Welcome to Awakened Academy

Welcome to the World’s Leading Spiritual Leadership and Sacred Business Academy for Empathic Women.

Awakened Academy serves spiritually minded, empathic souls, and helps you go from overwhelmed, over-committed and stressed to living a graceful, simple and meaningful life of service, contribution and freedom.

We give you the tools for inner and outer transformation to emerge the Awakened Leader within, and create a new career as an Awakened author, mentor, coach, leader or entrepreneur.

Are you a deep, more introverted soul, feeling the call towards your ‘Next Chapter’? Are you sometimes turned off by all of the ‘glitz’ and ‘glam’ of other self-help and spiritual-growth/business websites? Would you rather spend your evenings quietly reading a book, then out at some party, marketing event or celebration? Do you feel, deep down, you’re an older soul? And that the magnitude of self-help techniques these days are, well, a little too ‘surface’ based? And that you need something deeper… that really gets to the core of your issues and helps you transform deeply?

If yes, you’re in the right place. (If not, you’re better off going to one of the thousands of other spiritual/personal growth and business websites that help more extroverted people and newer souls).

This place here is for deep souls who get it.

Awakened Academy is for those special, old souls who wish to remain true to their inner integrity, transform old patterns and still make a difference in the world.

The world might not ‘get you’… but we do.

We understand you, as we too are deeper, gentle souls.

And we’re here to say there IS a place for you in this world. And it’s time for your voice to be heard.

It’s not too late, and you’re not too old.

It’s the exact perfect time, right now, as you’re reading this…

We’re here to support you in serving and sharing authentically, honestly and successfully, in a softly powerful way, without selling out or being ‘showy’ and loud.

We will help you awaken the authentic leader within, do what you came here to do and become the Queen of your self and life, returning to the true sovereignty and simplicity you once knew.

We help you:

  • Overcome overwhelm, overwork, over-commitment, anxiety and stress so you can live from a higher place of peace and overcome panic
  • Create from a high state of consciousness and make a real impact with your very Presence
  • Systemize your life and get more done in less time
  • Create high impact products and services that make a real impact on peoples lives
  • Create sufficient wealth to do what you came here to do, and to enjoy all the warm coffee and books you desire.


We provide:


We’re happy you’re here.

Let’s make your Dreams come true.