Awakened Mastery 
Become The Highest Version Of Yourself
with Michael Mackintosh & Arielle Hecht


Spiritually-based mentoring for every level of your life – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, life purpose, relationships and environment – so you can create a life of beauty, wealth and freedom, no matter what.

Master your mind, master your life.


It’s no secret, we are in uncertain, unpredictable times.

For a variety of reasons, old systems and structures are breaking down, and our previous sense of security has been shaken. Perhaps aspects of your life you were certain about, or felt were stable, no longer are. From a spiritual perspective, this is all very good, as life is prompting us all to return to Dharma, a state of balance, harmony and Truth within ourselves, and in our world.

The Awakened Mastery Mentoring Group is a rare opportunity to claim back your life – fully. To master your mind, and master your life. Every level of life is addressed; no stone remains unturned.

The Mentoring Group is real-time, and Michael & Arielle incorporate your personal questions into each lesson. It is current, and now. Rather than a pre-recorded course, this is an opportunity to connect with Arielle & Michael live, in the current state of the world, and to receive real-time guidance, mentoring and empowerment. This is an opportunity to thrive and create your most beautiful life.

We believe that now, and as time goes on, this type of Mentoring is worth its weight in gold. Things are going to continue to be unstable, as we are in a time in the Cycle of Life, in which lack of Dharma must be resolved. Having the support of a higher consciousness Group and Energy Field, is an invaluable support as we trek through uncertainty, and create lives of wealth, beauty and joy, despite outer circumstances.

Research tells us, in order to create new extraordinary results in your life, you need a consistent program of study with an experienced mentor, over a sustained period of time.

If we keep thinking the same old thoughts and taking the same old actions, we will get the same old results we always have. To create a new life, we must think, speak and act, in a new way. It’s also been said that we are significantly influenced by the people in our lives. The spiritual saying goes, “Bad company drowns you, whereas good company takes you across.” Surrounding yourself with the good company of uplifting Mentors, and being accountable to thinking, speaking and acting in a new way, is an environment where real change can finally happen.

No matter what obstacles you face, or how many times you’ve failed in the past, Michael and Arielle know first hand how to help you break through and create the life you want.

Michael and Arielle no longer offer personal mentoring, and this is the only mentoring opportunity available.

We believe you are here for a reason, and you have immense power within you. Learning to unlock and access your inner resilience and wisdom is what Awakened Mastery is all about.

Wishing you every blessing.

Awaken Your Mastery

(Limited spaces available)

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