About Arielle

Arielle is a heart-centered leader and teacher of spiritual wisdom and awakened leadership. She attributes all she shares to the Supreme, by whom she is guided.

Her dedication to unconditional love brings a calm simplicity to her books, courses, guided meditations and mentorship.

Arielle’s service includes 4 internationally recognized books, guided meditations and co-founding Awakened Academy’s Spiritual Leadership and Sacred Business Certification and Training.

She has an Honors Humanities degree from the University of Texas at Austin, and is a Teacher and Student of Raja Yoga Meditation.

Young in body, yet old in soul, Arielle is a next generation Teacher. Her compassion is seen and felt through her eyes, and it remains her life’s work to support you in remembering your true nature and having your own personal connection with the Divine.

She believes this is a powerful time in the cycle of Time, that is as valuable as a diamond. It is her heart’s greatest blessing for you to receive the treasure of your spiritual fortune, and remember who you are.

May you be blessed in your journey of remembrance.

May you awaken the Leader within.

Om Shanti.