advantage of your life and enjoy the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon Can I Start?

You can begin today. Simply book a call to secure your spot and get started.

Is It Self Paced Or Do I Have To Show Up For Lots Of Events?

We’ve made this course 100% self paced so you can go at your own speed and feel you’re living in alignment with your values and moving forward in a way that feels good to you.

What Support Do I Get?

You get live sessions every 2 weeks where you can connect directly with the founders and ask questions and get personal guidance. This means you’re always able to receive the help you need. You also get ongoing email support from our loving team. You can also get coaching from one of our granites to help you move forward along your journey. And you get access to our private group to share your learning, insights and get encouragement.

How Do I Know If Spiritual Life Coaching Is Right For Me?

Life coaching is one of the most fulfilling careers in the world. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to expand their own personal and spiritual growth, while helping others do the same? Some students wonder if they will actually be able to make a living doing it. We used to think that way too. It turns out, for us and our students, you can make a full-time income as a coach. Plus, the Awakened Academy gives you the added support of creating multiple income streams – so you can make money writing and selling books and selling courses. We’ve been working for ourselves and living abundantly for many years. We know you can too.

How long Will It Take Me To Complete The Certification Academy?

The Academy is designed to be completed in about 3-6 months (or depending on your schedule). Upon graduation you will be given a certificate of completion and certification, and a seal for your website to display your credentials.

How Many Hours Per Week Should I Allot To Completing Course Work?

We’ve made sure to simplify Awakened Academy into manageable sections. That being said, the Academy is self-paced, and so, you decide how many hours to put in each week. Consider what is realistic for you, and go for that.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Absolutely. We offer several payment plan options.

How Much Is The Tuition?

We have several different course paths to choose from with varying tuition totals and options from $1,000 to $9,000+ depending on the type of support you need. We’re here to help you get what you need, where you are – and we can custom design tuition and course plans based on your needs, goals and situation.

Do I Have Access To The Founder, Michael?

Yes! You will have access to 2 live group calls a month with Michael, to ask your questions, receive deep insights and feedback, and hear how they intuitively coach others on the call.

Can I Do This Program While Working A Full-time Job Or Being A Full-time Parent?

YES! We have had many full-time workers, students and parents do Awakened Academy. What you will learn in the Academy is how to simplify your life and create new habits that give you back time and energy. You’ll discover how to create a more spacious life, while helping your clients do the same – less stress and more fun.

I’m Already A Coach, Will This Be Repetitive?

No, not at all. This is a one-of-a-kind training that will enhance your current practice beyond measure. You’ll finally be able to go even deeper with your clients, to the roots of their problems. You’ll be empowered to bring a spiritual foundation to your sessions, so you can serve your client as a special soul, not just another ‘person’.

Does Awakened Academy Come With A Guarantee?

Yes! We know that this training is powerful and can change your life and we’re willing to stand behind it. If you go through the entire program, and apply everything you learn as directed – and you don’t see any improvements in your life and business in any way within 60 days, we will refund every penny.

What’s The First Step?

Book a free call to connect with our career coaches who will help you see if this is a good fit for you.

What Is Possible For You?

Imagine waking up to enjoy a long morning routine – meditation, prayer, doing yoga, sitting in the sun, Connecting with the Divine.

  • You have all the time in the world. If you want you can just sit in the sun and read a book or a magazine and relax.
  • You’re getting paid while you sleep from your courses, books and coaching clients.
  • Each day you do meaningful work that makes a real difference in the world and you receive positive feedback and comments from those you serve.
  • You receive abundance with, humility, gratefulness and love 
  • You wake up each day in perfect health and with joyful anticipation; every day is a blessing, overflowing with happiness, fun and passion.
  • Your deepest desires manifest easily and effortlessly, and you experience the magic of synchronicities and flow every day.
  • You are empowered, liberated and free as a bird in everything you do and say; you have an elevated consciousness with a clear heart & mind, and are  deeply content & peaceful.
  • You inspire, uplift, heal and transform human & animal lives through my loving presence and wisdom.
  • You are seen, heard & loved in all my relationships which are blissfully fulfilling, fun, intimate and deeply connected.
  • Your are rooted and grounded in love peace happiness joy Perseverance Intention Each day today.
  • You are living your aligned life and everyone that I encounter day in my highest vibrational state.
  • You create a life that comes from being authentic, genuine, intentional each day.

You release control of my situations and allow blessings to flow into my life effortlessly.

You have the power to transmit any and everything that does not sit well in my spirit. You do not stress over financial issues.

You do not have to work hard to receive the freedom and abundance that you soul truly desires.

You have a meaningful and significant alignment between your family, your profession and your spiritual growth

You are growing internally and focusing on self realization and self growth with a spiritual perspective.

You have become a kind, caring and compassionate human being by getting to know  yourself better and being a valuable part of society.

You direct your time and energy towards your passions and the universe rewards me abundantly for trusting and believing in myself

You are fully committed to a life that helps others to find peace and self love in their life.

No matter what happens outside of yourself, you know that you are safe….

As long as you have breath you know that you have options. I choose to change the course of your day by opening your heart and accepting yourself as you are today.

Your are financially free, prosperous, and healthy because you have done the self-healing work and are more than deserving, worthy, and capable of investing in yourself.

Discover Proven Holistic Teaching Methods That Really Work

We have been teaching this unique, transformative body of knowledge for over 35 years combined. Countless students have come to them after trying everything else and feeling frustrated by their lack of success in life.

You get internally recognized spiritual teachers with over 35 years and 30,000 hours mediation practice and experience.

We are some of the most popular teachers on the world #1 meditation app – insight timer with over 8M+ plays to our meditations.

We have over 25 years combined business experience and have helped millions of people through our Academy, meditations and students.

Our unique approach integrates deep, practical spirituality with inevitable success business systems.

You’ll experience a style of learning that is experiential, sacred and fun – and qualifies you to establish your own lucrative, meaningful career as a professional certified life coach.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Awakened Academy gives you a spiritual depth that makes for an atmosphere of power and peace, eliminating anxiety and stress from your life.

Succeed With A Competitive Edge

There have been many methods of coaching tested, and people are growing weary of those that don’t work

Our certified coaching program is unique. Not only will we show you how to stand out in a highly competitive marketplace, you will also be prepared with the most effective methods to support lasting development in your coaching clients’ lives. 

We’re the #1 training program in the world that is teaching practitioners in a spiritually-based and results-oriented coaching and teaching approach so you can truly change lives and be paid well as a certified coach.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Certified Spiritual Life Coach?

You’ll feel empowered in your own life and in how you can transform other’s lives

Many of our students tell us they feel energized and lit up by life because they are on their own path.

You’ll feel happy and joyful most of the time and recenter yourself if something shifts you off course temporarily

You can handle stress by practicing daily self care to feel your best

And even when you do have a challenging day, you can show up at your best and be present with yourself and others

You have a dynamic, interesting, satisfying career that you love, working with evolved people who really resonate with you and move forwards drastically as a result of working with me.

Your work attracts huge financial abundance and you are consistently amazed, delighted and pleasantly surprised at the swiftness of transformation possible when consciously living in divine time.

You maintain excellent health, feeling gratitude daily for my fit and toned body,

You are traveling freely wherever I choose to go

You have many wonderful books/writings published that you’re happy with that create value, joy and freedom for millions of people.

You have consistent access to deep understanding, wisdom, learning, growth, joy, humor and compassion

My dream has finally come true and I am deeply in love with the life of my dreams, enjoying every day, experiencing high levels of bliss & tranquility.

You easily allow greater and greater levels of newness into your life and I easily recognise and take action consistently that is for the highest good of all, serving many, including myself and leading many, many people to higher states of receiving, harmony and joy.

Your life is magical, filled with miracles, bursting with joy, overflowing with gratitude and good

Experience Genuine Confidence Working With Clients

Awakened academy also shows you the path to bring your gifts forward into sellable services and products your clients will be grateful to pay you for. 

With a phenomenal education and transformation behind you, you will be positioned to coach your clients with a confidence and self-honor that runs deep within you to the core, that cannot be swayed. 

It’s this spiritual foundation that provides you with the strength and compassion to coach others in a genuine, real way.

With this inner power, even in challenges, you’ll still feel solid and be able to go from strength to strength.

Finish What You Start And Experience Inevitable Success

All successful people are able to turn ideas into action and get things done in life. Awakened Academy has developed another game-changing field, the Inevitable Success System.

This is an exciting and timely new approach that provides the missing ingredient to creating consistent success in life and your coaching business.

Having great ideas about what we want to do is only half the story. The other half of the story is what we actually do – making things happen in real life.

Inevitable Success System destroys the resistance and sabotage that prevents 92% of people from achieving their spiritual goals and becoming a life coach.

The Awakened Academy’s Inevitable Success System empowers you to destroy resistance and become an unstoppable, fearless creator – someone who is consistently able to finish what you start and make things happen.

Imagine what you’ll achieve when you are able to bring your ideas to life – over and over again!

Create Your Own Courses And Programs

We believe you have several courses inside of you – waiting to be shared.

You have gained knowledge, experience and wisdom on your journey through life.

When you have the skills and guidance to bring your knowledge into a digital course format, you can start helping people all over the world, and making great money – even while you sleep.

The worldwide e-learning and online courses market was estimated to be worth $341.7 billion for the year in 2015. That was the sixth year in a row that U.S. e-commerce sales have grown near or above 15%.

The Awakened Academy’s Inevitable Success System empowers you to destroy resistance and become an unstoppable, fearless creator – someone who is consistently able to finish what you start and make things happen.

In addition to the booming coaching industry, the online learning market is growing at a rapid rate. People are catching on to the ease of learning online, from anywhere in the world.

Creating and sharing online courses grants you the freedom to be transforming lives and earning an income, without you personally being there.

Just think…

Thousands of people can be learning from you on their digital devices, while you are out traveling the world, spending time in nature, meditating, enjoying time with your family, or anything else you love.

You have a lot to share and people love buying courses online. Let’s get your course – DONE – transforming lives and depositing money into your bank account.

What Our Students Say

Rita Andorinho

Evora, Portugal

Since joining Awakened Academy, I have left my corporate job, lost 30 lbs, written a book, started coaching, bought my dream house (a farm with a salt water swimming pool) in a secluded beautiful scenery, attracted a loving new relationship, and so much more!

Since I have joined Awakened Academy, I have felt nothing but support, knowledge, kindness, understanding, gratitude and love from Michael and Arielle, as well as from my fellow brothers and sisters on this journey of self discovery.

With the guidance provided in the materials, (which by the way, is brilliant), I dove deep into myself and found my values, my purpose, my vision, a happy success system and started my hero’s journey.

The practical aspects of this journey so far cannot be properly translated into words – but for those seeking results, what I can tell you is that within the last two years, and with the ongoing assistance of the learnings provided by this course, I have written a new story for my life and consciously made the following changes:

  • 1 – I have relocated to my hometown (Évora) with my kids, after 12 years of living in overseas
  • 2 – I bought my dream house (a farm with a salt water swimming pool) 10 minutes away from my parents in a secluded beautiful scenery.
  • 3 – I bought my dream car – a Range Rover Evoque with the exact characteristics I have envisioned.
  • 4 – I left my job as a corporate lawyer in one of the biggest law firms in Macau, to become a life and business
  • 5 – I found the time to connect with my body and my soul.
  • 6 – I shed 13 kg of fat from my body.
  • 7 – I wrote a book called the Experiencer (not yet published).
  • 8 – I started to learn gardening to take care of the trees, plants and weeds of my farm.
  • 9 – I found a very supportive and loving relationship after about 1.5 years of doing Michael and Arielle’s course called Calling in Your Beloved.
  • 10 – I have time for what matters most: my kids, my relationships, learning, nature, exercise and spirituality.
  • 11 – I am setting up a coaching practice that I am sure will be successful.

I feel so excited for the opportunity to look back on the last two and a half years of my life and the changes I was able to bring to life. There were moments along the journey that I felt I wasn’t making progress, but to now look back at when this journey started, I have now realized that some of those changes really needed time to implement and that the depressed person I once was, has gone!

If you are serious and willing to change your life, this course will bring you what you need!
This is the most important journey of our lives – finding ourselves and being able to help others find the best version of themselves is the most beautiful dream we can achieve.

Good luck on your journey! Lots of love and many blessings!


Christy Sanger MSPT, MOMT, CST, CNC

Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Today, I experience joy by fulfilling my mission and doing meaningful work. I am have now become a spiritual mentor who helps beautiful souls to find their way back home, to their hearts. I’ve published four online courses, several guided meditations that have been played 900+ thousand times, and feel confident to launch my Youtube channel.” – Lyne Johnson, Certified Spiritual Life Coach & Course Creator.

Words cannot describe the shifts I’ve experienced and the results I’ve seen in my clients after I completed my Spiritual Life Coaching Certification. Not only are my clients healing at exponential rates through solving their own issues, I too am healing and achieving vibrations in my life, in my body, and my soul I never dreamed possible!


Shelley Hanna, Alberta, Canada

Psychologist and Artist

“Your programs and guidance have been powerful beyond belief.”“I found a path to myself, my inner light that glows so brightly that there is no stopping me now! The meditations and wisdom shared with such heart and soul shine with the higher vibration that I go back to again and again. Thank you so much!“

Lauralai Eliza, Washington, USA

Business Coach

“Your program blew my mind. Within days I was on my path.”
I love your genuine care makes my soul happy! It is like a soothing balm that you actually care about others… really care! Thank you!”

Cait Stanley

Certified Spiritual Life Coach

“If you have found Awakened Academy (maybe with a few doubts in the back of your mind) just know that it found you!”
Joining Awakened Academy was hands-down one of the best choices I have ever made. This course, Michael & Arielle, the group, and everything involved have truly been magical & life-changing.


Entrepreneur & Holistic Health Coach

“This is a MUST-DO program for anyone”
“Joining the Awakened Academy program was one of the best decisions I have made. Michael and Arielle are both loving, supportive, knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. They have helped me gain my confidence to move forward towards my dreams even when everyone else thinks I’m crazy.

Lyne Johnson

Certified Spiritual Life Coach & Course Creator

WOW! What a Roller Coaster of breakthroughs and intense moments! So many incredible results! I finished my book in two months! I have made a Channel on IG to share the content of the book! I am also starting a new business! Man!!!! Wow! This is LIVING THE DREAM! I am literally on Fire!

Currently I have touched the lives of over 4,500 people through my coaching and meditation practice.

2 years ago I dropped out of university when the Awakened Academy crossed my path…
I realized that when I inspired 1 person to feel better, that started a chain reaction:
this person would touch the life of another person,

who’d touch the life of another person, etc.

And keeping this in mind, many beautiful experiences crossed my path:
I was living in “coaching abundance” – idk if that’s a word but from now on it is –
Life became like a vacation, and I felt financially FREE.
I’m noticing there’s more people like me stepping up; people who wish to make the world a better place by touching the lives of others.
On a daily basis I talk to many spiritual coaches, healers, mediums, and other beautiful souls.
Together we make the world a more beautiful place

Many blessings, my name is Lyne. I am an Awakened Academy Graduate and I’d love to share my journey with you.
Let me go back in time and tell you about my old self…
I graduated in Marketing in Brazil, which is my home town, and worked for almost 10 years in this field. I was facing constant daily pressure, with bosses and colleagues that were challenging to be around. I started the day wishing for it to end. I was often in fear of being fired, as I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was correct. Besides that, none of my daily tasks were related to anything that brought me real joy.
After I moved to London, things didn’t get better. In the first few years, I worked in the hospitality industry and again, I worked to survive and was completely disconnected from my essence. The days were so long, I was impatient, complaining about everything. I was functioning on autopilot, which didn’t allow me to be present in anything I did.
I was usually overthinking about job responsibilities, the lack of time and money or disconnection in my relationships. I was afraid to disappoint others and to make wrong decisions outside of my comfort zone. As a result of all of this, I felt helpless and saw my dreams getting further away from me.
I knew I needed to do something for myself, but I didn’t see light at the end of the tunnel. My dream was to wake up feeling motivated as I was in contact with something that could make my heart smile again. I wondered when I was going to experience the kind of happiness that isn’t easily shaken. I was missing a purpose and a passion for life.
Now, meet the new Lyne, after Awakened Academy…
I am now the owner of my time. I have a great return not only financially but most importantly mentally and spiritually. My personal and professional life are aligned. My lifestyle, mindset and daily activities have completely changed and I now see life challenges through a higher perspective. In order to be able to serve others, Awakened Academy taught me how to serve myself first by maintaining a close relationship with a Higher Power that provides me with the spiritual nourishment for my soul.
Today, I experience joy by fulfilling my mission and doing meaningful work. I am a spiritual mentor who helps beautiful souls to find their way back home, to their hearts. I published four online courses, several guided meditations that have been played almost 400 thousand times and feel confident to launch my Youtube channel. My sustainable online business gives me the freedom to live anywhere in the world and to be surrounded by those who contribute to my growth.
Through this path, I even became an investor, which I am loving to learn about! All of this happened because I trusted my intuition, the Awakened Academy and the power of the best contribution that I could give to the world

When I look back, every step was worth it. Every doubt taught me something valuable for my growth. This fantastic experience enabled me to trust myself and to build a strong foundation to find my life of freedom.
Awakened Academy is filled with every piece of content that I needed in order to answer the constant questions that I had in my mind: “Is spiritual coaching a realistic career for me?” “Can I really be a successful spiritually-based mentor?”
Doubts, losses, ups and downs were present and they will always be, they are part of being human. I now believe that when something is really meaningful to you, it will probably spark fear, butterflies in your stomach, denial and that’s ok.
I invite you to tune into your heart for a few moments… and ask yourself: What happens if you don’t do anything to change your life? How would you feel if everything remains the same? What is your intuition saying?
If you are also questioning yourself, receive my compassion, dear one. I understand you and I believe in you, but if I did it, you definitely can too!
I encourage you to surrender your fears and doubts to the highest good for all and enjoy the unimaginable surprises that will come along the way. You are always protected and blessed by the Supreme Power.
If you feel it’s time to live up to your full potential, go ahead and answer the call. Don’t worry, you will have the support and encouragement that you need to succeed. Trust that you are in wonderful hands, dear one.
The adventure is well worth it and the rewards are infinite!
Sending much love and appreciation,


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